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120+ Travel Blog Post Ideas For Creating Engaging Content

By Jessie Festa. This guide to travel content ideas contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for engaging travel blog post ideas?

Then you’re in the right place!

If you’ve ever sat in front of your laptop wondering, “What should I post on my travel blog?” this article shares over 120 topics — as well as bonus tips for those looking to see success and make money blogging.

Personally, I get most of my blog traffic through keyword research, and these travel blog post titles and topic ideas come from researching what people are actually searching in Google so that you can create content people truly want to read.

And with so many to choose from, you’ll never need to wonder what to write about again or spend hours coming up with new travel blog ideas.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the list of travel blog content ideas!

Quick tip: There are many tools that make it easier to come up with blog post ideas. Personally, I love Keysearch for finding high traffic keywords. Use code “jessieonajourney30” for 30% off.

Additionally, Jasper AI utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to help you come up with content topics, draft outlines, create content, and more – free trial included!

Travel Blog Content Creation & Promotion Workflow Freebie

Now, I realize that even when you have a ton of travel post ideas it can still be challenging to understand how to create and promote your content.

Luckily, I’ve got a freebie that can help!

It’s a Content Creation & Promotion Workflow Trello Board that will help you plan your blog posts as well as write them and promote them for maximum engagement.

You can grab the free Trello board here.

Grabbed it?

Then let’s continue with our travel blog content strategy.

What Should I Post On My Travel Blog?

Writer’s block for bloggers is a very real thing, as is being confused on what to actually post to see growth.

So, before we dive into the list of travel blog topics, let’s discuss how to determine what to post on your blog.

One smart tactic is starting with a mission statement. You can use the template “I help [group of people] do [how you help].”

From there, you can pinpoint the best travel topics to fulfill that mission and even come up with a few travel blog categories.

For instance, if your mission is to help women feel confident traveling solo, you might write a blog post about how to travel solo in Paris or a guide to overcoming fear when you’re scared to travel alone.

Feeling stuck? You can use a tool like Jasper’s Blog Post Topic Ideas Template for quick and easy help. This tool uses artifical intelligence to instantly generate a list of topics that can engage your audience.

Also, if you’re curious how to write blog posts quickly, Jasper can help you create amazing content almost instantly (though it’s recommended to edit your articles to add a human element).

More on this tool below, though note that you can click here for a 10,000-word free trial of Jasper AI.

travel blog post ideas
Get inspired with these travel blog post topic ideas. Photo via cottonbro/Pexels.

120+ Travel Blog Post Ideas For Engaging Content

To come up with the following list, I looked at popular blog post ideas related to travel.

Keep in mind, this list is in no way exhaustive. There truly are a limitless number of travel blog topic ideas that are possible.

Moreover, this list is customizable. You can always tweak any of the travel blog post titles mentioned below to better fit your own niche and audience.

For instance, if an idea mentions compiling a list of travel yoga mats, but you don’t cover yoga, consider what relevant piece of gear you can swap in, like sleeping bags, nutritious TSA-friendly snacks, or camera gear.

Pro tip:

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’d like to write about, use a blog content planner to stay organized. You can also follow this strategy on how to plan a year of content in one week to help you save time.

Have ideas for travel blog posts to add?

Leave them in the comments below!

Travel Blog Post Ideas Focused On Travel Tips

A review of your favorite piece of travel gear

Best free travel apps

How to do a Global Entry name change

How to change your passport name

Why duct tape (or another item) is your best travel accessory

How to practice self-care while traveling

How to become a travel hacker

Your top travel hacks

Your top travel tips for introverts

Important advice for the first-time traveler

A list of uncommon travel tips

How to learn a language while traveling

Travel Blog Post Ideas Focused On Trip Planning

How to pack for a long trip with just a carry-on

What to pack for a particular destination

A review of your favorite travel insurance provider

What to wear in a particular destination

How to save up for a round-the-world trip in a certain amount of time

How to choose the perfect suitcase/backpack/luggage

A review of your favorite suitcase

How to ask your boss for an extended travel leave

The best credit cards for travelers

How to prepare your house for vacation

What to do the day before a big trip to prepare

travel blog topics
What will your next travel blog post be about? Photo via Chevanon Photography/Pexels.

Best Travel Content Ideas About Transportation

Things to do on a long bus ride

How to survive a long flight

What not to do one a plane

How to sleep on a plane

A review of the Eurail pass (or another transportation pass)

A guide to using a city’s transportation, such as the subway in NYC

How to get to the main part of a city from the airport — and vice versa, such as a guide to Bangkok’s airport shuttle

A guide to an airline’s rewards program

The best platforms for booking cheap flight/bus/train tickets

Travel Blog Post Ideas Focused On Destinations

Fun facts about a place

Things to do in a destination during a specific season

A roundup of your favorite tours in a destination

What not to do in a destination

A roundup of your favorite hotels in a destination

How to visit a particular place on a specific budget — such as $50 per day

A roundup of your favorite restaurants in a destination

The cheapest countries to visit on a certain continent

Your top travel tips for a specific destination

Travel Blog Post Ideas For When You Can’t Leave & Must Travel At Home

A recipe from a particular place, including a background story of the dish

Your favorite travel-inspired beauty ritual

Your favorite travel-themed craft

How to throw a dinner party inspired by a specific destination

How to transform your living space into a destination or give your space a makeover inspired by a particular place

Do a souvenir show-and-tell and share the story behind your favorite travel finds

Cocktail recipes from around the world

A roundup of your favorite movies set in a particular destination

A roundup of your favorite books set in a particular destination

How to visit the places featured in a certain movie

How to visit the places featured in a certain book

A roundup of inspiring TED Talks related to travel

There are so many travel blog post topics to choose from! Photo via Vincent Rivaud/Pexels.

Niche Travel Blog Post Ideas

Note: Feel free to swap in your own travel blog niche for any of the below ideas.

The best destinations for a budget-friendly wellness experience

Best weekend getaways for couples

The best destinations for solo female travelers

Best bookstores around the world

How to plan a cruise vacation

How to book an ethical volunteer trip

Best female travel blogs

How to stay safe when traveling solo

Relaxing couples vacations

Common work-related travel expenses

Top luxury travel companies

Meals from around the world

Cheap travel insurance for families

Best luxury hotels in the world

How to avoid the single supplement when traveling solo

Tips for flying with a baby

Lesbian travel groups

Outdoor vacations for couples

Fun trips for kids

Best travel yoga mats

How to travel with a yoga mat

Best hiking vacations

Top guided backpacking trips

Best travel baby gear

Gifts for traveling couples

The top all-inclusive family vacations

Best family beach destinations

Tips for traveling with grandchildren

Quotes about family travel

Travel jobs for couples

Top liveaboard dive trips

Fun yoga and hiking retreats

Top spiritual yoga retreats

Safest countries for LGBTQ+ travelers

best travel topics
Choose blog post topics that help your audience. Photo via Jean-Baptiste Burbaud/Pexels.

Holiday Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Best gifts for a certain type of traveler — such as the best gifts for solo female travelers

How to book cheap Christmas vacations

How to find cheap Thanksgiving flights

Where to travel during Christmas

Best Christmas markets in europe

Traditional Christmas desserts from around the world

Top Jewish heritage tours

Delicious Kwanzaa recipes

Inspirational Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Lessons learned from traveling to X# countries

What travel teaches you

Benefits of traveling

How travel changes your brain

Inspiration travel quotes

Recount one of your favorite funny travel stories

Share an inspiring love story from the road

Share one of your favorite inspiring travel stories about the kindness of strangers abroad

travel blog content about meeting locals
One blog post idea = write about meeting locals while traveling. Photo via Tope A. Asokere/Pexels.

Summer Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Cheap summer vacations

Places to visit in summer in the USA

Summer vacation ideas for families

A summer travel guide for a particular destination — or you can even niche down to a specific month, such as July Travel In Seattle

Best travel-sized sunscreens

Stylish active swimsuits

Fall Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Where to go apple picking

Fall wine tasting outfit ideas

Fall foliage tours

Scariest haunted houses in America

Best fall road trips

Winter Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Best showshoes for hiking

Scenic winter hiking trails

Best places to spend New Year’s Eve

Cozy log cabin getaways

Top ski resorts in a certain destination

Spring Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Best gardens in the world

Warm places to visit in April

Cheap spring break trips

Romantic spring getaways

Best Easter holiday destinations

Tourism Blog Ideas

Must visit attractions in X

Best hidden gems in X

Most Instagrammable spots in X

Where to Stay in X

Best restaurants in X

Beach Blog Ideas

Most beautiful beaches in the world

Best beaches for surfing

Best beaches for families

Instagrammable beaches

Best beaches for snorkeling

Travel Agent Blog Ideas

Best time to visit X

Travel deals and discounts

Best travel destinations for families/couples/solo travelers

Guide to all inclusive resorts

ideas for travel blog posts
Click here to snag access to my free Travel Blogger Resource Library

Where To Find New Travel Blog Post Ideas

After learning how to start a travel blog and make money, it’s important to regularly publish interesting articles that continuously bring you traffic and help you grow your income.

But, maybe you’re wondering how to come up with blog post ideas that people actually read.

Luckily, I have a few tips for this.

Note that for a full overview of how to create a content plan that aligns with your overall goals, I recommend taking my free Profitable Travel Blog Makeover, a four-day course that takes you from blog branding to monetization.

So earlier in the post I discussed starting with a mission statement that guides your content.

Along with coming up with travel blog post ideas from your own imagination, you can also utilize:

Jasper AI (click for a 10,000-word free trial).

Jasper uses the power of artificial intelligence to help you outline blog posts, create content, and come up with blog post ideas.

You can use the Blog Post Topic Ideas Template and simply enter your:

  • company name
  • product description
  • audience
  • tone of voice
  • how many ideas your need

Boom — Jasper will provide you a list of ideas for travel topics to write about. From there, you can favorite the ones you like to help the tool better get to know what you’re looking for.

Keysearch (use code “jessieonajourney30” for 30% off)

This is a powerful keyword research tool that can help you optimize your blog content to rank higher in search engine rankings.

You’ll also be able to input desired keywords to see related keywords — as well as questions people have about your keyword in the “Content Assistant” section. These can also be used as travel blog post ideas.

travel blog post ideas from Keysearch
A quick look at the “Questions” tab within Keysearch’s “Content Assistant” section when researching “Italy road trip”

Like tutorials?

Check out this short video to see how to find micro niche keywords and relevant keywords you can actually rank for using Keysearch:

Niche Facebook groups & forums.

Pop into a Facebook group or Reddit forum related to your niche and see what people are discussing. These can make for great travel related content ideas.

Google Trends.

Monitor search trends over a given time. This can help you post about things people are truly talking about.

Pinterest Trends.

See what topics are trending on Pinterest. This tool can help your content marketing efforts by helping you get more traffic to your Pinterest pins, which translates into more visitors to your blog content.

These are just a few of many strategies for coming up with engaging travel post ideas.

How To Write A Travel Blog Post Without Traveling

One common question many travel bloggers have:

How do I write a travel blog without traveling?

Of course, there will be times when travel isn’t possible.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop creating content.

Instead, consider how you might cover where you live in a way that would be interesting to travelers.

For instance, I have loads of New York City travel content because I know that even though it’s not a travel destination to me, it is to other people. Plus, being a local allows me a unique perspective not every blogger can provide.

You might also think about “armchair travel” content; blog post ideas that have a travel theme but can be enjoyed without leaving home.

A few examples of this include roundups of short travel stories, cultural recipes, solo staycation ideas, and other travel at home posts that align with your mission.

These strategies are also great travel blog ideas for beginners, who may be looking to jumpstart their blog with content even if they’re not traveling.

travel blog post ideas staycations
Don’t be afraid to choose travel blog post ideas focused on staycations. Photo via cottonbro/pexels.

How To Write A Catchy Blog Post Title

Now, here’s the thing when it comes to coming up with ideas for travel blog posts:

Even if you have an amazing article, if your title isn’t enticing, it likely won’t get read.

Luckily, there is a free Headline Analyzer tool from CoSchedule that can help with this.

Basically, it looks at your headline to ensure that:

  • It has a good mix of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words
  • The first and last three words of the headline are engaging (as these are the words people tend to focus on most)
  • It includes searchable keywords
  • It isn’t too generic
  • It’s the right length (about 60 characters)

How To Start A Travel Blog Post

Now that you have a big list of travel content ideas, it’s time to dive deeper into how to actually write your blog post.

One very important part of your travel blog post is the introduction, as this will affect whether someone continues reading or clicks away.

To help you engage readers right away, I recommend utilizing the APP Method; also known as Agree – Promise – Preview.

This copywriting technique, which I learned about from Backlinko, revolves around the idea that your introduction should first agree with the reader to make it clear you understand them.

From there, you make a promise to them — such as a solution to a problem or a benefit of some kind.

Finally, you provide a preview by sharing exactly what they’ll get out of reading the blog post.

This blog post on growing an email list as a blogger provides a nice example of the APP Formula in action.

It’s also shown here:

travel blog post ideas

Promoting A Travel Blog Post Organically

There are many smart ways to increase blog traffic, a few of which I’ll outline here.

I recommend incorporating these into a content checklist so that you always know exactly what needs to be done before hitting publish on a blog post.

Optimize your blog posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In my opinion, the best way to grow your blog traffic is to optimize it to rank in search results.

Once it ranks, you can continue to enjoy steady traffic for the foreseeable future.

Again, Keysearch makes it simple to both research if you can realistically rank for a keyword and then optimize your content for it. You can use code “jessieonajourney30” for 30% off.

While Keysearch offers loads of tutorials on how to use their tool, here is a quick overview:

Above is an example of me researching “places to hike on Long Island,” a keyword I currently rank in the first spot of Google for.

On the left, you can see a graphic comparing all of the first page posts — which provides information for determining whether it’s worth competing for the keyword or not.

For instance, you can see things like how your Domain Authority compares to the other posts already ranking, as well as if the other posts have optimized their title, description, and URL for the keyword you want to rank for.

Additionally, on the right, you can see other suggested keywords with important information related to how competitive they are and how often people search for them.

Keep in mind, this is just the main page of Keysearch. The tool has numerous other features for ranking your posts in Google, too.

Take your SEO to the next level.

Now, another tool that can help with optimizing your content to rank in organic search results is Surfer SEO.

Instead of simply giving you data about other sites that are ranking, Surfer SEO analyzes your website to make tailored recommendations for:

  • specific keywords to target
  • specific ways to optimize new content
  • specific changes to make to old content to improve its chances of ranking
  • specific missed opportunities for internal and external backlinks
  • specific on-page SEO optimizations (such as optimal word count, title length, image count, etc)
  • and much more

As you can see, the tool gets very specific.

In short, you’ll get a step-by-step SEO workflow that can help you grow your traffic and increase your rankings – no guesswork required!

Here is a quick tutorial going over some of Surfer SEO’s powerful features:

While you’ll need a paid plan to get everything I showcase in the video, they do offer a free AI Article Outline Generator to give you a small taste of the platform.

Promote your new travel blog post on your social media channels.

When you promote new content, I highly recommend weaving a story into your shares to increase engagement. Talk about why you wrote the post, how the topic has impacted you, and how it can benefit others.

To save time, you can use a tool like StoryChief to blast your new travel blog content across your blogging hubs, social media channels, and email newsletter with one click.

Speaking of email newsletters…

Understand how to promote your blog content to your email subscribers in an engaging way by utilizing storytelling email marketing.

Just like when sharing travel blog content on social media, it’s helpful to share a story to make your email even more valuable.

Moreover, if you have an automated email sequence set up for new subscribers you can add in your best blog posts to help the content continuously get traffic.

Looking for an email marketing software that’s feature-rich and intuitive — and includes automations?

Click here for a free one-month trial of ConvertKit (no credit card required!).

The platform is made for bloggers by bloggers. And once you sell products, they also offer a marketplace to help their users increase sales.

Choosing Blog Post Categories

In terms of the categories you put on a travel blog post, consider how you want to organize your content.

Typically, your categories will be your blog’s main themes, while your tags help further break them down.

For instance, you might have “North America” as a category and “USA” and “Canada” as tags.

travel blog post ideas for online courses
Creating online courses with Teachable is one way I monetize my travel blog. Photo via Anna Shvets/Pexels.

How To Get Paid As A Travel Blogger

There are many ways to boost your travel blogging income — especially if you’re focusing on offering paid products, services, and experiences that fulfill your mission and that are an extension of your travel blog content.

Again, I highly recommend grabbing a seat in my free four-day travel blogging course if you want to learn how to make money blogging, though a few of the main ways I monetize my travel blog include:

Creating & selling online courses.

You’re already sharing knowledge in some way through your helpful blog content. Why not package up your wisdom into an online course that further helps your readers?

Personally, I use and recommend Teachable for creating online courses. That link gets you a two-week free trial, no credit card required!

You’ll have everything you need to be successful — including powerful training videos and support. It’s what I use to create and launch all of my online travel blogging courses.

Selling photo tours in NYC.

After having loads of readers ask me to show them around New York, I decided to get licensed as an NYC tour guide and start offering local experiences.

In fact, I’ve done so well selling these through my blog that I started a sister company, NYC Photo Journeys.

Working with brands.

This includes working on blogger brand collaborations as well as going on paid press trips and promoting partners in my travel blog content.

Affiliate marketing for travel bloggers.

When coming up with travel blog post ideas, I highly recommend you regularly add content optimized for affiliate sales to your publishing schedule. Here are some creative ways to promote affiliate links.

Running display ads on my travel blog.

Personally, I work with Mediavine for this. To see success, you should be publishing SEO-optimized articles and regularly updating older content so that it’s up-to-date.

How To Become A Travel Blogger

If you stay focused, it’s possible to make money blogging in one year or less.

My advice:

Map out your blogging goals, including what they are, how to reach them, and by when.

Stick with one or two main strategies, and then once you master those, you can add in others. This helps alleviate spreading yourself too thin.

This might mean saying you want to earn $5,000/month in affiliate sales by June 1 through publishing two affiliate-optimized blog posts per month, publishing two affiliate-optimized videos per month as part of your YouTube strategy, and hosting a free challenge that promotes an affiliate each quarter.

Remember, also, to grab access to my free Travel Blogger Resource Library to snag printables and workshops that can help you take your blog full-time much quicker.

Bonus: 10 Ways To Make Money Travel Blogging [Free Workshop]

While we’re on the topic of growing a profitable blogging business, I’d love to invite you to my free workshop: 10 Powerful Ways To Make Money Travel Blogging.

During the 60-minute on-demand workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Myths related to monetizing a blog (that may be holding you back!)
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  • Tips for earning recurring passive revenue as a blogger (so your income grows even when you’re away from your laptop!)
  • How to create products that you know your audience will buy (so you don’t waste your time!)
  • Advice for growing your affiliate income (with a strategy that truly works!)
  • And more!

Plus, your free ticket to this actionable workshop also includes a Q&A, limited-time replay, and special bonuses.

Click here to grab your seat in the free travel blog monetization workshop.

Bonus Profitable Blogging Tutorials [Video Playlist]

Want to learn more powerful strategies for taking your blog full time?

Check out this curated playlist of blogging tips and tactics that work:

What travel blog post ideas would you add to this list?

Which of the above best travel topics are you excited to write first?

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