Swimming With Pigs At Big Major Spot Cay In The Exumas

swimming pigs

Swimming Pigs at Big Major Spot in the Exumas Cays, Bahamas

While you’ve probably heard of swimming with fish, dolphins and other marine creatures, Big Major Spot in the Bahamas’ Exumas Cays is the only place I’ve ever heard of where you can literally swim with pigs. Locals brought the enormous hairy pigs to the island during the First Gulf War, just in case things got bad and they needed to repopulate their farm animals. The island is also home to sheep and chickens, although no people. The pigs have gotten used to humans coming to see them, so as soon as they hear your boat approaching they’ll run out of the bush and jump into the water, swimming up to your boat so you can feed them. Feel free to jump into the crystal waters and swim with them.

I was able to experience this through the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, although most hotels in the Exumas will be able to organize a guided tour to Big Major Spot or rent you a boat so you can go there yourself. Email the tourism board at info@bahamas.co.uk  for more information.



  1. @Lindsay- You seriously have to try it! ha. Plus a lot of the cays around Exuma have quirky offerings like going into a bat cave and snorkeling in the grotto from the original James Bond movie 🙂

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