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5 Unusual Sites In Orlando, Florida

Guest Post By Leslie Smith 

Orlando is a fascinating place to explore; it’s full of weird and wonderful sights and sounds.

Whether it’s architectural innovation, natural wonders, or historic attractions with a strange story that catch your interest, there are plenty of unusual sights to keep you entertained in this eclectic city.

If you’re planning a trip to Florida to visit Orlando and want to see some unusual sights, here are five must-go places.

1. Half Buried Giant Woman

One of the last things you might expect to see when taking a trip around the beautiful Lake Eola in Orlando is the sight of a huge cement lady half buried beneath the ground, but sure enough, she’s there. Set back from the main walkway near the bandshell, there is a very large and mysterious statue which comes out from the grass, and the facial expression and body positioning leave more questions than answers as to who she is and why she is there.

2. WonderWorks Upside Down Building

Orlando is renowned for being the home of many spectacular theme park rides and interactive experiences, and the WonderWorks Upside Down Building fits in well with Orlando’s over-the-top personality. The giant building is an architectural triumph, as it looks like the colossal building has been ripped up by a tornado and thrown to the ground on its roof. The inside of the building is just as innovative and exciting, with tons of interactive experiences and a fantastic laser tag arena. This attraction is especially fun if you’re visiting with kids.

3. Suburban Replica Of Graceland

Orlando is not the first place Elvis fanatics might think to visit, but thanks to the efforts of one super fan, there is actually a life-size replica of Graceland at the end of a cul-de-sac near Crooked Lake. Many people visit this impressive Graceland replica to catch a glimpse of the building and to take some fun photographs from outside the main gates.

Graceland’s glory might put you in the mood for some star treatment. You can’t stay there, so you’ll just have to settle for heading back to the comfy hotel room that you booked.

4. Coral Castle

Ed Leedskalin spent 28 years of his life procuring coral and sculpting it into ‘coral castle.’ The impressive coral sculptures are made up of more than 1,100 tonnes of coral, and it was built using only homemade tools. Word is that he created the castle as a monument for his true love. Today you can visit the castle and walk around the incredible monuments, which many have term “The Coral Stonehenge.”

5. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

If you’re eager to see unusual sights in Orlando, then one place you’re guaranteed to find amazement at the world-famous Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. The museum’s founder Robert Ripley traveled to more than 198 countries, purchasing oddities and items of pure fascination along the way, and this is a collection of works from, and inspired by, his travels.

You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you discover a building that looks like it’s falling into a sinkhole, and from the moment you step in the door you’ll be struggling to believe your eyes. There’s a Rolls-Royce made from a million match sticks, an Egyptian Mummy, a Van Gough work made from 3,000 postcards, and the Mona Lisa made from toast.

Orlando is about more than Disney magic. Prepare for jaw-dropping fun at these five unusual sights.

Have you visited any unusual sites in Orlando, Florida?

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