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Solo female travel

This ultimate guide to solo female travel is meant to help any woman (or non-woman) who has ever dreamed of traveling alone do so with confidence!

Maybe you're trying to pinpoint great solo female travel destinations, or perhaps you're nervous about your trip and are eager to learn some important safety tips or even invest in some travel safety gear.

Whether you're an adventurous woman gearing up to drive around Iceland solo in winter, are a city lover looking to travel Paris solo, are a female nomad exploring solo road trips in the USA, or something else, you're in the right place.

To help you plan your perfect solo trip, find some helpful resources below.

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Travel solo in the Middle East with confidence!

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Travel solo in mexico with confidence!

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Solo Female Travel In Oceania

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Solo Road Trips

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Solo Female Travel Tips

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First Time Solo Travel

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Solo Travel Safety Tips

learn how to stay safe when traveling alone

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Common Solo Female Travel Questions

If you have an additional question about solo women travel please let me know!

Note: Some of the below links are affiliate links to trusted partners I think you'll love!

Q: What is solo female travel?

Solo female travel refers to traveling alone as a woman. For many, it is a liberating experience.

Q: Is solo female travel safe?

Yes, traveling solo as a woman can be safe and extremely rewarding. There are honestly so many advantages of traveling alone.

Of course, there are both pros and cons to traveling solo. Yes, there are dangers to be aware of, but as long as you research your destination, use common sense, and utilize a few essential solo travel safety tips, you should be just fine. This also goes for if you're hiking alone.

Don't let yourself worry about travel mishaps and everything that could possibly go wrong.

Instead, realize you're more capable than you think!

first solo travel experience in nyc with confidence
No matter what anyone says, I truly believe everyone should experience solo travel at least once in their lifetime

Q: Why should someone try female solo travel?

Solo travel means never having to wait for others to be available to book a trip with.

Moreover, it provides the ultimate freedom as you never have to negotiate your itinerary.

Finally, it allows you to discover what you're truly capable of, as you're forced to solve issues that arise along the way on your own.

This is an incredible confidence booster!

Curious about traveling solo as a female? In my opinion, it's incredibly rewarding!

Q: What are some travel blogs by solo female travelers?

Along with this blog, Jessie on a Journey, a few other solo female travel blogs I recommend you read include Adventurous Kate, The Legendary Adventures Of Anna, Globetrotter Girls, Effy Talks Life, Jen on a Jet Plane, Be My Travel Muse, Bohemian Trails, Oneika The Traveller, and Eat Sleep Breathe Travel, to name just a few.

Also, while Nomadic Matt isn't a solo female traveler, he has some great articles on the topic.

Q: What is it like being a solo female traveler?

Is solo travel fun? What is it really like to explore the world alone as a woman?

Here is my take:

Being a solo female traveler often instills confidence and a strong sense of independence.

You feel free to do as you please without having to compromise your experiences on the road for others.

Plus, there are many apps and platforms that make it easy to meet people when traveling alone, like Couchsurfing, Meetup, and Wanderful.

Q: Which countries are the best for a solo female traveler?

There are so many incredible countries around the world for women traveling alone -- not to mention islands offering epic solo Caribbean vacations.

Along with solo road trips around the USA and the many great places to travel solo in the USA (like these top solo getaways in California), a few personal favorite solo trips have been Latvia (a great budget travel destination!), Slovenia, Argentina, Australia, and Bhutan.

Oh, and you'll love a solo trip to Taiwan -- one of the best places for solo travel in Asia -- as well as exploring the many great solo female travel destinations in India and best places in Mexico to travel alone!

Enjoy big cities? There are many fun things to do in NYC by yourself, exciting things to do in London alone, and unforgettable experiences to have on a solo trip to Rome.

I also had a fantastic solo wine trip in South Africa, and recently did a solo train trip through England!

Here is a video from the journey:

Q: What are some safety tips for solo female travelers?

I recommend researching local scams and safety concerns before arriving at your destination, as well as investing in travel safety essentials like pickpocket-proof garments and hidden-pocket scarves.

What tips would you add to this solo female travel ultimate guide?

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