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Active Travel Adventures

Love active travel adventures?

Craving an adventurous trip that gets your heart pumping?

Then you’re in the right place!

This page features adventure trips and active vacations around the world, from completing the five-day Mohare Danda Trek in Nepal to downhill mountain biking in Colorado to whitewater rafting in Costa Rica and beyond.

You’ll also snag tips for adventure tours, solo hiking, trip insurance, and ethical adventure travel brands, as well as my recommendations for the best hiking trails in the world.

Now, let’s look at some unforgettable active vacation activities for your next trip.

Disclosure: This guide to active holidays worldwide contains affiliate links to trusted brands I think you’ll love!

Adventure Travel Destinations In North America

Snag adventure travel ideas in some of North America’s most thrilling destinations!

Hiking Vacations USA

Looking for incredible hiking adventure trips in the USA? These guides can help!

Best Hikes In Maine

Visiting Maine? Don’t miss these epic hiking trails!

Hiking Travel In New York

If you’re looking to go hiking in New York, you’re in the right place.

Amazing Hikes In California

Looking for some California adventure guides? The following articles will help you plan epic hikes around the state!

Epic Hikes In Colorado

Looking for an active travel vacation that involves hiking in Colorado? Here are a few of my favorite trails:

European Travel Adventures

These guides share the best of adventure travel in Europe. Honestly, these are some of my favorite adventure holiday activities in the world!

Active Adventures In Italy

Active Adventures In France

Eastern Europe Adventures

More Adventure Trips In Europe

Hiking Adventures In South America

Central America Adventures

There are so many ways to enjoy active travel adventures in Central America, like:

Hiking In Central America

Costa Rica Travel Adventures

Adventure Travel Asia

Check out these incredible Asia adventure tours and experiences. Active travel in Asia never looked so good!

Caribbean Travel Adventures

Explore the islands through these epic Caribbean adventures.

Africa Travel Adventures

Get active with these African travel adventures.

Middle East Adventures

Experience some of the Middle East’s most adventurous holidays, like:

Active Adventures In New Zealand

The following guides will help you enjoy adventure travel in New Zealand.

Active Travel In Australia

Here is how to enjoy some of the best adventure holidays in Australia!

Extreme Adventure Holidays

Get your blood pumping with these extreme adventure vacations. Talk about an adventure travel bucket list!

Cycling Vacations

Love adventure bike travel? Then check out these great adventure travel cycling experiences, which are some of the best bike rides in the world!

Adventure Bike Travel In India

Adventure Bike Trips In Europe

Cycling Adventure Trips In The USA

Bike Ride Adventures In South America

Cycling Adventure Travel In Asia

Cycling In New York

Enjoy adventure and travel through biking in New York via these fun trails!

Canyoning & Waterfall Rappelling

Here are some top places to travel for adventure — specifically for canyoning and rappelling!

Ski Adventures

Here are some of the best adventure trips for those who love hitting the slopes!

Rock Climbing Adventures

Looking for rock climbing trips? Here you go!

Road Trip Adventures

Love overland adventure travel? These active road trips are for you!

Camper Van Adventures

Get inspired to plan a few getaway adventures in a camper van or RV!

Solo Adventure Travel

Looking for adventurous guides to solo female travel? Here you go!

Adventure Travel Tips

Looking for adventure travel advice? These guides can help!

Adventure Travel Stories

Love short travel stories? These posts share epic and real adventure stories!

Adventurous Group Trips

Looking for small group travel companies offering adventurous itineraries? Here are my recommendations for ethical adventure tourism providers:

Active Adventure Tours

Looking for inspiration for adventure travel and tours? A few unique experiences around the world include:

Click here for a full list of active adventure trips and tours.

Adventure Travel Brands

As you compile your adventure travel bucket list, don’t forget your gear, particularly items from sustainable travel and outdoor brands like:

Active Travel Insurance

When embarking on active adventures abroad or domestic, make sure to get travel insurance.

In my opinion, the best travel medical insurance for travelers is SafetyWing as they’ve got a large network and offer both short-term and long-term coverage — including coverage if you’re traveling for months as well as limited coverage in your home country.

Additionally, SafetyWing is budget-friendly and offers $250,000 worth of coverage with just one low overall deductible of $250.

Click my referral link here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks.

Renting A Car For Your Travel Adventure

Need a rental car for your adventure tourism trip?

Use Discover Cars to quickly compare your car rental options.

Their comparison tool does the homework for you, so there’s no need to have up 10+ tabs trying to figure out which company is the most affordable. Actually, you can save up to 70% using their tool!

Active Travel Adventures FAQ

Below, find answers to frequently asked questions about the topic of the active adventure travel.

Q: What are some of the best adventure travel destinations?

Some of the best places for adventure travel include New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nepal, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, and Canada — especially if you’re interested in hiking near Toronto or hiking near Grand Marais in Minnesota. If you like trekking, these places also offer some of the best hiking adventure vacations worldwide!

Q: What are some ethical travel backpack companies?

Cotopaxi is one of the best brands for sustainably-made backpacks, while ABLE creates conscious bags that empower women.

There are also some great vegan backpacks for travelers.

Q: What are some great active trips for women?

There are many great women travel groups focused on active trips, like Intrepid Travel’s Women’s Expeditions. These trips are focused on helping local women and female travelers break barriers to create deeper connections.

Additionally, REI has a large array of active Women’s Trips that involve hiking, camping, backpacking, cycling, and more!

What would you add to this list of active travel adventures?