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Driving Around Guadeloupe Travel Guide + Itinerary

After spending time driving around Guadeloupe, I can’t wait to go back. It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a solo road trip — especially one in such a gorgeous place as this French Caribbean destination — and it was exactly what I needed.

Now in this Guadeloupe travel guide, I share the best moments from my Caribbean vacation. 

Hate spending hours planning daily activities?

I’ve got you covered, as below you’ll also find a suggested one-week Guadeloupe itinerary.

The best thing about the destination is that it isn’t just great for couples, but it is also an amazing place for solo female travelers, especially as it’s safe, easy to navigate and packed with fun experiences. 

If you’re ready to book your own Guadeloupe road trip, read on.

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Looking for Caribbean destinations that are fun as well as safe places to travel alone as a woman? Look no further than this Guadeloupe travel guide. This French island is one of the most beautiful places in the world, not to mention there are tons of things to do in Guadeloupe for kids, couples, family trips, those working through their bucket lists and, of course, solo female travelers. // #CaribbeanDestinations #GuadeloupeTravelGuide #Guadeloupe #ThingsToDoInGuadeloupe #BeautifulPlaces #SafePlacesToTravel

Booking Cheap Flights To Guadeloupe

I paid less than $165 for my round-trip NYC to Guadeloupe airfare.

There are many ways to score cheap flights, though one of my favorite tactics utilizes Twitter.

Let me start off by saying I despise phone notifications — except when they’re alerting me to great flight deals.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Follow @TheFlightDeal and @SecretFlying on Twitter. There are other flight deal accounts, but I like these two because they promote a lot of flights originating from NYC.
  • Click that little bell symbol to make sure you get push notifications for these accounts.
  • When you see a deal, book fast! Really good deals can go away within hours. My friend tried to book my flight a few days later and the price was much higher.
the flight deal on twitter
Here’s how to score epic flight deals using Twitter

Guadeloupe Travel Guide [Video]

But wait, before you read any further…

Check out my Guadeloupe travel video above!

You’ll get a first-hand point-of-view of this gorgeous French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, particularly the stunning landscapes.

*A huge thanks to Christian of Veedyou Media for creating it for me. If you’re interested in having your trip footage turned into a video, check out their high-quality yet budget-friendly services here

When you’re done watching, keep reading for my Guadeloupe itinerary as well as tips for how to travel solo successfully.

Guadeloupe Facts

Guadeloupe — an overseas department of France — is actually comprised of seven inhabited islands, and even more uninhabited islands.

Inhabited islands include:

  • Basse-Terre
  • Grande-Terre
  • Marie-Galante
  • La Desirade
  • Iles des Saintes (which has two inhabited islands)
  • Iles de la Petite Terre

One of the main draws of this Caribbean destination is its natural beauty.

In fact, the Guadeloupe Archipelago is considered a Biosphere Reserve.

Ironically, the two main islands of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre — which are divided by a narrow channel and connected by a small bridge — are the epitome of nature in both offerings and aesthetics. If you were to look down at them from above, they form a butterfly shape.

Along the bottom of the butterfly is the Atlantic side of the destination, and along the top is the Caribbean side. For a Guadeloupe map view of this, click here.

There are also a ton of cultural activities to be enjoyed on Guadeloupe. Just check out this list of Guadeloupe experiences. Don’t those food tours look delicious?

In terms of history, Guadeloupe was originally inhabited by the Arawak peoples — who were eventually wiped out during Christopher Columbus’ mass genocide — and then the Carib tribes that followed. Christopher Columbus tried to conquer the land for Spain, but it ultimately became part of France in 1946.

Finally, something to love about Guadeloupe today:

It’s one of the most stunning non-touristy destinations I’ve ever seen!

Despite visiting during high season, it never felt like the islands were overcrowded.

ultimate travel planning kit

Driving Around Guadeloupe

You’ll definitely want to rent a car in Guadeloupe.

As stated above, the “mainland” is composed of two islands — Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre. It’ll take you over an hour to drive from corner to corner, east to west or north to south, and there is a lot to explore.

While there are buses, you’ll waste a lot of time waiting for them, connecting to other buses, and asking strangers for rides to get back to the stops.

Basically, do yourself a favor:

Rent a car to see all the attractions Guadeloupe has to offer.

Honestly, the only downside of renting a car was that some of the best views of my trip were from the highway and I couldn’t safely take photos.

As I took in beautiful sights of plantations filled with towering palm leaves and fields filled with grazing cows and abandoned cars overgrown with grass — the entire scene hugged by mountains and a smokey volcano — I wished I could just stare at those beautiful views and take photos.

My favorite vistas were seen while driving from Guadeloupe National Park to Deshaies, where verdant green hills sloped up and down in every direction. I stopped a few times to stare up at the mighty volcano and mountains that line Guadeloupe.

Pro tip with your Guadeloupe car rental:

Book in advance!

During peak season, car rental agencies in Guadeloupe genuinely run out of rentals. And it gets more expensive the longer you wait.

This was what my car rental journey looked like:

Me, checking Enterprise two days before in desperation: $700 for four days?! That’s more than my flight and Airbnb combined!

Me, searching Auto Escape: Crap, no cars available.

Me, checking Budget: Crap, no cars available

Me, checking Expedia: Yay, cars are available! Crap, the only ones that are under $300 are manual transmission, and I can barely drive as it is.

I ended up booking with SIXT, though I wish at the time I’d known about Discover Cars, a car rental comparison site that can save you up to 70%!

Staying Connected

In terms of cellular data packages, there are no places to buy SIM cards at Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport.

Instead, you’ll need to go to the mall.

Honestly, I didn’t even bother.

Would it have made things easier?

Yes, but I had limited time in Guadeloupe and didn’t want to waste it at the mall.

My tactic:

I made a list of all the places I wanted to visit in Guadeloupe, and saved them to a Google Map.

I named it “Guadeloupe” for easy access while in the destination.

Google Maps can still grab your location when you’re offline, allowing you to pull up saved places and get a visual of how to get there.

There is no voice directing you, but the blue dot moves with you.


Click here to grab my personal Guadeloupe Google Map.

You’ll just need to subscribe to snag access to my FREE Travel Planning Kit, and you’ll find the Guadeloupe map inside.

ultimate travel planning kit

The Google Map was extra handy because the GPS in the car seemed to only work when you pinpointed a destination on the physical map with your finger — not an easy thing to do in a destination you’re unfamiliar with.

That being said, Guadeloupe has a lot of signs to help direct you. In fact, I’d be driving to one beach and then see signs for 101 other beaches and attractions, and start visiting places totally unplanned.

Hey, you know what they say: The best adventures are usually impromptu.

One thing to note is that it always takes 40-120 minutes to get anywhere, so you will have to plan ahead.

Another option: connect a budget-friendly Airalo eSIM to have a working phone as soon as you land!

guadeloupe airbnb
My room in the Guadeloupe Airbnb

Where To Stay In Guadeloupe

Airbnb in the heart of Guadeloupe

When I look for a place to stay, I either want it to be experiential or budget-friendly. Luckily, my Airbnb in Guadeloupe was both.

Not only was the house clean and comfortable (and equipped with air conditioning), but Rachel and Michel went above and beyond to make me feel at home.

We ate dinner together for the first few nights. On my last night, they had to visit a sick relative, and when they got home Rachel immediately ran to my room to see if I was hungry or if I’d like some ice cream.

Honestly, they made me feel like family. We ended up exchanging emails, and I will definitely stay here again next time I visit Guadeloupe.

Another reason I loved this Airbnb:

It’s located in Petite-Bourg, which is almost at the center of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. This made the driving easier, though if you have more time you might consider spending a few days in Basse-Terre and a few days in Grande-Terre.

Bonus Guadeloupe accommodation options

Click here to browse local Guadeloupe hotels!

Prefer self-contained stays?

Click here to peruse local Guadeloupe rentals, or search the map here:

Solo Female Travel In Guadeloupe: Why I Loved It

I found Guadeloupe to be a great solo female travel destination and the perfect destination for planning a road trip. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the best Caribbean islands for solo travel.

First of all, it’s one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean, so there’s no need to be scared to travel alone there.

Another reason: people are very friendly.

I usually don’t make generalized statements like that, but there were numerous instances where people went out of their way to help me.

guadeloupe solo
Exploring Guadeloupe solo

One example: when picking up my car rental, I made a passing remark that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my Airbnb in the dark.

The attendant went into the car and pre-programmed the address to make sure it came up on the GPS.

Also, more than once locals came over and helped me back out of small parking spaces without me needing to ask.

Despite the fact that most people I encountered didn’t speak English, everyone was patient with me doing charades in an attempt to communicate.

Additionally, the infrastructure is well-organized. I felt safe driving and everything is well-marked with signs that have arrows.

As long as you can get to a town, city or commune, there’s a good chance the Guadeloupe attraction you’re trying to reach will have a sign directing you to where you need to go.

driving around Guadeloupe
Pulled over to snap a quick photo out the car window while driving around Guadeloupe. Gorgeous!

Finally, Guadeloupe is budget-friendly. Most of the hikes and I believe all of the beaches have free parking areas and are free to enjoy.

Moreover, there are tons of budget-friendly local eateries selling filling meals for less than $5, though note you’ll pay more for fancier and more tourist-friendly restaurants.

At beach restaurants, I paid about $15 for a large meal with a non-alcoholic drink.

Want to make your trip even safer? Read these solo travel tips and pack these safety essentials:

Honestly, solo female travel can change your life, and Guadeloupe is a great place to do it.

hidden pocket scarf
Photo via Speakeasy Travel Supply

Things To Do In Guadeloupe

Remember, one of the biggest advantages of traveling solo is having ultimate freedom over your schedule.

Luckily, there are many incredible experiences to be had in Guadeloupe, particularly if you like active adventure and the outdoors.

Now, without further adieu, here are the highlights from my Guadeloupe trip.

1. Hike In Guadeloupe National Park

Guadeloupe National Park features 42,008 acres of lush Caribbean rainforest.

There are numerous Guadeloupe hiking trails of varying difficulties, a few notable of which include:

  • Chutes du Carbet (2.50 Euros). This trek features three waterfalls in the rainforest. Note: When I did this trek I was only able to see the Second Carbet Waterfall, as the trail still had some damage from Hurricane Maria. Luckily, you don’t have to do them all at once. I heard great things about the trek to the Troisième Chute du Carbet (Third Carbet Waterfall), which has its own trailhead.
Carbet Falls guadeloupe
The second waterfall on the Carbet Falls Trail
  • La Soufriere Volcano. La Soufriere is Guadeloupe’s famed active volcano, rising 4,813 feet toward the sky. Depending on how active the volcano is, you may or may not be able to get up close and actually walk around it. You can book a guided hike here
  • Abri de la Citerne (2.50 Euros; included in the price with Chutes de Carbet). While this trail can get quite muddy, it provides lovely views of the Second Carbet Waterfall from a higher vantage point. When I found out the Chutes de Carbet was partially closed I did this hike instead and had a blast slipping and sliding up and down the hillside. Warning: This is definitely not a leisurely hike, so come prepared to sweat.
guadeloupe national park
A lovely section of the Abri de la Citerne Trail

2. Paddle Through Mangroves In Guadeloupe

The highlight of my entire Guadeloupe trip was taking a morning standup paddle boarding tour with Mat, who leads the experience in half English / half French.

After getting a mini-lesson at Plage de Babin (Babin Beach) in Morne-A-l’Eaugo, our group paddled toward Islet Macau, moving along mangroves and taking in prime views of mountains and La Soufriere Volcano.

At some points we were in wide-open water, then other times we’d be enveloped in mangrove forests.

Along the way we saw fish, stingrays and hundreds of mating jellyfish — quite a sight, as they appeared to be sleeping on the sea floor.

Paddling through the mangroves in Guadeloupe
Paddling through the mangroves in Guadeloupe

About halfway through the tour, we stopped on a quiet beach in the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Lagoon for some homemade lemonade and to discuss the importance of the mangroves.

These plants are incredible, as they’re able to grow in salt water by filtering out salt with their roots. Moreover, they’re so strong they can withstand hurricanes and cyclones, which helps protect the shoreline.

Unfortunately, pesticides and farming practices are hurting the mangroves and surrounding coral reefs in Guadeloupe. If this is something you feel passionate about, check out the initiatives of Le Parc National.


This Guadeloupe tour begins and ends at Plage de Babin, one of my favorite Guadeloupe beaches.

You can learn more about why I loved this beach so much underneath #5 “Explore The Beaches”.

3. Trek The Trece Des Felices

I think my jaw actually dropped when I came to the first viewpoint along the Trece Des Felices trail.

The 11-kilometer hiking trail goes from Porte d’Efner (“Gate of Hell”) to Pointe Petit Negre along the coast, and then inland to the old La Mahaudière mill, which also has a dark history tied to slavery.

The hike is rated as “difficult,” and takes about 4.5 hours to complete. Plus, you’ll need to get back to your car somehow if you drive, either by walking back or calling for a taxi.

You’ll be hiking through Les Portlands (“The Portlands”), an area offering stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean.

les portlands guadeloupe
Les Portlands map via Mapcarta

When you start your hike, you’ll immediately see a beach with a lagoon. While the water is calm, the name “Gate of Hell” comes from the more violent waters toward the mouth of the lagoon.

About 10 minutes into your walk you’ll come to a rocky outcropping that looks like the type of landscape you’d find in outer space, with pockmarked limestone rising and twisting in jagged tufts from the ground.

Looking to the right and left, jagged cliffside juts out from the elevated coastline, with crashing waves below offering a glimpse of Mother Nature’s artwork at its finest.

Trece des Felices Trail guadeloupe
Trece des Felices Trail markers
Trece des Felices Trail
Gorgeous views along the Trece des Felices Trail
Trece des Felices Trail
Trece des Felices Trail

You don’t need to hike the entire Trece Des Felices trail, either. Even hiking in 30 minutes and back out will have you drooling at the scenery.

Sneakers or hiking boots are recommended due to the uneven terrain, though the trail itself is pretty level in the beginning. It gets tougher as the trail goes on.


If you’re still up for more hiking after this, there are tons of trails nearby, especially along Avenue Vital Borifax.

4. Take In A Gorgeous View

By this point, I’d taken in so many stunning views in Guadeloupe that my jaw had pretty much fallen off, particularly when I drove just 10 minutes from Porte d’Enfer to Pointe de la Grande Vigie (“Great Widow Point”), the northernmost point of Grande-Terre.

Here, I was once again greeted with a “this must be a dream” vista.

Pointe de la Grande Vigie
The view from the Pointe de la Grande Vigie

From this vantage point, you’ll be looking out toward Porte d’Enfer, the wavy coastline showcasing vertical limestone cliffs reaching 260 feet.

On a clear day, you can also see the islands of Montserrat, Antigua, and La Désirade.

Make sure to explore the little trails at the site to stumble upon additional vistas.

Pro tip:

If you’re not feeling up to hiking and just want a great photo, you can skip Trece Des Felices and Porte d’Enfer and come straight here for an easier scenic experience.

5. Explore The Best Guadeloupe Beaches

There are so many beaches in Guadeloupe that are perfect for a beach trip alone!

As you drive around Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, you’ll see sign after sign beckoning you to another “plage” (beach).

I visited about seven different beaches during my trip, and all were free to park at and enjoy.

A few of my favorite Guadeloupe beaches include:

Plage de Babin (Grande-Terre)

There are a few reasons I loved this beach:

  • Free natural spa treatments. Along with a complimentary reflexology session while walking over rocks on your way into the water (warning: ouch), you can drench your skin in curative mud. Plage de Babin is known for its natural mud full of vitamins and minerals that detoxify your body and improve circulation.
Plage de Babin mud
Plage de Babin mud
Plage de Babin
The beauty of Plage de Babin
  • It’s quiet. There is barely anyone on this beach. In fact, I had the trails all to myself.
  • Beautiful nature trails. I saw a ton of bird species, including this big guy:
plage du babin
Plage du Babin hiking
  • It’s less windy. Thanks to the location of the beach, it tends to be less windy than many other beaches in Guadeloupe, which is why it’s the perfect spot to begin a paddleboarding tour.

Plage de Grande-Anse (Deshaies, Basse-Terre)

Meaning “large cove”, Plage de Grande Anse is often touted as the best beach in Basse-Terre.

It’s one of the larger beaches in Guadeloupe, with numerous non-motorized water sports rentals and soft golden sand that makes for a perfect walk along the Caribbean Sea.

Plage de Grande-Anse
Plage de Grande-Anse

As you lay under the many palm trees, you’ll have views of the surrounding mountains as well as the sloping green hillside coming down to meet the coast.

The waves can be strong here; so while the water is beautiful, be careful when swimming.

There is also a calm lagoon opposite the beach — great for kayaking and for taking reflection photos, like this:

Plage de Grande Anse lagoon
Plage de Grande Anse lagoon


Affordable Guadeloupe restaurants abound at this beach.

Pro tip:

This beach is very popular, so it can get crowded. When I went around 3pm the parking lot was full and I had to park on a nearby street.

Plage de Grande-Anse (Trois Rivières, Basse-Terre)

Yes, it has the same name as the previous beach. It’s a different location, though. 

From the parking lot, this Guadeloupe beach looks a bit rundown, but once you hit the sand it’s lovely.

It’s very quiet and located away from larger resorts — with very few people — and features unique licorice-colored sand.

Plage de Grande-Anse in Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe
Plage de Grande-Anse in Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe
Plage de Grande-Anse in Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe
Plage de Grande-Anse in Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe

The water was cool and refreshing, though not crystalline like the beaches around Le Gosier and Sainte-Anne.

I must say, the best part of this beach was the incredible view out toward Îles des Saintes.

Plage de Bois Jolan (Sainte-Anne)

I really loved the views at this beach, with billowing palm trees lining the coast.

Plage de Bois Jolan
Plage de Bois Jolan

When I went, I was greeted by chickens walking near the beach, which was an interesting sight. During certain times of the year, turtles nest here too.

The warm water is clear, and the shoreline seems to stretch forever.

Plage Petit-Havre (Le Gosier)

This small beach has white sand and crystal waters.

There are also small trails behind the beach. While walking them I saw an iguana as large as an adult cat. For real!

Plage Petit-Havre
Plage Petit-Havre in Guadeloupe

If you enjoy surfing, the waves to the left (when facing the water) of the main section of the beach are large enough for it.

I had lunch at Chez Manu on this beach. The food was tasty and the atmosphere relaxing. Plus, they have free WiFi.

6. Book Fun Guadeloupe Tours

Tours offer a great opportunity to interact with a local and get their perspective.

Plus, you can kick back and relax and know someone else is ensuring you have a great time.

A few highly-rated tours in Guadeloupe include:

  • Sailing and Snorkeling Day Tour to Les SaintesNot only do you get to take a day trip to Îles des Saintes, possibly the most beautiful place in Guadeloupe, but you’ll get to snorkel and try your hand at steering a sailboat. Bonus: Savor a Creole meal with unlimited drinks on board.
  • Sunset Cruise in DeshaiesIf you’re looking for a Guadeloupe cruise excursion, this sunset sail takes place on a 44-foot boat where you’ll enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean coast with a glass of rum punch in hand. Watch the sky turn from a fiery-hued palette to a night sky full of stars.
  • Joel’s Table – Creole Culinary WorkshopLearn about Guadeloupe food in a local home. This class is taught in a family-run guesthouse. Prepare to eat delicious Creole cuisine, as Chef Joel Kichenin has won numerous national and international culinary competitions.
  • Historical Walking Tour of Pointe-à-Pitre with TastingsThis three-hour walking tour takes you on a journey through local Guadeloupe culture and history, including architecture, food and historical anecdotes about the island group’s largest city.
  • Whale Watching in GuadeloupeWhale watching in Guadeloupe is a popular activity. There are 17+ species you can spot. You’ll go beyond viewing whales, too, as your guide will provide a hydrophone for acoustic tracking.
  • Guadeloupe Canyoning TourThis five-hour Guadeloupe adventure takes you deep into the canyon of Ravine Chaude. You’ll complete five abseils, two slides, and a jump while taking in the natural beauty of the island.
ultimate travel planning kit

7. Take A Day Trip To Les Saintes (Îles des Saintes)

The volcanic archipelago of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe features nine islands, two of which are inhabited, including Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas.

Terre-de-Haut is the main destination in Les Saintes, known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe, particularly Plage de Pompierre, with its white sand and emerald waters.

You also wouldn’t want to miss Pain de Sucre Beach. You’ll need to hike to this stunning stretch of sand, but the views of the sugarloaf-shaped mountain and crystal waters are worth it.

Terre-de-Haut is also known for its many bistros near the water.

Don’t miss savoring some lobster with a view at Ti Kaz La. Or, for something more budget-friendly, Couleurs du Monde does excellent seafood and has incredible vistas, too.

Finally, don’t miss a visit to historic Fort Napoleon, which, at 374 feet above sea level, offers stunning views of the Bay of Les Saintes.

The bay, which UNESCO touts as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, is a highlight itself.

Now on the less-frequented Terre-de-Bas, the highlight is the lovely Grand Anse Beach. To get here, you’ll need to take a ferry shuttle from Terre-de-Haus. Once there, you’ll be rewarded with a secluded beach almost all to yourself.

View of Les Saintes from Trois-Rivières
View of Les Saintes from Trois-Rivières


Don’t leave Les Saintes without trying the local specialty, Tourment d’Amour, a sponge cake pastry laced with coconut, vanilla, and rum.

The name of the treat translates to “agony of love”. Explains Sweet Source:

“As the legend goes, a woman once made the pastry in anticipation of her lover’s safe return from sea, but took her own life when he didn’t arrive on time.”

Additionally, Extra Crispy notes that only widows sell the tartlet.

Pro tip:

Ferries to Les Saintes depart from Saint-François, Trois-Rivières, and Point-à-Pitre. Trois-Rivières offers the shortest ride — about 15 minutes — though make sure to check the ferry schedule beforehand.

Even in peak season, there are typically only a few morning departures.

For instance, when I visited in February, the various ferries only departed at 8:15am and 9am for day trippers.

There were two to three later departures each day, but unless you were staying overnight on Les Saintes you wouldn’t have been able to return to Basse-Terre/Grande-Terre on the same day.

8. Wander Walkable Guadeloupe Communes

Some communes in Guadeloupe are more walkable than others.

For instance, Sainte-Anne has a palm tree-lined promenade on the Atlantic where you can wander and take in lovely views of passing boats sailing through turquoise waters.

Sainte-Anne promenade

When I was there around 5:30pm on a Thursday, there were locals setting up stalls selling vanilla, rum punches in pretty bottles, clothing, coconut oil and more.

saine-anne guadeloupe
Market in Sainte-Anne

During the day you can peruse local shops, including the Village Artisanal, featuring 15 stores.

Deshaies is another great walking commune, with shops, beaches, a marina and waterfront eateries.

I had a meal at L’Amer at sunset and it was lovely.

L'Amer deshaies sunset
Watching the sunset from L’Amer

9. See An Incredible Sunset

I’ve got another Guadeloupe beach to add to your itinerary: Plage de la Perle (Pearl Beach).

As I was driving back to my Airbnb from Deshaies, I saw a few cars pulling in here and a glow coming from the water.

I pulled in to see one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life.

There weren’t many people there, either, so the experience was very tranquil.

pearl beach guadeloupe
How gorgeous is the sunset at Pearl Beach in Guadeloupe?

10. Have A Spa Day

Don’t miss spending a few hours at Tendacayou Ecolodge & SPA, a hotel, restaurant, and spa located up in the hillside of Deshaies.

For 30 Euros, you’ll get access to their spa facilities — including river pool, waterfall, Infinity pool, Jacuzzi, zen garden, relaxation lounge, and meditation area — for two hours.

There is also a sun terrace with gorgeous views of Grande-Anse Beach.

Plan it so you can have lunch before or dinner after in their restaurant, Le Poisson Rouge.

Here you’ll savor fresh food from a menu that changes daily, with a gorgeous view overlooking Deshaies and the Caribbean.

Reservations for the hotel, spa and/or restaurant are highly recommended.

11. Eat At Restaurants In Guadeloupe With A View

While I focused way more on getting active in the outdoors than on food on my Guadeloupe trip, here are a few notable restaurants in Guadeloupe with a view.

  • La Touna (Bouillante, Basse-Terre). This lovely restaurant on Malendure Beach offers fresh seafood, cocktails laced with coconut and rum, and a view of the azure Caribbean waters. Pro tip: Order the lionfish and help save the planet!
  • Le Balaou (Sainte-Anne, Grande-Terre). Another beautiful Guadeloupe restaurant on the beach serving fresh seafood and tasty French dishes. Come here at sunset and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Restaurante Loceane (Anse-Bertrand, Grande-Terre). Try the local specialty, “Chicken Colombo” laced in Creole curry, while looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The truth is there are many incredible Guadeloupe restaurants offering beautiful views and unique dining experiences. 

These are just a few tasty ideas to get you started.

12. Take In A View Of The Atlantic Ocean & The Caribbean Sea

Want to take in views of the ocean and sea at once?

Head to Pointe des Châteaux, a peninsula at the easternmost tip of Grand-Terre, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

It’s known for its hiking trails and dramatic scenery — especially if you hike to the top of the hill where there are panoramic views.

You’ll be able to see numerous islands — including Little Earth, The Saints, and La Désirade — as well as the Atlantic crashing violently into castle-like formations below crafted by Mother Nature.

End the experience with some homemade coconut ice cream sold at the bottom of the hill.

Hiking in Guadeloupe
Hiking in Guadeloupe

7-Day Guadeloupe Itinerary

Below you can find my recommendations for how to spend your days in Guadeloupe.

I put the days in order of my personal favorite, so you can easily create your itinerary based on how many days you’re in this Caribbean destination.

As stated above, the mainland is huge, and it will take you hours to drive from corner to corner. Add island traffic into that equation, and that’s a lot of car time.

My suggestion:

Choose one “area” per day — such as one city, or a few connecting communes — to maximize time on the ground.

To help you put the above into a succinct itinerary, here are my recommendations:

Guadeloupe National Park
Hiking in Guadeloupe National Park

Day 1: Guadeloupe National Park

Spend the day hiking the many trails in Guadeloupe National Park.

Have lunch at Chez Manitou or La Cabane Créole, depending which hikes you choose to do and where they are.

Finish the day at the beach. Plage de Grande-Anse in Trois Rivières is a nice one.

Day 2: SUP The Mangroves + Hike The Trece Des Felices

Spend the morning at Plage de Babin (Babin Beach) in Morne à l’eau. The tour starts at 9:30am, so you may want to get there a bit earlier to wander the trails and give yourself a mud facial.

From 9:30-12, take the SUP tour through Guadeloupe’s enchanting mangroves.

From there, drive to Anse Bertrand to hike the Trece Des Felices from Porte d’Enfer to Trou de Madame Coco and see the Grande Vigie nearby.

porte d'enfer
Wild landscapes along the Trece Des Felices trail

There’s actually a restaurant, Chez Coco, right at the trailhead of the Trece Des Felices near Porte d’Enfer, you can eat at. It has good food and is open-air for an island ambiance.


If you want to hike the entire Trece Des Felices, I recommend adding another day for this activity and simply heading to nearby beaches like Anse Laborde and Plage de L’Autre Bord after the SUP tour.

Day 3: Spend The Day In Deshaies

This cute marina town is full of shops selling hammocks and loose clothing alongside waterfront restaurants and beaches.

Wander the town and have lunch on the water while looking at the passing boats. I ate at L’Amer and enjoyed it.

Deshaies sunset guadeloupe
Gorgeous sunet views in Deshaies

Spend some time taking in the gorgeous flora at the Jardin Botanique de Deshaies (Deshaies Botanical Garden) and spend a day soaking up the sun, snorkeling or paddle boarding at Plage de Grande Anse, which is known for its views.

Book an appointment at the Tendaycou Spa to spend two hours using the facilities — and, time permitting, have a massage — and then walk upstairs to have dinner in their restaurant (opens at 7pm for dinner). Reservations for both are highly recommended.

Day #4: Explore The Guadeloupe Beaches Around Le Gosier / Sainte-Anne

Personally, I found this area to have more of the crystal clear waters the Caribbean is known for. I loved the Plage de Petit-Havre and Plage de Jolan Boise.

Have a meal at the beach restaurant at Petit-Havre. Or head to the nearby Le New Jack.

Wander Sainte-Anne.

Sainte-Anne promenade at sunset
Sainte-Anne promenade at sunset

Day #5: Take A Day Trip To Iles de Saintes

Remember to check the ferry schedule and give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

Have a meal at Ti Kaz La or Couleurs du Monde.

Day #6: Head To Grande-Terre’s Southeastern Point

By this, I mean Pointe des Châteaux, mentioned above in point #12.

ultimate travel planning kit

Day 7: Explore The Heritage Institutions In Pointe-a-Pitre

In such a short trip it was tough for me to visit museums, especially since gorgeous beaches and hiking trails beckoned me at every turn.

That being said, if you do have time to, it can help you understand the place you’re visiting more in-depth.

In fact, if you’re visiting for a week or more you may want to do this first to go into the trip with cultural knowledge under your belt.

One not-to-miss place is the Memorial Acte, a moving and educational experience enlightening visitors on the slave trade in the Caribbean. You will leave with a heavy heart.

Eat at Chez Margaux.

guadeloupe hiking
Enjoying the beauty of Guadeloupe; photo taken while hiking the Trece Des Felices trail

Guadeloupe Travel Tips

Here is a quick list of Guadeloupe travel tips in case you didn’t read the full post:

  • There are no SIM card sales in the airport, so create a Google Map — which works offline — filled with important places before your trip (or purchase a personal hot spot or global SIM card). You can click here to snag access to my FREE Travel Planning Kit, which has my pre-loaded Guadeloupe Google Map inside.
  • Rent a car in advance. You can use Discover Cars to compare multiple car rental companies on one page and save up to 70%! Double-check your car is automatic (if you can’t drive manual) and that it has GPS built-in. It’s so much easier to not have to look at your phone. I used the GPS first to get to a general city or commune, then the Google Map on my phone to get me to a specific attraction.
  • Learn some basic French. Most people I encountered didn’t speak English, though a surprising amount spoke Spanish, which personally helped me. Google Translate or a French pocket dictionary will be helpful.
  • Pack a raincoat. I love this light travel-friendly one that’s also very inexpensive. Also, bring hiking shoes you’re okay with getting super muddy. I ended up throwing my sneakers out as they smelled so bad after hiking through the mud in Guadeloupe National Park.
  • Park (almost) wherever you want. Coming from a big city where the slightest centimeter in the wrong direction can lead to hefty parking fines, it was wonderful doing a Guadeloupe road trip, where parking rules are very lax. People park on sidewalks and really anywhere there is logical space without blocking someone in. Plus, many of the large public parking lots are free, or at least inexpensive.

What are your favorite solo road trip destinations?

Have you ever spent time driving around Guadeloupe?

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