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19 Amazing Gifts For Solo Female Travelers

18 Amazing Gifts For Solo Female Travelers

The holidays are here, and it’s time to start researching what to get the special people in our lives. And if you’ve got any solo female travelers to buy for, the following unique items will ensure you’ve got their perfect present. From safety essentials to innovative lightweight cameras, here are 18 gifts for solo female travelers.

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vigilant personal alarm

Photo via Vigilant

1. Vigiliant Personal Alarm

The number one priority for any solo female traveler should be safety. One of the simplest yet most effective gifts you can give to someone is this pocket-sized alarm that blares as loud as a fire truck. It’s great for scaring off attackers — both humans and bears — and alerting people when you accidently lock yourself in the bathroom (yep, been there). Price: $15.99. 

female travel gear

Photo via Clever Travel Companion

2. Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket-Proof Garments

Carrying a purse can be risky for solo female travelers. An easier solution is packing pickpocket-proof garments, which feature hidden pockets so thieves never even know you’re carrying valuables. They offer tank tops, undergarments, t-shirts, hoodies and more! Price: $25-$160. 

solo female travelers gear

3. Speakeasy Hidden-Pocket Scarves

Style meets safety with Speakeasy Supply Co’s hidden-pocket scarves. Whether you’re traveling to hot Thailand or cold Alaska you’ll find a scarf that works for you. Bonus: They’re handmade by my fellow travel bloggers at Beers & Beans! Subscribe to their newsletter to get $5 off your first order. Price: $49-$55.

solo female travelers DryFoxCo

Photo via DryFoxCo

4. DryFoxCo Travel Towel

So we’ve got hidden pocket clothes, hidden pocket scarves and now, we’ve got hidden pocket towels. Going to the beach as a solo traveler isn’t easy, mostly because there’s nobody to watch your stuff while you swim. With DryFoxCo, you can hide your valuables in a soft, microfiber towel. Price: $18.95.

solo female travel gear

Photo via Nomad Lane

5. Nomad Lane Wallet & Organizer

For the last two years, my boyfriend has scolded me for traveling — and living in general — without a wallet. I kind of just thought it was perfectly normal to misplace your money and ID on a weekly basis. Luckily, I stumbled upon Nomad Lane, whose pieces really spoke to me as a solo female traveler. Their All-in-One Passport Wallet has not only card, cash, passport and pen pockets, but a dedicated section for SIM cards (because it’s so easy to lose your original when traveling).

I also love their Tech/Cord Organizer, great for flashpacking solo travelers carrying chargers, pocket cameras, earphones, power banks and other tech gear. No more tangled wires or misplaced phone chargers! A removable pouch is great for storing adapters — or even sunglasses.

Both the wallet and the organizer feature Nomad Lane’s signature map design, shown in the photo above. Price: $44 / $78.

solo female travelers gear

Photo via Ridge

6. Ridge Merino’s Heist Hoodie

Many of my adventurous solo travel counterparts have tried Merino Wool gear before. Now, the lightweight Ridge Merino hoodie ups the ante by offering climate control, odor protection and versatile condition options. Ethical travelers will love that Merino Wool is considered eco-friendly.  Price: 99.95 + free shipping on orders over $100.

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solo female travelers clipa

Photo via Clipa

7. Clipa Purse Hanger

While many women use purse hangers to keep designer bags clean, they’re also great for solo female travelers who want to keep their bags in sight. The truth is, putting your bag on the floor or under your chair at a restaurant means it may not be there when you get up from your meal. This inexpensive 1.6-ounce gadget keeps it clean and safe. It’s super easy to use too; simply open and hang any bag up to 33 pounds! Price: $14.39 including free gift and gift bag.

gifts for female travelers Light16

Image via Light

8. Light 16 Camera

When traveling solo, it’s important to pack light — especially if you’ll be moving around a lot. Of course, you still want to take great photos. This small phone-sized camera features 16 camera lenses. At any given time, the camera will utilize up to 10 for a variety of perspectives, all melded together for one amazing shot up to 52 megapixels. Talk about a game changer!  Price: $1950.

solo female traveler gear

Photo via Chipolo

9. Chipolo Card

It’s a bummer losing your stuff on the road — especially when there’s nobody to help you look for it. Which is where Chipolo comes in. Their newest product, the Chipolo Card, is a slender Bluetooth tracker that slips into your wallet or passport holder and pairs with a smartphone app to ring when you call it. I’m also a fun of the Chipolo Plus, a water resistant Bluetooth tracker that can be affixed to anything from your keys to your camera.

Chipolo can find anything within 200 feet. Move out of range? If other Chipolo users get close you’ll get a notification. Price: $25-$35.

solo female travelers

Photo via Nomader

10. Nomader Collapsible Bottle

It’s important for travelers — solo or otherwise — to stay hydrated on the go. Unfortunately plastic bottles can get expensive and aren’t the best for Mother Nature, while glass bottles and refillable Nalgenes can take up a lot of space. Luckily, Nomader offers a solution. The collapsible yet surprisingly sturdy bottle is crafted from flexible BPA-free silicone and comes in 11 colors. When you’re done drinking, simply roll it up to take up almost no space in your pack. Bonus: the bottle comes with a Lifetime Guarantee! Price: $21.95.

solo female traveler

Photo via AquaVault

11. AquaSafe Waterproof Floating Case

Another option for those nervous about leaving valuables unattended at the beach — and who want to take underwater photos — is the AquaSafe Waterproof Floating Case. Not only can you take your phone swimming, but you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen.

AquaSafe also makes other portable safes for travelers, including a water-resistant FlexSafe that will be ready to ship in January 2018. Solo travelers can use the carrying strap and pockets to wear it like a bag, then affix it to a pole, beach chair or something else at their destination. Features include a Level 5 Cut-Resistant design and RFID Blocking. Price: $19.95-$59.95.

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solo female travelers gear

Photo via Arden Cove

12. Arden Cove Crossbody Bag

When packing for a solo trip, my first thought is always what essentials I need to keep me safe. The Arden Cove Crossbody Bag is stylish yet practical, with a classic look and organizational elements like two wall pockets, a zipper pocket and a wallet built right into the design. In terms of safety, the fully waterproof purse offers zippers that lock, a cut-proof strap, slash-proof lining and RFID protection to keep your credit card and identity information safe! Price: $125.

solo female traveler

Photo via Brink Case

13. Brink Reach Case

When traveling solo, I always feel safer with a working smartphone. You can ensure you’re always connected by getting a local SIM card (or using a KnowRoaming Global SIM Card) and pairing with a Brink Reach Case. This innovative case doubles your phone’s signal strength. It works by pairing a microchip embedded antenna with your smartphone’s antenna for faster data and increased reach. Bonus: it’s drop-proof up to six feet! Price: $44.99, though the cases are currently on sale for $33.74.

solo female traveler

Photo via Manta

14. Manta Modular Sleep Mask

Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, getting a good night’s sleep on a plane (or those long overnight buses in South America) isn’t easy — though Manta’s Modular Sleep Mask certainly makes it easier. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $762,350 in April 2017, the sleep aid was brought to the world offering a 100% black out design. It’s also modular, meaning it contours to your face, even when you change positions. Price: $29.99.

gifts for solo female travelers dreamsack

Photo via Yala Designs


15. DreamSack Sleeping Liner

For solo female travelers who worry about the cleanliness of their bedding, Yala Designs makes a 100% silk DreamSack Sleeping Liner to keep your mind at ease. And body, as the design works with your core temperature to warm you up (if you’re, say, in Alaska) or keep you cool (for those steamy Thailand nights), as silk works thermodynamically. It also makes a super cozy hammock liner. Bonus: The liner can be folded up to be the size and weight of a pair of socks, so you can still pack light! Price: $110.

gifts for female solo travelers, rain poncho

Photo via November Rain

16. November Rain Poncho

Solo female travelers tend to pack light, so it’s important to find essential gear that doesn’t take up too much space. November Rain offers stylish ponchos that don’t make you look like a giant banana (and pack down into a perfect 7″ pack for your carry-on!). As someone who has lost electronics to sudden rainfall (RIP Nikon D5100) I also appreciate the heated seams for a 100% waterproof experience. Bonus: 10% of all sales go to water-focused projects in developing countries. Price: $59.

solo female travelers awake chocolate

Photo via AWAKE Chocolate


17. AWAKE Chocolate

Solo female travelers often have to rely on themselves to wake up. A when traveling, coffee isn’t always a given. While packing a coffee maker would take up a lot of space, AWAKE caffeinated chocolate offers a TSA-friendly alternative. It comes in full chocolate bars, chocolate bites and granola bars, each with multiple flavors. Personally, I’m a fan of the dark chocolate bites, which equal 1/2 a cup of coffee. Price: $19.99+ for a 12-pack of bars

solo female travelers

Photo via AirSelfie

18. AirSelfie Drone

Taking selfies while traveling solo isn’t the easiest thing to do, though the new AirSelfie Drone certainly makes it easier. The pocket-sized flying camera takes high-resolution photos and HD video from a 60-foot range. Solo female travelers who love to pack light will enjoy the two-ounce weight. Pair the gadget to your iOS or Android device to control the drone and the footage it takes. Price: $339.25.

solo female travel books

Photo via Be My Travel Muse

19. Conquering Mountains: How To Travel Solo Travel The World Fearlessly

This book was written by one of my favorite solo female travelers, Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse. She’s been traveling the globe solo for over five years, and the book details everything from how to handle naysayers to facing your solo travel fears to healthcare and beyond. Moreover, you’ll hear from over a dozen other solo exploring ladies for a diverse array of experiences. Price: $9.99.

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