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Travel Safety

best travel gear

Clever Travel

This line of pickpocket-proof clothing and undergarments allows me to carry money, IDs and a credit cards as well as a sleek camera phone in hidden interior pockets so robbers won’t even know you have valuables on you.

best travel gear

Fox Sonic Blast Safety Whistle 

I love hiking, the outdoors and getting lost in new cities, though as a solo female traveler I sometimes get nervous on my own. This is why I always carry a safety whistle to scare off potential danger and alert others to my distress.

Personal Alarm

This portable device can be worn as a bracelet and emits a loud alarm with one pull to scare away potential attackers.

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I use this inexpensive vest when I'm jogging -- or more likely cycling -- at night. Often a bike is the quickest, healthiest and most enjoyable way to get around, but after dark it's important to take a few extra safety precautions.

Staying Connected

best travel gear

BSHW Slim Rechargeable Power Bank

This uber budget-friendly power bank and phone case keeps my iPhone6 charged on the road so I can take notes, snap photos and share my travels on social media.

TravelMore Adapter 

This adapter lets you convert your plug to 150+ countries and also has dual USB ports built in for additional charging capabilities.

best travel gear


Avoid roaming charges with this sticker you affix to your SIM card, automatically giving you competitive network rates in 200+ countries. You can also add 24 hours of unlimited data for $7.99.

best travel gear

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

This tiny 1-ounce device converts a wired to a wireless network as well as streams and backs up media. Super handy and portable on the road, and can save you on Wi-Fi/internet charges.

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Anker 4-way USB charger

Hostels are notorious for lacking outlets, while hotels hide them all over the room. I like to keep all my gear charged in one spot with this handy and inexpensive gadget.



best travel gear

Nikon D5500 

I've been a Nikon user for years, and have nothing but positive things to say about the brand. I'm currently using the Nikon D5100, which I love but will be upgrading to the 5700 soon!

best travel gear


I am obsessed with my GoPro, not only because it takes high resolution wide-angle photos, but because it's light weight and takes up almost no space.

best travel gear

GoPro 3-Way Arm

I use this as a selfie stick of sorts, though it also works as a tripod and monopod. It's versatile and sturdy, especially considering the size.

best travel gear


As a solo traveler I often take photos of myself. I can set my intervalometer to take as many photos as I want in a set time frame, plug it into my camera and just hit go.


Photoshop for dummies! I love PicMonkey for editing my travel photos, with options to manually edit, add beautiful filters and text, make collages, layer images, beautify yourself and much more, especially with their Royale membership.

best travel gear

Joby GorillaPod

While I love my large tripod, I often find it impractical to take with me if I'll be moving around a lot. For this, the Joby GorillaPod is perfect, especially when paired with the intervalometer.

best travel gear

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

While there are a few lenses I travel with, this is my absolute favorite. I have a Nikon DSLR, so I often opt for Sigma and Tokina over Nikon lenses to save some money. This ultra wide lens is great for shooting a close subject with a spectacular background.


While traveling I don't have a ton of time to edit my video footage. That's why I love VideoDone. Their team takes your raw footage and turns it into a professional video worth sharing. Bonus: Snag 10% off your order with code JESSIEONAJOURNEY.

best travel gear

GoPro Head Mount

The head mount is my favorite GoPro accessory. It makes it easy to throw the camera on my head and have my adventures without needing to think too much.


best travel gear

Booq Cobra Squeeze Laptop Backpack 

This comfortable, water repellent backpack is crafted from 53% cotton and 47% recycled plastic, featuring a 15″ laptop pocket and tons of extra pouches. There's also a unique Terralinq serial number for help finding it when lost or stolen.

best travel gear

Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL Hiking Backpack

This lightweight backpack is uber comfortable, with tons of compartments and pockets to help keep me organized. Other pluses include back ventilation, adjustable padded hip, back and shoulder straps, an x-frame construction, a wet pocket and is hydration system compatible.

best travel gear dash suitcase

DASH Expandable Carry-On 

I LOVE this 4-wheeled carry-on suitcase. Not only is it durable — you'll have no problem traveling all over and dragging this bag across rough terrain — but it weighs less than 7 pounds and costs less than $100. The best part is it's expandable, so you can easily fit in your sourvenirs for the return trip home!

best travel gear

eBags Travel Packing Cubes

Want to pack light and travel with just a carry on? These packing cubes help you get more into your luggage while still staying organized. Give each cube a theme of sorts and store similar items together in their own designated luggage section.


best travel gear


I usually listen to soothing sounds and ASMR while drifting to sleep, though sleeping with traditional headphones is super uncomfortable. Enter SleepPhones, a soft headband with flat, built-in headphones. You can get SleepPhones that pair with Bluetooth or ones that plug into your device.

best travel gear

Sinus Saline

One thing many travelers -- especially frequent fliers -- have issues with is their sinuses. A simple saline spray allows you to cleanse your sinuses and remove irritants and pollen. This one is carry-on friendly.

travel tech


The HumanCharger looks like an iPod with ear buds. Put them on for 12 minutes, with the gadget sending UV-free light flow through the ear canal to photosensitive receptors in the brain. This gives you instant energy, and helps travelers beat jet lag. There's also a free paired app that uses your travel details to provide the ideal HumanCharger schedule (with alerts), like when to find or avoid light.

best travel gear


These bands take up almost no space in your luggage and are great for working your entire body. I love using these for arm workouts I'd usually do with free weights.



I'm not a gym person, nor will I set my alarm early to go for a jog; however, I'm obsessed with YogaDownload, which for $12/month gives me access to 1000+ yoga classes for all levels and goals, from weight loss to back pain to waking up. And, I can do it anywhere there's Wi-Fi. Get 50% off with link above!

best travel gear


This chemical-free perfume is small — all their products are under three ounces — and is made from essential oils and alcohol to also work as insect repellent.



These ear plugs are made to relieve head pressure inflight. Put them on before the cabin doors close and you'll feel so much better in the air.

eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil

I like to dab a few drops on my temples, the crown of my head, on my neck and behind my ears for sinus relief while flying.

Style & Beauty

best travel gear

Stowaway Right-Sized Cosmetics

To help minimize waste, reduce cost and lighten carry-on load, these cruelty-free, gluten-free, EU-compliant cosmetics are crafted in sizes meant for you to finish. Most of the products are also vegan, though some contain beeswax. I personally use their makeup on the road and at home.

best travel gear JR Liggett Shampoo Bar

JR Liggett Shampoo Bar

I’m all about packing light, and JR Liggett 100% natural Shampoo Bars — which are sulfate- and detergent-free — allow me to carry one small soap-sized bar instead of shampoo and conditioner. Bonus: They come in a variety of ingredient combinations, and are 100% biodegradable with minimal packaging.

best travel gear

Stonewear Breathe Pant

Not only can these uber comfy pants work as pajamas, lounge pants or dress pants, but there's a sustainable edge as they're crafted from recycled PET plastic bottles.

ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket

This jacket is lightweight, comfortable and warm, not to mention it rolls up easily on the go and doubles as a comfy pillow on the plane.

LANCÔME Miracle Cushion

Not only is the coverage great, but it doesn’t count toward my carry-on liquid allowance since the foundation is absorbed into a sponge for you to squeeze out with the applicator.

best travel gear

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

This serum gives my skin moisture and visibly tightens and brightens my skin. I use it when I don't feel like wearing makeup but want some extra glow.

travel essentials

Urban Undercover Panties

These uber comfortable undies are made in the USA using domestic materials and Italian lace. What's amazing is they fold up into a travel quote-adorned waist pocket (convenient for knowing when they've been worn) and for hiding valuables when out and about.

female travel gear
Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves

These jersey-knit scarves are actually lovingly crafted by my blogger friends over at Beers and Beans. Showcasing over 40 different patterns, the cozy, handmade accessories are made in the USA and feature a pocket large enough to fit your passport, phone, glasses and more! They also come with a self-locking zipper to make sure nothing falls out or gets stolen.

Eco Travel

best travel gear que water bottle

que Collapsible Water Bottle

Continuously buying plastic bottles is bad for the environment. Instead, I use a reusable BPA- and plastic-free bottle. This one collapses when empty to take up almost no space. Plus, it's super stylish, and the mouth is large enough to fit ice cubes!

best travel gear

Project 7 Gum

Gum isn't just great for having pleasant breath and popping your ears on planes; it can sometimes help change the world. Project 7 Gum provides tangible benefits (think planting trees, providing malaria treatments, etc) through its nonprofit partners when you buy their product. The Birthday Cake flavor is the best!

best travel gear


I don't own this yet as it's still in pre-order phase, but I'm excited for its debut. The device is a wearable motion charger that uses your natural kinetic energy -- even when you're simply walking -- to charge your devices.

best travel gear

WakaWaka Power+

This solar lamp gives more than 150 hours of light with a single charge from the sun and charges your devices. Their Buy One Give One initiative donates a device to the International Rescue Committee to distribute to those in need with every purchase.


x theme

X Theme

If you want to easily manipulate you're theme but don't want to pay the price for a designer, X Theme offers a drag-and-drop solution with a ton of built-in widgets and templates. A game changer for the non-tech savvy for sure.

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If you're trying to create a professional blog you'll likely be using WordPress.org, and will then need a hosting provider. Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support, the potential to host up to 100 sites, free domain name, unlimited space and transfer bandwidth, backups of databases and files, and competitive pricing.

best travel gear

Apple MacBook Pro (256 GB)

I never go anywhere without my MacBook Pro, which is slim, light, intuitive and super fast with long battery life, retina display and enough storage so that I can edit movies and photos.

best travel gear

Jiva Cubes Coffee Cubes

Working on the road means there is a constant need to have caffeine close by. I absolutely love these portable coffee cubes. Two tiny cubes is equivalent to a standard cup of coffee, and they come pre-sweetened with raw, unrefined cane sugar. Moreover, the cubes are crafted from single origin Colombian coffee without preservatives or artificial additives.

web design

Michael Pollock Consulting

Not only did I get my theme from Michael (I use his WP-Prosperity), but he helped me customize, develop and design my entire blog (and my other, Epicure & Culture). He was talented, patient and full of great ideas, and WP-Prosperity is intuitive and packed with features. I couldn't be happier.

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There are a few free tools out there for hosting contests, though none are as user- and design-friendly as Gleam. It's got an eye-catching design and offers a slew of options for non-paying subscribers.

best travel gear


Hosting webinars offers a great way to connect with your audience, share advice, secure your spot as an expert in your niche and sell products. WebinarJam is a feature-packed webinar hosting platform, and is more budget-friendly than much of the competition.




One way I've been able to monetize my site is through travel blogging-focused ecourses, and I couldn't have done it without Teachable. This easy-to-use platform lets you quickly create beautiful courses with options to add video, PDFs, quizzes, text lessons, coupons, bundled upsells, an affiliate program and more!



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