Things To Do In Majorca Besides Partying


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At first glance, the Spanish island of Majorca certainly looks like the ultimate party destination. Each year thousands of young people and students flock to the island in search of good music, good friends and good times. So popular is the destination amongst party-goers that it is easy to forget just how much the Mediterranean island has to offer aside for nightlife .

So if a week or two of sun-soaked clubbing sounds like your idea of a holiday, then what are you waiting for? If the chance of some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is more your idea of fun and you want to absorb some of the local culture and sights, then read on. A few steps down the path less beaten and a whole other side of Majorca will open up to you, leaving the crowds of the town far behind.

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In particular, the rocky, craggy landscape on the north side of the island offers unique opportunities for excitement you would not find on the nightclub strip.

The alternative sport of canyoning is quickly gaining popularity, and Majorca can boast some fantastic facilities and venues where you can try it for yourself. A combination sport of caving, climbing, swimming and abseiling, you will trace the route of fast-flowing rivers down crevasse and natural limestone gullies. Rivers are graded by difficulty, so for your first try head to Torrente Coanegre and work your way up to the ferocious Torrente Sa Fosca.

Beaches And Views

From down in the valley to the top of the hill, a breathtaking cliff-top drive can take you to the Cap de Formentor, truly one of the jewels of the Majorcan landscape, offering spectacular views of the island and across the Mediterranean. The Cap is the site of a beautiful 19th century lighthouse, overlooking serene, secluded beaches.

Old Town

Come back down to Earth with a visit to Alcúdia Old Town. The walled town boasts magnificent examples of 14th century Moorish architecture, the perfect surroundings in which to explore the town market and boutiques, or to sit outside a café and watch the world go by.

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