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Turn your travel blog into a profitable business that continues to grow every single month.



After that, it's just $49/month to stay a member. No minimum commitment required! 🙂

What if you could put simple systems in place to grow your traffic, engage a community and increase your income every single month?


Hint hint: You can! And I'll tell you how. 

But first, does any of this sound familiar?


  • Running on the hamster wheel and receiving little in return for your efforts. Whether you're new to blogging or have been at it for a while, you feel exhausted from all the writing, Instagramming, photographing and guest posting. When does *real* growth come?


  • Feeling like you're not cut out for this. You're spending more than eight hours each day on your blog, plus you're working weekends, while your bank account sits stagnant.    


  • Nearly crying (or maybe bursting into tears) because you just don't understand the robot-speak of blogging articles. You have the drive, but trying to comprehend terms like HTML and SEO, not to mention tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, leaves you completely overwhelmed.


  • Trying desperately to figure out how to get people to engage with your content. It seems like you're spending days writing blog posts solely for your mom and her co-workers.


  • Slumping in your office chair in defeat as the words blur on yet the 100th "informative" article you've read this week. There's just too much information on the internet. You're looking for simple and actionable answers for success. 


  • Losing patience trying to figure out what strategies are right for your brand (and, while you're at it, how to properly brand yourself!). You're not sure how to truly turn your interests into a profitable blogging business.



Good! Then you're in the right place. 😉

jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

So many travel bloggers get frustrated and give up, wrongly believing there are just too many other, "better" blogs out there to compete with.

The truth:

There is room for everybody at the top.

But, you won't get there if you keep doing what you're currently doing.

i want you to take a moment and Just imagine...


Creating a

Becoming an expert in your niche and having a community of people who *can't wait* to read your next blog post.


being your
authentic self

Standing out from all the other blogs simply by being yourself. Stop looking to others, and instead have others looking to you.


Making more money
in less time

Automating your routine so you work LESS hours while increasing your traffic, earning more money and quitting tasks that drain you.


Getting paid
to travel

Making money working with brands you already love and getting paid to travel the world. I earn up to $5,000 per press trip, so yes, it's possible.


Being excited to
work each day

Waking up each morning full of clarity, passion and purpose (and happiness, because you focus on tasks that get results).



Enjoying time freedom and working on your own schedule from anywhere in the world, whether that's a beach in Brazil or a vineyard in Italy.

You (yes, you!) can attain all of this and more. 

And the best part?

With the right strategies, you can spend LESS time on your laptop while earning MORE.

Now, let me introduce you to my secret weapon for eliminating blogging overwhelm:

Travel Blog Prosperity

Inside this nurturing membership community, you'll learn step-by-step strategies for dramatically growing your traffic, email subscribers and income, with a supportive community helping you to make it happen.

These are the exact strategies I've used to transform my travel blog from an online trip journal to a career, become my own boss and get paid to be creative while earning a limitless income (because unlike corporate jobs, there is no cap on how much you can make blogging!).

Using the strategies I teach inside this program, I've been able to create a six-figure online blogging business (so despite what you may have heard, you don't need to choose between a comfortable income and a life of travel!). 

And because every TBP member has their own unique needs, we'll work together to pinpoint the tactics that truly work for you.


You shouldn't be dedicating hours to Instagram unless it's going to grow your business and increase your salary. Which it absolutely can, as long as it's part of an income-generating strategy.

And if you're in need of some strategy clarity, Travel Blog Prosperity can provide it! 😉

Special Access

Now, there is a very specific reason I'm offering 82% off your first month of Travel Blog Prosperity.

On July 31 at 2pm EST there will be a special members-only live event on blog monetization, and I want to make sure *you* have access to it

What is the live online event?

I'll be co-hosting a live training session with Teachable on how to monetize your blog using courses.

While I personally monetize my blog through a variety of ways, online courses have been my biggest income-generator by far.

Plus the team at Teachable have helped thousands of new creators successfully launch and market their first course, with many going on to earn six- and seven-figures. Basically, you'll have first-hand access to an instructor who truly knows what it takes to see success with online course creation.

One common myth is that you need a business-centric topic to make money with online courses, but that's just not true. And we'll show you how you (yes, you!) can earn a sustainable income through an online course that further helps your blog readers.

Travel Blog Prosperity members will be able to attend live online to learn *and* get questions answered by myself and the Teachable team.

Can't make it live?

Send me your questions and I'll make sure they get answered during the training session! All members will get access to the replay, which you can watch at any time during your membership.


You'll also have instant access to the other juicy course collections — all 24+ of them — teaching you everything from how to profitably work with brands to how to consistently grow your Domain Authority and beyond.

You can check out the full list of current course collections in the FAQ section of this page. 

Success Stories...


Travel Blog Prosperity is the best investment I have EVER made in my blog. And trust me, I've made a lot of regrettable "investments" since I started my blog.

Within days of signing up, I had received more than I could have ever expected for the monthly fee. Jessie delves deep into each topic and offers actionable steps to implement each topic on your own blog. There's so many "extras" included in Travel Blog Prosperity too, like monthly coaching calls and the forums where you can get not just Jessie's help but suggestions from others in the course as well, and the Weekly Opportunities email is great for those ready to work with brands and destinations. Travel Blog Prosperity is a definite game changer!

- Skyanne Fisher, Sky vs World and Experience Coco 

martin rose testimonial

Wanting to start a travel blog or have a blog but wanting to take it to the next level and start profiting? Travel Blog Prosperity is the best money you can spend.

Take it from someone who has spent thousands of dollars on travel blogging conferences, other blog help sites, and software tools. The course is amazing.

More amazing are the coaching calls included in the course cost. One call alone is worth the cost of the entire year.

Having Jessie on our team helps us stay focused, helps us grow in the right ways, and gives us support when we’re stumped.

- Martin Rose, Wandering Rose Travels 


Can I just say, Travel Blog Prosperity is blowing my mind.

I’ve been looking for a blogging program that holds my hand through everything I need to do to hit my blogging goals and this one does. It’s like a dream come true. Seriously!


-Janine DeVault, Janine in the World

Hi, I'm Jessie!

jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

before I was implementing the strategies I now teach in Travel Blog Prosperity...  


I wanted nothing more than to be able to turn my passion for travel into a career.

But, it was exhausting!

Five blog posts per week, days editing photos, and hours crafting social media shares published across way too many platforms left me with little to show.

And when I say "little," I mean I was doing a happy dance if even my mom left a comment on one of my blog posts. 

Sure, I was traveling, but I was spending more time searching for WiFi than actually enjoying the places I was visiting.

While I was working longer hours than ever, I was earning almost nothing. 

Isn’t freedom from the 9-to-5 supposed to be fun? 

So, I changed my strategy (which, let's be real, I never had in the first place).

I analyzed my daily schedule, cut out time-wasting tasks, and focused on what would grow my traffic, community, and income.

Today, I work about half as many hours, but make a full-time salary through my blog.

You don’t need luck to rapidly grow your email list, get thousands of visitors who read (and share!) your blog posts, or have droves of people who purchase your products and click your affiliate links. 

You need a clear strategy and a proven action plan that works. And through Travel Blog Prosperity, you’ll get just that.

Prefer a video introduction?

Oh, hey there. 🙂

What You'll Get:

Let's chat about what's included inside this results-driven membership community.

As soon as you enroll, you'll have immediate access to 24+ course collections, with a new collection published every month.

Monthly topics include branding for success, coming up with a social media strategy (that's actually sustainable), creating your first product, growing and leveraging your email list, procuring paying brand partnerships, getting your blog covered by media, monetizing your blog (without selling out), landing press trips (and getting paid for them) and more! 

Each collection includes a how-to implementation guide, video masterclass (that also walks you through any tech hurdles), visualization workbook and implementation checklist so you don’t miss a step.

monthly format topics for travel blog prosperity

Here's a visual of what you'll get EVERY SINGLE MONTH:

Branding your blog for success workbook

Part 1:
step-by-step implementation guide & workbook

video masterclass for travel blog prosperity

Part 2:
Video master class so you see exactly how to take action

pinterest checklist

Part 3:
Actionable checklist so you don't miss a single step

Jessie Festa live Q&A group coaching

Part 4:
two Live group coaching sessions for you to ask anything you'd like

goal crusha hot seat

Part 5:
The chance to apply to sit in the "Goal Crusha' Hot Seat" and work one-on-one with jessie

digital journal prompts for travel blog prosperity course

Part 6:
Pause & Reflect digital journal prompts to help you dig deeper into each strategy


Part 7:

Bonuses Include:

  • Access to new paying editor, advertiser and brand contacts each week


  • The chance to become an affiliate to earn money


  • A list of 50+ blogger networks you can join right now to start making money


  • Placement in a small and nurturing mastermind group *(must remain a member for at least one month to snag this bonus)


  • Case studies with other strategy experts




  • And more!




Here's the deal...

There are so many courses out there that tell you how to get more Instagram followers, or how to grow your traffic.

But if you don't know why you're trying to reach these goals, or what to do with these new fans and followers once you do, then you still won't have a profitable business.

Let that sink in.

Because I can't tell you how many bloggers I've met with 100,000+ Instagram followers and huge traffic numbers who aren't making any money.

And I also know plenty of bloggers with small but dedicated audiences who are.

Inside Travel Blog Prosperity, you'll get the tools you need to truly implement what you learn to see tangible results (because this community is all about ACTION).

And once you put these tactics into action, you can completely transform your travel blogging business.

Just consider...

What would your day look like if you were earning thousands of extra dollars each month?

What about your business?

What about your life?

This is what's possible inside Travel Blog Prosperity.

More Success Stories...

Retha Charette

I did it! I landed my first paying gig as a blogger!

My photographer/boyfriend and I will be heading to Lake Placid in Upstate New York in two weeks for three days of exploring. Thanks for the tips and confidence, Jessie!

- Retha Charette, Roaming Nanny


I just wanted to let you know a couple of things that I've accomplished in the last three weeks:

  • Signed up with Ezoic and am getting a steady income!
  • Posted an article about Amalfi Coast hotels, and had my affiliate income blow up. I’ve got about €200 worth of bookings!
  • Pitched an article idea to a large blog and am getting paid for it!
  • Accepted an offer from another blogger to ghostwrite for them at €200 a time!
  • Was offered a London travel experience in exchange for a review and social media shout-outs!
  • Pitched to and am going to work with an airline in reviewing one of their services!

I've reeeeally enjoyed the past couple of weeks! 😀 Thought I'd let you know so that you can see a student getting some success!

- Nicky Cade, That Anxious Traveller

Kristin Montgomery headshot

There are so many other blogging courses out there, but I'm so glad I chose Travel Blog Prosperity.

The price is very reasonable, and the monthly courses seem to be about exactly what I want to learn about. Between the workbooks, checklists, and videos, Jessie makes everything very clear and gives me the confidence to tackle new tactics that will improve my blog.

I also love that she has collaborated with other bloggers and companies to deliver the lessons. She does a great job of showing lots of other bloggers as examples, so it's not just all about her blog.

Jessie's style is very down to earth. Having the Facebook group and the monthly calls helps me stay accountable and motivated. Even though I'm a new blogger, Jessie and everyone else have been so patient.

I really like that bloggers are at many different levels of experience, but we all have things we can learn from each other. Being in a community of others doing the same thing is an essential part of the experience.

Even though it is called 'Travel Blog Prosperity' I feel like the course would be useful for any blogger!

- Kristin Montgomery, Growing Global Citizens

anisa testimonial

Travel Blog Prosperity is a big reason I reached my goal of being approved by Mediavine!

The thing that makes Travel Blog Prosperity amazing is Jessie. The monthly calls where we can ask her questions and discuss goals have helped keep me on track and grow.

Jessie knows what she is talking about and her advice is always practical, constructive, and encouraging.

Additionally, I have learned so much from the course material and I am confident I will continue to learn as new content is added each month.

- Anisa Alhilali, Two Traveling Texans

nicolette testimonial

Jessie's Travel Blog Prosperity is so much more than an online course!

It's growth, it's community, and it's unprecedented access to Jessie's skills and expertise.

One of my favorite things about TBP is the monthly group video coaching calls. Jessie's there live to answer your questions, and the camaraderie is fabulous!

- Nicolette Kay, Semi-Budget Travel

jen tousey headshot

One of the most helpful course collections for me inside Travel Blog Prosperity has been the 'Lets Get Technical' one.

I have successfully been able to identify and remedy 220 of 225 broken links. I was able to isolate a crazy issue that made every single link on my site ‘no-follow’ and hurt me in Google. It's now remedied! And I have been able to make my pages go from an average load time of 6.5 seconds to under 3 seconds -- way faster. I also have a clear idea of what still needs to be fixed, so I can actually speak intelligently when asking for help.

- Jen Tousey, This Family Blog

Melissa Cogswell of Obsessive Travel Mama

I can't get over how professional looking and amazing my blog looks already.

I wanted to take this chance to tell you THANK YOU Jessie. I will definitely be back next month and every month after that. I did end up changing my name and decided to just go ahead and get a brand new website with a new domain name and I've been slowly moving things over from the old site to the new one. It has helped so much to be able to sit down and write down things like who my audience is, what my mission statement will be, and designing a logo and picking consistent colors/fonts/etc. for my blog. I couldn't have gotten there without the great coursework you laid out for me. It's a tremendous start.

- Melissa Cogswell, Obsessive Travel Mama

Craig Orlet of Travel Odyssey

This program is nothing short of a must-join for any beginner blogger, and even a seasoned blogger I'm sure would learn a few things. 

What initially impressed me the most about Jessie is her response time to emails. If you have any questions about anything she responds either the same day or next consistently, and that attention to her students is a rare commodity indeed.  The information is laid out in great detail to where a true rookie like myself can put together a functioning website and be proud of how far I have come.

- Craig Orlet, Travel Odyssey


Jessie's Travel Blog Prosperity is the most practical and hands-on course about blogging you can find.

Don't let the name fool you, it is not only useful for travel bloggers.

- Peter Prevos, Horizon of Reason


Although I am not starting a travel blog, the information I have learned so far has helped me more than I could have hoped.

Jessie clearly knows what she is doing and she is generously sharing what she has learned.

- Angela Giles Patel, namesake blog


I couldn’t imagine starting my blog without Travel Blog Prosperity. Jessie has put an incredible amount of careful planning and effort into this course.

All information is detailed and organized in a way that I am not overwhelmed and intimidated by the incredible amount of work that goes into making a website. I am learning marketing skills and how to best maximize my audience, and through it all I am not alone thanks to monthly video calls and quick replies from Jessie. This has been a meaningful and essential investment to the current situation and to the future of my blog. I am grateful to have a fairy “blogging” mother that is so invested in the prosperity of her students' blogs.

- Morgan McCullough, The Excursionist

Casandra Boyce Lopez

In just 2 months I have learned so much and my blog has improved in so many aspects that I can’t even imagine all the amazing things that I will learn and implement in the courses for the following months. 

Before discovering this coaching program I had just recently created my first blog. I knew nothing about blogging and was struggling to figure out how to go about creating a blog that could potentially be successful. I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed and wasn’t sure in which direction to invest my time and efforts. I somehow stumbled upon the Travel Blog Prosperity coaching program, and now feel so lucky to have found it and given myself the opportunity to enroll in the course. The coaching program includes great videos, workbooks, tons of information and plenty of opportunities to discuss with Jessie any blog related questions. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for an excellent resource to provide hands on blog guidance.

- Casandra Boyce Lopez

[Travel Blog Prosperity] is getting me to plan ahead; but it's also getting me to stop and analyze...Normally I just jump full forward, and I don't do the research. So it's really nice to be like 'all right, this is what you need to do!'...And also just the resources provided for the [brand partnership and] writing opportunities. That in itself is a game-changer!

- Cydny Voicechovski, GOAL Traveler

My biggest struggle was getting started again, and feeling like I had something to write about... After I learned some of the material that [Travel Blog Prosperity] offered, I developed four major themes for my blog and laid out the next six months!

- Willow Paule, Willow Paule Photography

You've got two choices...

You can either continue the way you are, working way too many hours for way too little results.

Or you can join a community that will help take the overwhelm out of blogging to show you just how possible turning your blog into your dream business truly is.

Plus, you have nothing to lose because you can cancel at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Blog Prosperity is *not* another e-course.

It’s a membership community that not only gives you access to insanely effective strategies for growing and monetizing your blog, but you'll have a loving travel blogging family to support you.

Plus, you get a direct email line to me to ask anything and everything (I reply to all emails within 24 hours, guaranteed!).

Ready to turn your travel blog into the profitable business of your dreams?

Sign up now for instant access!

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