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jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

Hi! I’m Jessie, a conscious solo female travel blogger.

Think of me as your travel blog BFF, as I want to help you make your travel dreams a reality — including through starting a profitable travel blogging business.

I believe that travel blogging not only gives you the opportunity to explore the world while earning an income but also to make a positive impact and help others.

You don't need to have a million followers or be a social media celebrity to make this work, either.

What you need is a clear strategy, which is exactly what I aim to provide you through my free blogging resources, Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast, travel blogging tutorials, and blogging courses.

My goal:

To lead you #BeyondTheGuidebook of a cookie-cutter biz so you can pave your own profitable path in life and on the road.

how to start a travel blog and make money

Free Resources

Starting A Travel Blog

Travel Blogging for Beginners

Just getting started? Check out these articles on launching your own blog.

How To Grow Your Traffic As A Travel Blogger

Increase your monthly pageviews and get your content seen.

How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger

Powerful strategies for monetizing your blog.

Go Further with Travel Blogging Courses

Want to get paid to travel? Seriously. Create a travel blog that’s profitable and purposeful without the confusion!

Profitable travel blogging

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What's your journey?



Uncover your powerful travel blogging talent! Your results will also guide you on how to best use your skills to grow your blogging business.


grow & monetize your travel blog

Learn how to grow your blog's traffic, community & income in this powerful workshop. You'll leave with true blogging clarity and an action plan mapped out!


get powerful blogging resources

Inside my free Travel Blogging Resource Library, you'll snag access to 50+ printables, workshops, tutorials & more aimed at helping you see success.

How to become a travel blogger courses


Become a Travel Blogger

Want to get paid to travel? Seriously. Create a travel blog that’s profitable & purposeful without the confusion!

Strategies for promoting and monetizing your travel blog

Free Tutorials

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