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Want to sponsor an email to the Jessie on a Journey community?

Then you're in the right place!

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The Jessie on a Journey email list is segmented into two communities: travelers and travel bloggers.

Both segments receive unique emails tailored to their needs and interests.

The traveler segment receives a monthly newsletter sharing recommended products, interesting travel stories, and links to new content.

On the other hand, the travel blogger segment receives weekly feature emails sharing strategies, event invitations, and recommended tools that can help them grow.

When collaborating, we'll work together to ensure your product or service gets in front of your ideal audience for maximum conversions!

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Stats & Examples

Travel Blogger Segment

  • 5,000 subscribers
  • Open rate = 60.9%
  • CTR = 2.5%
  • Click here and click here for examples of sponsored emails

Traveler Segment

Note: If you'd prefer to sponsor a featured travel email instead of a newsletter that is also possible. Please get in touch so we can discuss.


We love getting first-hand advice from people who actually know their audience!

It's been such a pleasure working with you for this; we've partnered with several other speakers, some with audiences surpassing the millions, and your audience was one of the most responsive by far. So keep up the amazing work that you do!

- Laura Peters Abalos, Travel Blogging Summit


Our various collaborations with Jessie over the years have been a total success!

She knows her audience very well and can always help you with the right messaging and format.

Jessie is a total professional and our joint work has been a pleasure as she always meets deadlines, focuses on campaign results, and responsibly meets all the brand's requirements.

She is a great partner to have, not only for awareness advertising campaigns but for creating something valuable together, for example, educational materials and collaborations.

I highly recommend partnering with Jessie if you want to create meaningful and practical advertising campaigns.

- Lisa Chobitko, Travelpayouts


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