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27 Best Gifts For Hikers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

By Jessie Festa. This guide to hiking gifts contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for the best gifts for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts?

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite hiking products to help you pick out the perfect present.

Even if you’re done shopping for the holiday season, this guide makes for a great hiking packing list, whether you’re hiking in Panama, trekking through Nepal, or hitting the paths near home.

From trail-ready subscription boxes to wearable portable coolers to apparel made with NASA-approved technology, here are some incredible gift ideas for hiking enthusiasts.

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Best Gifts For Hikers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

go sleeves compression hiking gifts
Photo via Go Sleeves

1. Go Sleeves Kinesiology Compression Sleeves

While aches and pains are a natural part of life, they shouldn’t prohibit you from staying active and doing the things you love.

You also shouldn’t have to push through debilitating pain to enjoy a hike, take part in outdoor adventure, or do your everyday tasks.

Which is where Go Sleeves comes to the rescue.

Go Sleeves makes sleeves for your knees and calves that feature a patent-pending technology combining compression and kinesiology.

Instead of simply squeezing the leg, their sleeves also have built-in strips that target specific muscles, ligaments, and tendons to better alleviate pain and speed up recovery.

Personally, along with hiking, I also love these for running. They’re extremely comfortable, too!

Vitaloop water bottle hiking gift
Photo via Vitaloop

2. Vitaloop Water Filtration Bottle

According to REI, it’s recommended to have one half-liter of water per hour of moderate activity in moderate temperatures; however, there aren’t exactly water fountains in the wilderness.

So, how do you ensure access to clean drinking water while hiking? With a water filtration bottle like Vitaloop, a next-generation BPA-free bottle currently being launched on Kickstarter.

Vitaloop features a 5-stage auto-filtration system that includes a Mesh Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Nano Filter, Halopure Purification Filter, and Precision Japanese Microfilter.

With the push of a button, this system removes harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals to leave you with clean and great-tasting water that keeps you hydrated.

The system is powered by a battery that can purify your bottle’s water 100 times on a single charge. This equates to 13 gallons of clean drinking water!

Vitaloop also eliminates the need to carry a ton of water, leaving your pack lighter and your back happier.

GHOST hydration powder for hikers
Photo via Jessie Festa

3. GHOST Hydration Powder

Speaking of hydration, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the hiker in your life, GHOST’s Hydration Powder products are the perfect gift.

A great replacement for sugary sports drinks, GHOST’s powders add electrolytes to your water. They also have taurine for energy, PureWay-C for Vitamin C, Senactiv for recovery, and Aquamin for added hydration.

For hikers specifically, this means you can replenish your body faster and easier while getting active in the outdoors.

Another benefit of GHOST powders? They’re delicious! They have a variety of flavors to choose from too, like Kiwi Strawberry, Lemon Crush, and even Sour Patch Kids!

woman laying on a Coalatree hiking blanket on the top of a mountain
Photo via Coalatree

4. Coalatree’s Puffy Kachula Adventure Blanket

Let’s be honest: camping is not always the most comfortable experience; however, there are ways to make your tent feel more like home.

The Puffy Kachula Adventure Blanket is a soft and puffy blanket that is sustainably made using recycled materials.

It’s also extremely versatile. Along with being a great blanket for camping, picnicking, and the beach, it can also be used as a poncho thanks to the fact that it is waterproof and features a hood.

Reinforced snaps allow you to connect multiple blankets together to create a sleeping bag, and the blanket can even be packed down into a pillow!

If you’re looking for a hiking gift that feels more like five, this should definitely be on your radar!

Bonus: Get 15% off Coalatree products with code JESSIE15.

icemule cooler
Photo via ICEMULE

5. ICEMULE Coolers

As a hiker and outdoor lover myself, I hate lugging around heavy hardshell coolers.

Actually, during a Governors Island day trip from NYC last summer my fiance and I almost missed the ferry because our cooler was so heavy and bulky we could barely carry it. 

This is why I’m so excited to have discovered ICEMULE Coolers, a brand creating a variety of soft coolers that keep food cold for up to 24 hours. 

These coolers are soft, light and portable, worn like a backpack or a sling bag — way more comfortable than the traditional carrying method for hard coolers. 

They’re waterproof, too. Instead of a zipper, you’ll fold the bag over and clip it closed like a dry bag system.

I also love that they float, which is helpful if you’re spending the day kayaking or canoeing. And if you’re not using it to store food and ice you can even use it to keep your gadgets protected from the elements. 

One unique feature of the coolers is the IMAirValve™ technology, which allows users to add air to enhance the insulation — as well as to remove air to make it the cooler easier to pack down and store. 

Their coolers come in a variety of sizes and styles, too. The one I have is the ICEMULE Classic™ Small, which is great for picnics and day hikes, easily storing lunch, snacks, and beverages for a hiker and their partner. 

It’s also great for the beach when you want to bring your own 12-pack of beer with ice (as long as alcohol is allowed, of course). 

merino wool pants are a must for hikers
icebreaker is a leader in merino wool clothing. Photo via icebreaker.

6. icebreaker Persist Pants

icebreaker is one of my favorite brands for moisture-wicking merino wool gear, and their Persist Pants do not disappoint. 

First of all, they’re stretchy like leggings but look smart like dark khakis. 

They’re also water-repellent and moisture-wicking, with ethically-sourced merino wool sitting on the skin to keep your body dry and temperate. 

I also love the many pockets — particularly the zippered ones in the back. 

No matter what adventure calls to you — whether it’s exploring the hiking trails near Boone NC or going hiking in St. Thomas — make sure to pack these pants so you’re ready for anything. 

OOFOS footwear
Photo via OOFOS

7. OOFOS Footwear

You know when you go on a long hike and you can’t wait to take off your boots and throw on some comfortable sandals? OOFOS are those sandals. 

Now, these aren’t your everyday slip-ons, but instead, are designed with recovery in mind. The company uses OOfoam technology, which absorbs 37% more impact than your average footwear. 

It’s also helpful that OOfoam repels moisture, so bacteria and smelly feet aren’t a problem. 

Personally, I love the higher curved arch for natural support. 

Note that OOFOS sells a variety of different footwear, not just sandals, all featuring the OOfoam. 

Love socially-conscious brands? For every pair of shoes sold on their website, they donate 3% directly to breast cancer research. 

Honestly, these would have come in really handy when I did Nepal’s Mohare Danda Trek, as my regular flip flops just didn’t cut it after those long days hiking.

COR Surf 25L Waterproof Dry Hiking Backpack
Photo via COR Surf

8. COR Surf 25L Waterproof Dry Backpack

The COR Surf 25L Waterproof Dry Backpack is the perfect gift for hikers who love doing multi-day treks and want to keep their gear dry.

Made from heavy-duty PVC material, this top-loading backpack is made to withstand harsh environments, while sonically welded seams create a waterproof and dirtproof product. There is also a reflective strip to help keep you safe on evening hikes and rides.

Along with being functional, it’s important that your hiking backpack is also comfortable. Luckily, this bag features:

  • adjustable shoulder straps and shoulder pads
  • breathable mesh on the shoulders and back panel to keep you temperate
  • a chest strap to move weight from your shoulders to your core
  • adjustable compression top strap to store large items
  • the ability to roll down tight

In terms of storage, along with a spacious main section there is a laptop pocket, interior and exterior zipper pockets, and a water bottle pouch on each side.

As the backpack floats, it’s also great for aquatic adventures like boating, kayaking, rafting, and paddling.

hiker wearing a wide-brimmed hat
Photo via COR Surf

9. COR Sun Hat

One of the most important considerations when hiking is how to protect yourself from the sun, which is where the COR Sun Hat comes in.

Not only does the hat help keep you cool on sunny days, but the wide brim helps protect your face and neck from harsh rays.

The hat is easily foldable and packable, while water-resistant technology keeps your head dry in case it rains on your trek.

In terms of pattern, you can choose between solid black or black with green palm trees for a fun travel twist.

Protalus insoles for hiking sneakers
Photo via Protalus

10. Protalus – T-100 Elite

One gift that almost any hiker would appreciate is proper footwear, which is one of the most important considerations when it comes to hiking attire.

The T-100 Elite from Protalus is an insole that helps hikers keep their ankles properly aligned and in a safe range of motion to better distribute pressure.

This leads to enhanced comfort, support, and shock absorption, reducing fatigue and preventing foot-related injuries during long and strenuous treks – even if you have flat feet or issues with your arches.

Looking for insoles for everyday wear? While the T-100 Elite green insoles are meant to pair with athletic shoes and casual sneakers, their regular T-100 insoles in black and blue are meant to be worn with narrow daily wear shoes as well as casual sneakers.

open box showcasing three cans of  TREK All Natural Insect Repellant from Lemongrass Farms
Photo via Jessie Festa

11. TREK All Natural Insect Repellant from Lemongrass Farms

Looking for the best gifts for hikers – that also give back to charity? Then you’ll love TREK All Natural Insect Repellant from Lemongrass Farms, which is not only a great product but also helps support the Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund.

Getting attacked by mosquitos is one of the fastest ways to make an otherwise fun trek unenjoyable. Luckily, this 100% all-natural cruelty-free bug spray helps keep pesky insects away on the trail.

It’s made with a blend of lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, and geranium essential oils. And because you’re not using harsh chemicals, you’re helping to protect the environment as well as your own health.

If you have sensitive skin or just hate the smell of typical DEET repellents, you’ll love this plant-based alternative.

Bonus: The packaging is 100% recyclable and also super cute, which adds to the appeal of giving this as a holiday gift to your favorite hiker.

Thermacell  EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller and Glow Light on a chair
Photo via Thermacell

12. Thermacell EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller & Glow Light

Heading on an overnight hike and need to keep the bugs away? The EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller and Glow Light is the perfect companion!

This TSA-friendly repeller features a 20-foot mosquito protection zone – no spray, flame, or chemical smell required. Simply press a button and you’re good to go.

Additionally, it’s rechargeable, with each charge lasting about 12 hours. You can increase this timeframe with their 40-hour repellent refill.

The repeller also features a dimmable glow light to help illuminate your outdoor adventure.

bug bite thing is a must-have for hikers
Photo via Bug Bite Thing, a must-pack essential for hikers

13. Bug Bite Thing

If you spend any time in the outdoors, you’ve probably experienced the agony of bug bites, and how a few itchy bumps can really sour a nature experience. 

While creams and ointments are hit or miss depending on the person, Bug Bite Thing actually removes the reaction-causing saliva or venom from under the skin using a small suction device that’s about the size of your pointer finger. 

This chemical-free, reusable gadget works in a few simple steps — place the suction tool over the affected area, pull the handles up slightly until you feel the suction on your skin, hold it there for 10-20 seconds, and then push the handles down to release. 

It’s budget-friendly, too, and includes bonus features like a reversible cap with a smaller suction area to be used on fingers and toes as well as handles that double as a scraper to remove bee stingers stuck in the skin. 

A keychain ring makes it easy to keep it on hand, and you can choose between two colors — black or white.

Important note: This tool is not meant to be used on your face or sensitive skin areas, as it can leave a mark. Remember that the suction device is quite powerful, but as it’s a manual tool you can experiment to determine what strength works for you.

backpack gifts for hikers
The Del Dia bag collection offers fun gift options for adventurous travelers. Photo via Cotopaxi.

14. Cotopaxi Del Dia Backpack

Cotopaxi’s Del Dia Backpack line may just be the most innovative bag line on the market.

First of all, they come in a beautiful variety of color combinations, meaning you’ll never need to try to choose your bag out of a baggage claim line again.

Moreover, they’re high-quality and functional, with loads of pockets for organization as well as features like adjustable chest and shoulder straps and breathable back and shoulder paneling for comfort.

Finally, they’re sustainable. In fact, they’re crafted from material scraps salvaged from big factories and reimagined into these beautiful bags.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from multi-day hiking backpacks to day packs to fanny backs and beyond!

rheos floating sunglasses are great for hikers
Photo via Rheos

15. Rheos Floating Sunglasses

I spend a lot of time outdoors, both at home and on the road, and the main issues I tend to have with sunglasses are that I’m still left squinting on bright days and that they leave me with a major headache after an hour.

Luckily, Rheos Floating Sunglasses solves these problems — and more!

Their polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection and are so lightweight you can wear them all day without pain.

They also float, which is perfect when enjoying watersports, and they have an anti-scratch coating, which is helpful for people like me whose sunglasses often end up looking like a bear played with them. 

In terms of style, I have a pair of their Palmettos (Aviators) and love them, though definitely check out the many options on their website. 

Each pair comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty, so it’s truly a worry-free purchase. 

By the way, I love the origin story of Rheos.

The company was started by a husband and wife team — Jake and Becca — traveling around in a 1981 Airstream trailer. They realized the most expensive part of their trip was regularly replacing their lost sunglasses and, thus, Rheos was born. 


Feel good about buying, as 1% from each purchase goes to environmental nonprofits protecting the globe’s waterways. 

16. Bushnell Powerview 2 Binoculars

There’s nothing like taking in a beautiful view while enjoying the outdoors; well, aside from taking in that beautiful view up close!

Because it features an aluminum alloy chassis, the Bushnell Powerview 2 is a rugged yet lightweight pair of binoculars perfect for travelers on the go. In fact, they’re designed for taking in crisp images during outdoor adventures, travel, and sports.

Going for an evening hike?

These binoculars allow you to see clearly even in low light thanks to their multi-coated optics.

Other noteworthy features include an ergonomic grip, a smooth focus wheel, a variety of configurations to choose from, a sleek modern look, and a lifetime warranty.

17. High Camp Flasks

While I go camping for the nature, I’ll admit I also look forward to evenings bonding with friends under the stars.

An experience made even better with great drinks.

And while it’s common to bring beer and wine on a camping trip, High Camp Flasks will make you want to pack the whiskey next time.

That being said, you can totally keep any beverage of choice cold or hot for 24 hours in the insulated tumbler, which attaches to a vacuum-insulated flask. 

High Camp didn’t overlook a single detail when crafting these 100% stainless steel flasks, from 6-shooter barrel grooves on the tumbler for a firm grip on your glass to a drip-proof flask lid to a design that prevents condensation. 

Check the “Cocktails” section of their website to inspire your inner mixologist. 

Also, watch the short video above to get an idea of how this fun camping accessory works. 

the 311 runoffbag is great for hikers and active travelers
This waterproof 3-1-1- bag is the perfect gift for hikers & active travelers. Photo via Nite Ize.

18. Nite Ize RunOff Bag

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a gadget break due to moisture or unexpected rain?

Me too. Numerous times. 

This is where the Nite Ize RunOff Bag comes in handy. 

You never know when it’s going to rain, and this small yet powerful pouch ensures your valuables are protected from the elements. 

In fact, you can even submerge the bag up to one meter, as shown above, thanks to its featured TRU Zip technology, which also means its dust- and sand-proof. 

It’s also the perfect size to use a TSA-friendly liquids bag when flying carry-on only. 

When not in use, the pouch compresses very small, barely taking up any space at all. 

Nite Ize Radian 300 Lumens Headlamp is a must for travelers heading outdoors
Camping? Hiking at night? This headlamp is a must! Photo via Nite Ize.

19. Nite Ize Radiant 300 Rechargeable Headlamp

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to use a headlamp, only to realize the battery was dead. 

Not anymore.

The Nite Ize Radiant 300 Rechargeable Headlamp features a waterproof and drop-proof design as well as a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 36 hours. 

Choose between three modes —light, spot, and flood — as well as up to 90 degrees of beam adjustment, so you can illuminate the landscape and not your buddy’s eyes. 

This gadget is great for camping as well as night hikes, with a beam distance of 239 feet meaning you’re never in the dark. 

hiking packing list
Photo via CEPCompression

20. CEPCompression Socks

One thing that can quickly put a damper on a hike — literally — is cold, wet feet.

This is where CEPCompression Socks come in.

Crafted from merino wool and polyamide fibers, which reduce odors and respond to your natural body temperature, the socks can warm, cool and wick away sweat as needed.


Padding in the socks allows for a snug fit without rubbing and acts almost like a massage to relieve pressure. 

hidden pocket scarf
Photo via Speakeasy Travel Supply

21. Speakeasy Travel Supply Hidden-Pocket Scarves

Combining form and function, the Speakeasy Travel Supply Hidden-Pocket Scarves come in a variety of styles to fit every season. 

The best part is these scarves feature hidden pockets, great for avoiding pickpockets and for storing items you would want easy access to, like a smartphone. This is especially handy for those hiking solo.

Each scarf is lovingly handmade in the USA by the nomadic couple behind the travel blog Beers and Beans. 

hiking packing list
Photo via UCO

22. Leschi Lantern & Flashlight

A product of UCO, who have been making adventure gear since 1971, the Leschi Lantern & Flashlight is a unique collapsible lantern-meets-flashlight that is perfect for night hikes and camping.

It’s lightweight at 1.6 ounces and features a shock cord that can be mounted to camping poles and trees for a hands-free, lit-up experience.


The gadget is water-resistant (no worries if it rains!) and despite being small in size, it can project up to 400 feet. 

hiking packing list
Photo via Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay

23. Global Rescue Membership

For those embarking on truly adrenaline-pumping hikes, it’s worth ensuring safety beyond travel insurance — though everyone should get travel insurance, too. 

The Global Rescue Membership team works with everyone, from everyday travelers to government officials, providing field rescue, medical advisory, and evacuation — as well as security extraction services.

Members have their choice of hospital to be transported to, and on the way they’re looked after by critical care paramedics and former Special Operations personnel. 

travel safety gear She's Birdie personal alarm

24. She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

A personal safety alarm should be at the top of any list of safety items for travelers, as it includes a loud siren that you can set off when needed.

The idea:

Attackers — both humans as well as animals like bears — will get scared and run off. This means you should also wear the alarm whether you’re wandering a city or hiking in the woods.

While there are many brands to choose from, She’s Birdie alarms are made for women by women (though they are also great for male travelers).

They offer two powerful travel security products, both of which can be worn as a keychain:

The Original Birdie, which features a 130db alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack, and the Birdie+, which also includes 24/7 live support.

Feel good knowing that a percentage of your purchase get donated to organizations supporting women’s safety, shelter, and health.

This is truly a piece of travel security gear you shouldn’t leave home without, whether you’re exploring another country or your own neighborhood.

hiking packing list
Photo via Scrubba

25. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Doing laundry, paying for laundry and wasting time in a laundromat are all things I dislike — at home and while traveling.

That’s where the Scrubba Portable Laundry System comes in.

Simply put your dirty clothes in the bag along with water and detergent, roll the bag down, and clip closed.

From there, press down and rub to clean clothes against the bag’s internal washboard, then rinse and dry.

You can use a microfiber towel to roll clothes and squeeze out excess moisture.


There’s an eco-twist, as the company estimates users use about 0.5-1.5 gallons of water less per load.

hiking packing list
Photo via RevoMax

26. RevoMax Twist-Free Water Bottle

When you get thirsty on your hikes, you want to drink fast without spillage.

The RevoMax stainless steel twist-free water bottle means trekkers can open and close their bottles with one hand.

Moreover, the bottle boasts the ability to keep beverages hot or cold for 15 hours! 

Meal bar gifts for hikers
Photo via R.E.D.D.

27. R.E.D.D. Plant-Based Protein Bars

As an active traveler — and a tour guide in New York — I’m always searching for portable, healthy bars that are actually filling and give you an energy boost.

While many bars contain loads of chemicals, R.E.D.D.’s gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO bars showcase superfoods and nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, chocolate chips, maca root powder, oats, quinoa, and mushroom powder — most of which are organic.

There are tons of flavors to choose from, too, like chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter, mint chocolate and, my personal favorite, salted caramel.

And while they’re low in sugar and naturally sweetened with dates and monk fruit extract, the soft cookie dough texture makes them feel like a treat.

These bars are the perfect stocking stuffer for the hiker or outdoor enthusiast in your life!

What would you add to this list of best gifts for hikers & outdoor enthusiasts?

p.s. Still in need of gift ideas for your travel friends? Check out:

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