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The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast


A podcast for bloggers with big dreams sharing strategies that can help you turn your blog into a full-time, location-independent business. 

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Hi, I'm Jessie! 

I'll be your host and your guide on this journey as we work together to turn your travel blog into a profitable business.

I'm a full-time travel blogger and blog coach and have worked with thousands of content creators to help them create sustainable online businesses they can run from anywhere in the world.

Now I know you're busy, so I've removed all the fluff to deliver short episodes with actionable, step-by-step strategies you can easily replicate in your own blogging business.

Ready to dive in?

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Each month, I choose one reviewer at random to win free lifetime access to one of my travel blogging courses.

Winners can choose from:

  • How To Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads
  • How To Land Paid Press Trips As A Travel Blogger
  • How To Make Money (Fast) With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Start A Tour Company In Your Own Backyard
  • How To Start A Blog, Grow An Audience & Make Money
  • Build Your Blogging Profit Plan Masterclass

Winners will be chosen at random from that month's reviews and will be notified via email, so make sure to send me — jessie (at) jessieonajourney (dot) com — your email address so I have it. 

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What To Send To Your Email List To Engage Your Community
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6 Steps To Choosing A Blog Niche & Pinpointing Its Purpose
White Label Affiliate Programs: How To Use Them To Monetize Your Blog
Responsible Blogging: How To Use Your Platform For Good
10 Clever Ways To Monetize A Travel Blog
Opt-In Freebie Ideas: How To Create A Free Resource Library Step-By-Step
How To Create A Pinterest Strategy For Bloggers That Grows Your Traffic
How To Grow Your TikTok Account & Make Money
How To Successfully Host & Promote Your Blog Giveaway
Why You Need A Drone & How It Can Help You Grow Your Blog
How To Presell Your Online Course
How To Reach Your Blogging Goals Faster With Outreach Days
How One Woman Quit Her Job To Blogg Full-Time
How To Find Niche Keywords That Drive Traffic With Competitor Research
How To Write Better Emails With Email Storytelling
How To Write Blog Posts Faster
A Streamlined Podcast Workflow Template To Save You Time
How Niching Down Can Help You Grow & Monetize Your Blog
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How To Create Freebies For Your Blog
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How To Start, Grow & Monetize A Facebook Group
15 Creative Ways To Promote Affiliate Links
How To Create An Effective Blogging Workflow In 7 Steps
How To Grow & Monetize On Instagram As A Blogger
How To Sell A Blog For Profit
How To Grow Your YouTube Channel & Make Money
How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts From Start To Finish
How To Grow Your Email List Fast With A Free Bundle Giveaway
How To Make A Resource Page That Grows Your Blogging Income
How To Create Content That Sells & Converts On Social Media
6 Ways To Validate An Online Course Idea
How To Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Income As A Travel Blogger
Create A Streamlined Blogging Schedule In 3 Steps
How To Get Featured In The Media & Grow Your Visibility
How To Increase Affiliate Income For More Passive Income
Bookkeeping For Bloggers: How To Keep Your Accounting Organized (From An Expert!)
How To Create An Email Course That Grows Your List & Income
How To Create A Free Quiz That Grows Your Email List & Income
How To Get Free Blog Traffic With Google Web Stories
How To Start A Profitable Multi-Day Tour Company
How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog (Template!)
How To Legally Protect Your Travel Blog
How To Use AI To Write Blog Posts (Ethically)
9 Powerful Ways To Monetize Your Digital Content That Work
How To Plan & Host A Profitable Retreat
13 Amateur Blogging Mistakes To Avoid & How To Fix Them
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