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30-Day Affiliate Income Action Plan

Increase your affiliate income in 30 days with this step-by-step calendar—through your blog & beyond. Bonuses included!

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Let's increase your affiliate income *without* the usual stress and confusion.

Frustrated with adding affiliate links to your content, only to see few to no clicks?

Sick of publishing post after post, tirelessly creating high-quality content, yet seeing little income to show for your efforts?

Confused about earning a sustainable income from affiliate marketing, as opposed to just a few dollars here and there?

Let’s fix that! 🙂

Here’s the deal:

Monetizing your content through affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as sprinkling links into your blog posts and watching the money roll in.

For that, you need a strategy—which is exactly what the 30-Day Affiliate Income Action Plan delivers.

The neat thing is you’ll not only get a step-by-step strategy for increasing your passive affiliate income through your blog content, but also ideas for giving yourself a major affiliate income boost through your emails, social media posts, YouTube videos, podcasts—not to mention creative collaborations that I’ll teach you how to land.

By the end of the month, you'll know exactly what steps to take to earn a liveable income through affiliate marketing and turn your blog into a profitable and sustainable business!

Oh, hey there!

How It Works

Affiliate Income Action Plan assets

Daily Tasks

Each day, the calendar will assign you a new task and there will be tips for implementation. Tasks build on one another so that by the end of the 30 days, you have a proven strategy that helps to grow your affiliate income mapped out.

woman excited about affiliate marketing

Hit Milestones

Along the way, you'll hit other blog business milestones too—like growing an email list, creating profitable social media content, and pinpointing keywords that lead to increased affiliate income.

Affiliate Income Action Plan bonuses

Implementation Resources

Loads of bonus resources will help you get set up for affiliate marketing success, like a spreadsheet to keep your affiliate program organized, a template for asking for a commission increase, a sample affiliate-optimized free challenge, and more.

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of travel bloggers, helping them to increase their income and build their dream businesses.


And now, I’d love to help you too.

(Usually $49)

What You'll Accomplish

Along with increasing your affiliate income, completing the calendar's daily tasks can also help you:


  • Build trust with your audience & Google (which can help you rank in organic search results!)


  • Choose which programs to apply to (that will really help you increase your income)


  • Optimize your old and new content for affiliate clicks


  • Attract people who are truly looking to make a purchase


  • Prime your annual content plan for profits–on your blog & beyond


  • Optimize your social content, emails, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, products, and more for affiliate clicks


  • Land collaborations with other bloggers & affiliate partners that can help you increase your income


  • And more!

woman implementing affiliate marketing


The calendar also comes with numerous bonuses meant to make implementing the steps in this affiliate strategy easier, like:


  • Visual examples of affiliate marketing in blog posts (so you can truly see how to correctly optimize your posts)


  • Tutorial showing how to find keywords that increase your affiliate income (so you can attract people looking to make a purchase)


  • Tutorial showing how to improve the SEO of your blog posts (so that your affiliate content gets seen)


  • Workshop going over creative ways to increase your affiliate income (for even more opportunities to grow your revenue)


  • Affiliate Programs Organizational Spreadsheet (so you can quickly see what products will earn you the most income)


  • Annual Content Plan Spreadsheet (so you can quickly map out your affiliate content)


  • Tutorial showing how to create Gutenberg blocks in WordPress (to help you save time when adding affiliate links to blog posts)


  • Templates to use when asking for an affiliate commission boost (something you should definitely be doing when doing well with a program)


  • Sample affiliate-optimized free challenge (to make it easy for you to host a similar event to grow your email list and income)


  • Examples of affiliate-optimized social media content (providing visual inspiration you can use to monetize your own social content plan)


  • Step-By-Step Email Opt-In Freebie & Automation Workbook (to help you create an email funnel that can be optimized for affiliate links)


  • Content Creation & Promotion Workflow Trello Board (to more easily create content that gets seen and brings more people to your website)


  • Top-notch support (via our private student Facebook group as well as a comment section under the action plan calendar to ask questions)

(Usually $49)


Lydia Weigel headshot

This action plan transformed the way I think about affiliate links!

It provided so many helpful tips and very specific and actionable items. It's helpful whether you're brand new to affiliate marketing, or if you've been doing it for years and are ready to take it up a level!

- Lydia Weigel

Alison Watt headshot

Jessie’s action plan is full of actionable tips and real examples!

The printable calendar combined with the video tutorials makes it very easy to understand and implement. Jessie is a great teacher and explains everything clearly.

I’ve learned a lot and have made lots of changes to my site and created new affiliate posts which are so much better. I would definitely recommend it!

- Alison Watt

Morgan Middleton headshot

WOW! I am a self-proclaimed nerd and love to learn so I have taken a lot of courses and read a ton of eBooks. This one is absolutely phenomenal!

Whether you are an experienced blogger with some affiliate income already or brand new to the idea of making money this way, you will learn a lot from Jessie's course.

I have already started implementing her suggestions and cannot wait to see where they take my affiliate income.

The thing I liked the most - Jessie teaches you proven strategies that feel good for both the author and the reader.

They do not come across as spammy or salesy. Instead, they seem like a genuine offer to help the reader get to their end goal / purchase.

- Morgan Middleton

Tamar Marder headshot

Jessie's 30-Day Affiliate Income Action Plan gives you all the tools you need to get started with affiliate marketing.

You'll learn how to find affiliate keywords, optimize your posts for affiliates, and so much more.

It's also packed with bonuses to help you organize your ideas and affiliate links.

This course is a gold mine of information perfect for anyone ready to start earning money with their blogs!

- Tamar Marder

Christi Scofield headshot

Jessie's Affiliate Income Action Plan has helped me tremendously to develop my affiliate strategy and has set this element of my business up for success!

I can't wait to see the outcome of integrating all of her recommendations over the next year.

Another great course. Thanks, Jessie!

- Christi Scofield

Jessica Waters headshot

This was the kickstart I needed to finally set up my affiliate strategy!

Jessie has given me the tools I need to get started with my affiliate income strategy. I learned so much about keywords, repurposing content, and setting up your links without being too pushy.

The strategies just make sense and really help you to fit your affiliate links into your content seamlessly. I’m a new blogger but I really think that more experienced content creators can benefit too. I can’t wait to see how the strategies I’ve implemented help improve my affiliate income.

- Jessica Waters

Hi, I'm Jessie!

jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

Before I was implementing the strategy I share in this calendar...

I wanted nothing more than to be able to turn my passion for travel into a career.

But, it was exhausting!

Five blog posts per week, days editing photos, and hours crafting social media shares published across way too many platforms left me with little to show.

And when I say "little," I mean I was doing a happy dance if even my mom left a comment on one of my blog posts. 

Sure, I was traveling, but I was spending more time searching for WiFi than actually enjoying the places I was visiting.

While I was working longer hours than ever, I was earning almost nothing. 

Isn’t freedom from the 9-to-5 supposed to be fun? 

So, I changed my strategy (which, let's be real, I never had in the first place).

I analyzed my daily schedule, cut out time-wasting tasks, and focused on what would grow my traffic, community, and income.

I also learned to value my work and myself as a content creator.

Today, I work about half as many hours, but make a full-time salary through my blog.

You don’t need luck to turn your travel blog into a profitable business.

You need a clear strategy and a proven action plan that works.

And through the 30-Day Blog Profit Plan Calendar, you’ll get just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's focused 100% on helping bloggers grow their affiliate income consistently and sustainably.

Not only does this calendar come with premium support, but it'll walk you through optimizing your blog, social channels, email, YouTube channel, podcast, and other digital touchpoints for affiliate marketing.

The goal: That by the end of the month, you've mapped out—or even fully set up—a powerful affiliate income action plan that can continue to bring you revenue month after month.

Ready to increase your affiliate income?

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(Usually $49)

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