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41+ Best New York Souvenirs & Authentic NYC Gifts (From A Local)

By Jessie Festa & Dale P. This guide to the best gifts from NYC contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for the best New York souvenirs that go beyond cheesy foam Statue of Liberty crowns and “fuggedaboutit” t-shirts?

This list of the best New York City gift ideas — written by two New Yorkers — is here to help!

Below you’ll find the best NYC souvenirs to bring home from a trip, whether you’re looking for a memento for yourself or gifts for family and friends.

New York is known as being one of the best shopping cities in the world, so you’ll find no shortage of souvenir choices from local makers, markets, boutiques, novelty shops, and more.

Whether you are looking for something classic, unusual, kid-friendly, cultural, affordable, or luxurious, this guide to New York’s best souvenirs and gifts has you covered, and even includes ideas for items that truly tell the story of your unique trip.

Note that the guide begins by discussing where to buy New York souvenirs — including places where you truly can’t go wrong no matter what you purchase. From there, it moves into specific items that make for great gifts from New York.

Quick tip: One of the best places to find local NYC souvenirs is Chelsea Market, which features a wide array of locally-made food items as well as an artisan market for creative handmade goods. Book a Chelsea Market tour to taste your way around this market and discover the top treats to take back for your loved ones.

Table of Contents

Unique Things To Do In NYC (Free Guide!)

But first, before we go over some of the best things to buy in New York, we invite you to grab a copy of Jessie’s NYC Top Picks From A Local Guide. The printable PDF guide takes you beyond the popular attractions to uncover a more local and lesser-known side of New York City.

Just a few highlights from the guide include:

  • Where to get creative java drinks and delicious dishes
  • How to discover opportunities for exploring nature in New York City
  • Ways to get off-the-beaten-track to discover a side of the city many tourists miss

Note: If you’re thinking “I just want a local to plan my trip to NYC” Jessie also offers custom travel planning services. Keep in mind, she is a New Yorker as well as a licensed sightseeing guide, so she can speak to both tourist attractions and lesser-known experiences.

On that note, keep reading to dive into out list of New York’s best souvenirs!

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Best Places To Buy Souvenirs In New York

Before we dive into what to buy in NYC, we want to tell you the best places to buy amazing souvenirs! Here’s our list:

MoMA Design Store

One of the best New York souvenir shops is the MoMA Design Store. Housed in the Museum of Modern Art, this store is the perfect place to find an art-inspired momento.

Holiday Markets

If you’ll be visiting New York in winter, don’t miss the holiday and Christmas markets that pop up around the city from mid-November through early January.

The holiday markets in Bryant Park, Union Square, and Columbus Circle are some of the best places to buy good New York souvenirs around the holidays, including many that are unique and handmade.

Chelsea Market

Sprawling Chelsea Market is one of the best places to buy souvenirs in New York City. With dozens of food vendors and retail stalls, you can pick up tasty snacks to bring home from New York — or peruse art, jewelry, and other gifts.

man shopping Chelsea Market for the best New York souvenirs
Chelsea Market is full of great options for NYC souvenirs! Photo via Jessie Festa.

The Strand Bookstore

The Strand, an independent bookstore that has been around for nearly 100 years, is a great place to shop for souvenirs in New York. A canvas tote bag from the Strand is one of the best souvenirs from NYC for book-lovers. You can also find many books about New York that make for excellent gifts.

New York Transit Museum

If you’re looking for cool souvenirs from New York, check out the gift shop at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. You can find all sorts of quirky New York subway-themed souvenirs, like t-shirts, keychains, phone cases, and more.


Manhattan‘s Chinatown neighborhood is a unique place to shop for souvenirs and find some of the cheapest souvenir shops in NYC. Although it has a notorious reputation for selling “designer” handbags, sunglasses, and watches at low prices, it’s a wise idea to steer clear of these because they are knockoffs of questionable quality.

Instead, spend some time roaming the side streets of Chinatown and you’ll discover small, locally-owned shops selling everything from porcelain to tea and beyond.

Artists & Fleas

One reason why New York is so popular is its creative locals. With that in mind, possibly the best place to buy NYC souvenirs is Artists & Fleas, particularly if you love buying straight from local makers. Here you’ll peruse artisan wares — from handmade accessories to clean beauty to unique jewelry and beyond — that show off the creativity of local New Yorkers.

woman shopping at Artists & Fleas for the best NYC gifts
Artists & Fleas is full of locally-made NYC gifts & souvenirs! Photo via Jessie Festa.

Essex Market

Located on the Lower East Side, Essex Market is a food market where you can pick up delicious edible treats that you won’t find in typical New York City souvenir shops. You can find locally-made products like chocolate, coffee, tea, and cheese.

Tenement Museum Store

NYC wouldn’t be what it is without its immigrants, and the Tenement Museum is the best place to learn how immigration throughout history has helped to shape the city.

Not only is exploring preserved tenement buildings from the late 19th century a highlight, but so is their gift shop, which sells books written by immigrants, jewelry inspired by immigrant stories, and apparel and accessories that celebrate the Lower East Side neighborhood where the museum is located.

Industry City

Whether you’re looking for New York food souvenirs, locally-made accessories, or gifts that support local makers, Industry City in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood is a must. This experiential complex on the water showcases food, drink, art, entertainment, and creativity. Not only is it a great place if you’re looking for non-touristy things to do in NYC, but also if you’re searching for truly authentic New York City souvenirs.

FAO Schwarz

While the items sold at this iconic NYC toy store aren’t all locally-made, if you’re looking for New York souvenirs for kids, the little ones in your life will undoubtedly love the finds at FAO Schwarz — which is the oldest toy store in the United States!

shopping FAO Schwarz for New York themed toys
Visiting FAO Schwarz during the holiday season. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Housing Works

Housing Works is an NYC-based nonprofit fighting AIDS and homelessness. They operate various shops around the city, from book stores to thrift shops and more, and buying from them allows you to support a great cause.

Taste NY

The Taste NY store in Grand Central Terminal features all sorts of delicious locally-made products, from wines to cheeses to olive oils to chips and beyond. Note that this store has locations all around New York State, so keep your eyes peeled if you head out on an Upstate New York road trip from NYC and are looking for food-related souvenirs.

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Best New York Souvenirs & Authentic NYC Gifts

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best New York souvenir shops in the city, let’s discuss what to actually buy. The following list contains a mix of classic NYC memorabilia, locally-made gifts, and truly unique New York souvenirs you won’t find on any other lists!

NYC Souvenirs That Share Your Trip Story

1. New York City photos

Skip the New York City souvenir shops and typical New York themed gifts and have something made just for you: photos of your incredible time in NYC!

Shameless plug: Jessie’s company, NYC Photo Journeys, offers private NYC photo tours that allow you to visit scenic spots with a local guide and photographer. Not only do you get a tour, but you’ll leave with stunning photos of your group to keep. It’s a great way to create — and preserve — memories from your trip to New York.

Alternatively, if you don’t care so much about the tour and just want to focus on getting as many gorgeous photos as possible, you can opt for a professional NYC photoshoot, which also includes a pre-shoot call to go over your goals for the session!

personal photos make for the best New York souvenirs
Ballerina posing on the Brooklyn Bridge on a Professional NYC Photoshoot. Photo via NYC Photo Journeys.

2. Your own 3D-printed bobblehead

One very unique NYC attraction is Gulliver’s Gate on Staten Island, within walking distance of the ferry terminal. Here, you can explore an entire world created with thousands of 3D-printed miniatures.

After seeing the seven continents as well as iconic New York City spots like Grand Central Terminal and Times Square, you can opt to have your own 3D-printed bobblehead created. Talk about unique NYC souvenirs!

3. Commission a poem

If you’d like to support local artists while creating a keepsake, consider commissioning a poem from the Poetry Society of New York.

While you can hire them for events, you can also hire a poet to help you create an impactful gift that shares the story of your trip to NYC!

4. Turn your photos into NYC memorabilia

While you can of course purchase New York memorabilia, another idea is using your own photos to create personalized NYC souvenirs that remind you of your trip. Platforms like Canvas Pop and ShutterFly allow you to create everything from Canvas prints to photo albums to mugs.

Alternatively, you can use a free tool like Canva to turn your photos into cool designs. For example, click here to check out their postcard templates or search something like “vintage postcards” in their search bar.

This is a great way to use the photos you get from an NYC Photo Journeys tour or shoot!

5. DIY NYC souvenir

Instead of buying good souvenirs from NYC, why not make them? Booking a local class where you actually create something is not only a great way to leave with an authentic souvenir, but also a fun way to explore local culture — not to mention it’s a smart option if you’re visiting NYC alone and want to meet other people.

A few of the many class options to choose from in NYC include East Village Hats (hatwork), La Mano Pottery (pottery), Raaka (chocolate), Painting Lounge (sip and paint), and Brooklyn Brainery (everything).

woman taking a chocolate-making class to create her own NYC souvenirs
Taking a chocolate-making class is a great way to create your own NYC souvenir! Photo via Arman Zhenikeyeev for Canva Pro.

NYC Souvenirs That Celebrate Art & Culture

6. Coffee table book

One of the best souvenirs from NYC to remind you of your visit long after you return home is a coffee table book filled with New York photography.

Check out places like the MoMA Design Store as well as local book shops like Assouline or Rizzoli to find stunning coffee table books you can buy and bring home with you.

7. Flea market finds

Are you looking for unique Brooklyn souvenirs to take home? Go hunting for treasures at Brooklyn Flea, the largest flea market in New York City.

Open on weekends in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, this flea market is the place to go to pick up one-of-a-kind vintage clothing, home decor, art, antiques, and collectables.

You’ll find many unique gifts from New York there!

8. Records by local musicians

If you love music, consider supporting New York’s local musicians through your souvenir purchase.

While there are a number of record stores that sell music by local artists — like Record Grouch in Brooklyn — you can also see a live show at one of the many venues across the city and grab a copy of their tunes afterward.

A few neighborhoods known for their live music offerings include the Lower East Side, the West Village, Harlem, and Williamsburg.

9. Keith Haring merchandise

Nothing says New York like the bold, graffiti-inspired pop art of Keith Haring. This prominent NYC artist whose colorful work became famous in the 1980s was committed to making art accessible to all.

Although his physical Pop Shop in SoHo is no longer open, the Keith Haring Foundation runs an online store selling merchandise like t-shirts, tote bags, and other accessories featuring his vibrant work.

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10. Humans of New York book

The Humans of New York book is one of the best New York gift ideas. It started as an online photography project by Brandon Stanton. He quickly grew an audience of millions on his Facebook page, where he shared heartfelt stories paired with authentic portrait photos of New Yorkers.

His book Humans of New York is a great gift that captures the essence of the city through moving photos and stories.

11. Art or photography prints

Searching for cool things to buy in New York? Pick up some unique art or photography prints to hang in your home!

Art can be one of the more expensive things to buy in New York, but the good news is there are options for every budget. Flea markets, art fairs, and college student shows are all sources of affordably-priced art in New York City, while art museum gift shops sell great high-quality prints.

You can also wander around Washington Square Park to find really unique art made by locals, and usually at budget-friendly prices.

These art pieces and prints are some of the things you can only buy in New York. They’re truly unique!

woman buying NYC souvenirs at the The MoMA Design Store
The MoMA Design Store is a great source for art and photography prints. Photo: wdstock/Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro.

Food & Drink Souvenirs From New York

12. Historic chocolate

Li-Lac Chocolates dates back to 1923 and is Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house. Today, their chocolate is still handmade in small batches, using the original recipes that New Yorkers have loved for over a century.

13. The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook

New York is known for its food: the many unique NYC restaurants, Instagram-worthy eateries, the boozy brunch spots, and, of course, the endless opportunities to try flavors from around the world.

The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook by Tom Bernardin not only allows you to bring these flavors home but also discover the story of NYC through your tastebuds.

This helps to make this book one of the best food souvenirs from New York you can buy! You can grab your copy at the Tenement Museum gift shop, among other places.

14. Murray’s Cheese

Visiting Murray’s Cheese is one of the top things to do in the West Village, as the shop has been around since 1940 and sells the best cheeses in the city, many of which are locally sourced. If you’re looking for an edible souvenir from New York, this is sure to be a hit.

Murray’s cheeses are some of the most famous products made in New York.

15. Locally-made cookies

One of the best food souvenirs from New York that you can bring home is a box full of cookies from a popular NYC bakery. Cookies are easier to transport than many other foods, and will be good for a couple days after you get home.

Some of the best, most decadent cookies in the city can be found at Levain Bakery, Chip City, and Milk Bar.

16. Bialys

If you’ve never heard of a bialy, it’s a round bread that comes from Polish Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine.

It may look like a bagel at first, but it’s actually boiled and doesn’t have a hole in the middle. Instead, the center has an indent that typically features ingredients like roasted onions or garlic — though some bakers like to get creative with other options like sesame, sun-dried tomato, and olive.

One of these bakers is Kossar’s Bakery & Bialys, which dates back to 1936 and is the oldest bialy shop in the USA.

Head to this Lower East Side bakery to fill a bag with their delicious bialys — though make sure to buy them on the last day of your trip and share them with loved ones as soon as you get back. Like most bread products, bialys are best eaten while fresh!

Bialys are delicious and make for the perfect souvenir from NYC! Photo: Stieglitz for Getty Images via Canva Pro.

17. Pizza dough

Often, the best NYC gifts are the ones people will actually use — or eat! While it would be tough to bring home an actual pizza and have it still taste good, you can instead head to a pizzeria and get dough to take with you.

One of the things that makes New York pizza so amazing is the dough, so you’ll still be able to share a taste of quintessential New York by making a homemade pizza at home.

As with the bialys mentioned above, make sure to buy the dough on the last day of your trip and cook it as soon as you’re back for maximum freshness.

18. Rooftop Reds wine

Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Rooftop Reds is the world’s first rooftop vineyard. It’s the perfect spot to sip a glass of dry rose on a warm day while taking in views of Lower Manhattan. And if you’re looking for New York souvenirs related to food and drink, it’s a top pick!

Keep in mind, this isn’t NYC’s only winery. A few others of note include City Winery in the Meatpacking District, Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg, and Red Hook Winery in Red Hook.

19. Long Island City beer

More of a beer drinker? New York City is home to numerous breweries, particularly in the neighborhoods of Bushwick (Brooklyn) and Long Island City (Queens).

In fact, one of the top things to do in Long Island City is sip your way through the LIC Brewery Trail, which features at least six unique breweries within walking distance — not to mention locally-famous SingleCut Brewery in the adjacent Astoria neighborhood.

Breweries on the trail include:

  • Alewife
  • Fifth Hammer
  • ICONYC Brewing
  • Rockaway Brewering Company
  • Big aLICe Brewing
  • LIC Beer Project

Wander the trail, choose your favorite, and buy a six-pack to take home to a fellow beer lover (or, of course, to enjoy yourself).

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20. Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur

While we’re on the subject of food and drink souvenirs from New York, we have to highlight Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur — a bold liqueur made with real ginger that can really spice up your at-home bar cart!

Their tasting room is located in Brooklyn’s Industry City, so head there for one of their delicious craft cocktails before getting a bottle (or two!) to take home as a souvenir.

21. Whiskey from Kings County Distillery

Kings County Distillery is NYC’s oldest whiskey distillery, and was the first to open after Prohibition in 2010. A bottle of one of their bourbons, ryes, or whiskeys makes for some of the best gifts in NYC.

Bonus: You can tour their facility when you visit or enjoy a cocktail or flight in their tasting room.

22. Everything bagel seasoning

New York is famous for its bagels, but it can be hard to take those home with you, especially if you’re flying or limited on luggage space.

While you should definitely sample as many freshly made bagels as possible while in New York, pick up some everything bagel seasoning before you go.

This seasoning is incredibly popular in NYC, and makes even a plain store-bought bagel taste like a real New York bagel once you get home.

It’s one of the best things to buy in NYC for foodies!

23. Candy from an iconic NYC shop

One of the best NYC souvenirs for kids is candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar. This chain of boutique candy stores was founded in New York City, and is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Stop in to fill up a box with candy to bring home as a reminder of your sweet adventures in NYC.

24. Locally-roasted coffee

The best souvenir shops in NYC may just be the coffee roasters, each of which has its own unique selling point.

One to get on your radar is Café Grumpy, which began as a beloved Brooklyn cafe since 2005 and now has locations around NYC.

Not only do their cafes have a chill and welcoming vibe, but they sell delicious single origin coffees as well as blends that make for the perfect gifts.

Try their Heartbreak Espresso, which blends beans from Ethiopia and Central America.

buying locally-roasted coffee in NYC as a gift
Locally-roasted coffee makes for a great NYC souvenir. Photo: editbloom for Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro.

25. Andrew’s Honey

Honey laundering is an international issue, and you have to be careful when grabbing that plastic bear off the grocery store shelf.

Luckily, Andrew’s raw local honey isn’t just ethically-made, but it also shares the stories of various New York neighborhoods.

In fact, each honey is named after a specific NYC hood, with honey harvested on rooftops from that specific location for a hyper-local treat that also makes for the perfect NYC souvenir.

Uniquely New York Souvenirs

Still wondering what to buy in New York? Here’s a list of truly unique NY gifts!

26. Literie candle

A unique souvenir from New York is a Literie candle. This New York-based brand creates candles that evoke scents from New York City, ranging from the floral “Afternoon in Central Park” and “28th Street Flower Market” to the funny “Pizza from a Guy Named Joe”.

This is the perfect memento to bring home to remind you of New York!

27. Bond No. 9 perfumes

Those looking for luxurious NYC gifts who don’t mind spending money on more expensive souvenirs should head to Bond No. 9 — which has locations in SoHo, the West Village, and the Upper East Side — to peruse their selection of New York-inspired perfumes.

Along with a number of fragrances named after New York City’s many neighborhoods and iconic streets, there are options like “Off-Broadway”, “New York Spring Fling”, and “New York Nights”.

28. New York themed toys

If you’re looking for good souvenirs from New York specifically for children, consider some fun toys that also share the culture and character of the city.

For instance, at the Tenement Museum, you can buy everything from FDNY fire trucks and pull-back taxi cabs to One World Trade Center building kits and subway map puzzles to paper dolls that help kids understand the history of immigration in NYC.

29. NYC-inspired phone case

A phone case is a simple and inexpensive NYC souvenir. Every souvenir shop in the city sells them, but if you’re looking for something special, check out the MetroCard-themed phone cases at the New York Transit Museum gift shop or get an art-inspired phone case from the MoMA Design Store.

Want beautiful photos taken of you in scenic New York spots? Book a Private Photo Journey, a walking tour that includes photos of your group to keep. Or get a styled, custom shoot that tells your unique story through an NYC Influencer Shoot or Professional New York City Shoot. Email [email protected] with inquiries.

30. NYC charm bracelet

Jewelry brands like Kate Spade, Alex & Ani, and Jet Set Candy all sell beautiful NYC charm bracelets if you are looking for a souvenir that you can wear every day. These also make a great gift for someone visiting New York or moving there.

31. NYC coordinates bracelet

If you love unique jewelry, one piece that makes a statement about New York without being too tacky is a GPS coordinates bracelet from Isabelle Grace Jewelry.

While their actual shop is located in Massachusetts, they make stunning handmade jewelry that can be customized to your liking.

While Jessie has their Coordinates Cuff, they also sell a Coordinates Charm Necklace that makes for a meaningful NYC themed gift.

coordinates jewelry makes for the best New York souvenirs
Personalized jewelry makes for the best New York souvenirs! Photos via Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Classic Souvenirs From NYC

32. I Heart NY t-shirt

You can’t go wrong with this classic New York City souvenir. Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but the “I Heart NY” t-shirts sold in every NYC souvenir shop are iconic, and the perfect memento to bring home from your trip to New York.

The same slogan also appears on hoodies, baseball caps, tote bags, keychains, coffee mugs, and more.

33. Tote bag

A tote bag is a practical souvenir that is also one of the best New York gifts for friends at home, especially since most people use them for one reason or another.

You’ll see people carrying tote bags from the Strand Bookstore all around the city. The New Yorker magazine also offers a canvas tote bag that is very popular.

34. Christmas ornament

New York City is magical during the holidays. If you’re visiting then, one of the most memorable souvenirs you can buy is an ornament to bring home and hang on your Christmas tree.

You can find beautiful ornaments at New York City’s holiday markets, as well as the gift shops at places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art.

This is one of the top classic New York gifts you can buy!

Ornaments make for great New York souvenirs
Remember your New York trip through a Christmas ornament. Photo: Onnes/Getty Images via Canva Pro.

35. Snow globe

A classic New York souvenir is a snow globe. If you’re exploring NYC on a budget, these are small and inexpensive souvenirs that are fun to collect when you travel. You can always be reminded of the city’s sights and skyline with an NYC snow globe of your own.

36. New York City map

One way to bring New York City home with you is with a map. Luckily, you can find loads of unique New York map prints — from vintage city maps to colorful subway maps — that are perfect for framing and hanging in your home.

Chelsea Market has a selection of maps to browse, among other great souvenirs.

37. Statue of Liberty or taxi figurine

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic sights in NYC; so, of course, one of the best buys in New York is a replica of this famous statue that represents the city’s core values of diversity and openness.

Yellow taxi cabs are another symbol of New York, and a great memento to bring home. You can find taxi figurines at souvenir shops all around the city.

NYC memorabilia like State of Liberty figurines can yellow cabs
The Statue of Liberty is an iconic NYC landmark. Photo: Creatas/Photo Images via Canva Pro.

38. New York Yankees baseball cap

Sported by everyone from famous celebrities to taxi cab drivers, New York Yankees caps are an ubiquitous sight on the streets of NYC.

These iconic navy baseball caps are one of the best souvenirs from New York City, and make a great gift for any sports fans.

Not a baseball fan? You also get gear from other New York teams like the Islanders (hockey), Rangers (hockey), Giants (football), Jets (football), Knicks (basketball), and Nets (basketball).

39. Broadway playbill

Going to see a Broadway show is an iconic New York experience that everyone needs to have at least once. And Broadway playbills make a great memento from your time in New York, so save yours to take home!

There are also many souvenir shops around Times Square that sell Broadway memorabilia if you’re looking for merchandise related to your favorite shows.

40. New York University gear

New York University is located in the heart of NYC near Washington Square Park. You’ll see many people around the city, even those who are not alums, wearing NYU t-shirts or hoodies. Join in on the fun and stop by the NYU Bookstore to pick up some gear to bring home with you.

Person visiting NYU to get swag to hand out as NYC gifts
Gear from NYU makes for a great New York souvenir. Photo: cmart7327/Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro.

41. Coffee mug

If you’re looking for cheap NYC souvenirs, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug. They don’t cost much, and you’ll get plenty of use out of them. For something classic, you can buy the “We Are Happy to Serve You” coffee cups you see all around New York in mug form.

Final Tips For Finding The Best Souvenirs From NYC

To find really good souvenirs from New York City that also have meaning, opt for local artisan shops. Along with perusing NYC markets and pop-up shops, check out websites like Made In NYC and Black-Owned Brooklyn to find locally-made goods. Not only will you be taking home a piece of New York culture, but you’ll be supporting local businesses.

Additionally, museum gift shops often have really unique New York souvenirs related to the institution’s focus. Along with the museums mentioned above, a few others with notable gift shops include the Jewish Museum, the New Museum, and the Museum of Natural History, to name a few.

Finally, consider how you can physically keep a piece of your experience in New York. That could mean buying a cookbook at a restaurant you eat at, taking an art class and creating something to hang up at home, or simply keeping your MetroCard as a keepsake.

Want beautiful photos taken of you in scenic New York spots? Book a Private Photo Journey, a walking tour that includes photos of your group to keep. Or get a styled, custom shoot that tells your unique story through an NYC Influencer Shoot or Professional New York City Shoot. Email [email protected] with inquiries.

Unique Tours In NYC

Looking for unique things to do in New York City? The following tours can help take you beyond the guidebook:

Private NYC Photo Tours & Custom Shoots (Jessie’s company!)

Second-Hand & Vintage Shopping Tours in NYC (a great way to find some cool NYC gifts!)

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Click here for a full list of NYC tours!

Best Hotels In NYC

Looking to stay overnight in NYC?

There are so many incredible hotels, like NoMo SoHo, the Williamsburg Hotel, and The Ludlow.

Click here for a full list of New York City hotels!

Prefer self-contained stays? 

Click here to check out unique local rentals!

You can also use this map to search for local stays. It is set to SoHo, but you can easily change it to your specific NYC neighborhood.

And if you’re interested in living in a hotel in NYC, there are numerous extended stay hotel options too!

Travel Insurance For NYC

When visiting New York City — or anywhere else in the world — it’s wise to get travel insurance.

One of the best travel medical insurance for travelers is SafetyWing as they’ve got a large network and offer both short-term and long-term coverage — including coverage if you’re traveling for months as well as limited coverage in your home country.

Additionally, SafetyWing is budget-friendly and offers $250,000 worth of coverage with just one low overall deductible of $250.

Click here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks.

What best New York souvenirs & authentic NYC gifts would you add to the list?

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