Great Ideas For A Memorable Trip To Sydney, Australia

syndye opera house

Sydney Opera House, the iconic symbol of the city. Photo courtesy of Pedro Szekely.

Beautiful Sydney is Australia’s most populous city and the capital of New South Wales. Whether you have journeyed there yourself or not, everybody knows the famous silhouette of Sydney’s opera house and city skyline. But there is much that lies beneath the surface for the more adventurous traveler. If you are visiting Sydney for the very first time or have explored the city many times, there is still more to be discovered and enjoyed. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your next trip to Australia’s most impressive city.

Hike From Bondi To Coogie — With Lunch

Once you’ve arrived at your first destination, consider taking time to relax with a hike along the beach path between Bondi and Coogie, after lunch at Sean’s Panorama in Bondi. This lovely restaurant caters to locals and tourists alike. The four-mile (six-kilometer) walk should take about two hours, but is easy enough for almost anyone. The natural surroundings are truly lovely, and it’s a great way to unwind and see what Australia is really about. There are plenty of times to stop for a swim along the way.

Sydney Festival

If you are able to time your stay for the month of January, Sydney Festival will be in operation. Australia’s largest art festival, Sydney Festival features over 1,000 music and art acts. You are sure to find something that will please and fascinate everyone in your party. You are also bound to learn something new, as the festival features the brightest creative minds from all around the world. The energetic festival atmosphere will make you feel right at home, the streets milling with locals and international spectators alike.

Other fun festivals to be on the lookout for include The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas (for innovative thinkers), The Rocks Aroma Festival (for coffee enthusiasts), Art & About Sydney (for art lovers) and the Sydney Rides Festival (for cyclists).

Explore Ethnic Eats

For the foodies in your group, Sydney features regional and international eats at all hours. Roam the streets in search of food from various vendors or try out some of Sydney’s famous restaurants. Many places like Fatima’s Lebanese and Golden Century Seafood are open until 3am or later, so your don’t have to go hungry when the time gets late.

Take A Class

Sydney offers a number of interesting classes for those who wants to learn something. Learn the art of do-it-yourself dumplings or French classics at Sydney Cooking School before heading to Sydney Trapeze School to hone your skills as an aerial dancer. While Club de Tango offers tango lessons, the Sydney Chocolate School immerses you in a world of sweet cocoa. Take a photography class with Andy Piggott of Learn Photography, an art class with Sew Make Create or partake in a drink-and-draw session at Dr. Sketchy’s Sydney.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is a natural destination for the art lover in your party. The work featured is often challenging, playing, and even disturbing. If that sounds like your cup of tea, buy a ticket to see some of the best new work from around the world. For a more classic look at art from around the world, the Art Gallery of New South Wales will have refined work that appeals to every taste. Even if you visit neither of these places, the architecture and natural beauty of Sydney are works of art in and of themselves.

We hope you enjoy Sydney, Australia. These are only five of the tens of thousands of possibilities that you could fill your trip with. Whatever you decide, it is impossible to be bored in Sydney. It’s beauty, charm, and diversity reach out to the traveler in a way that you will remember forever. You will want to go back again and again.

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