1. I’ll probably go to the US and do a road trip along the pacific coast highway. I cannot wait 🙂 And when I’m coming to NY, I hope to get the chance to go on one of your tours.

  2. I’d love to experience the adventure in US. The last time I visited the place, I had a lot of fun activities but I think its not enough,
    because I know there’s more of it that I never experience yet. I hope the world will allow me again to be in this kind of place.

  3. I love your bucket list adventures!

    I’d like to add one. The Snowcoach on the Mt Washington Auto Road in northern NH, in winter.

    On a clear day you can see the Atlantic Ocean! Mt Washington has the worst weather on earth and some of the most gorgeous views!

    I’d love to show you around the White Mountains of NH!!

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