passport problems

Getting Denied Entry Into Curacao (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did!)

Talk about passport problems. A recent issue led to me being denied entry in Curacao, and seriously debating the competence of the TSA and airline staff.

punta cana

Exploring Sustainable Adventure In The Resort Destination Of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic [Photo Essay]

“Do I need a bike lock?” The girl checking me in laughs. “A bike lock? Oh, you don’t need to worry about those kinds of things here.” The Brooklyn girl inside begins to sweat. No bike lock? I’m currently in […]

punta cana

Escape The Snow With The Best Beach Getaways From The Northeast USA

In honor of my Northeastern family and friends and my home of New York City, I wanted to put together a guide to the best beach getaways so you can escape the snow once flights are back up and running. […]

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Colorful Travel: My 13 Favorite Instagram Photos Of 2014

Looking for some wanderlust inspiration? Check out my 13 favorite Instagram photos from my trips in 2014. Which is your favorite? Want more travel photography? Visit my Etsy Shop, full of wanderlust-inducing pictures, or follow me on Instagram @jessieonajourney. Also […]