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Quiz: Where To Go On Your Next Trip

Where Should You Go On Your Next Trip? Wondering where to go on your next trip? Take this fun and free travel quiz to find out! Which of these must you do at least once on your trip? Read a book in the sand Take a sunset helicopter flight A free walking tour A cooking…Read more...
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How To Have Your Trip Planned For $15

Good morning, my lovely readers. Very often, I get messages from you all asking for help with trip planning. Because I only have limited time in my day between keeping the blog up and running, freelancing, tour guiding, traveling and attempting to not get evicted from my apartment, I’m not always able to be as…Read more...

6 Essential Jordan Travel Tips

For those wanting to visit the Middle East but are nervous, Jordan is an excellent choice. The country is much more stable than its neighbors, with people who are proud of where they come from. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for shop keepers to hand me Jordan-inspired pins and trinkets free of charge, excited to…Read more...

9 Essential Travel Tips For Southern India

Traveling through southern India is wonderful for those wanting to experience culture, adventure, delicious food and nature (the amount of bird life is seriously impressive!). During my trip, I took a Multi Activity Holiday with Kalypso Adventures, which allowed me to explore Kerala and its surroundings with a local guide in a very adventurous way.…Read more...
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Why Guatemala Should Be Your Next Trip

Despite warnings of violent crime and terrifying conditions, I booked a trip to Guatemala — and loved it! Not only did I find the country to be safe for travel, but also full of memorable experiences and natural beauty that could be explored on a budget. Want to know more? In this Guatemala travel guide,…Read more...

How To Plan And Save For An Epic Adventure

As someone who has taken many long-term trips, I’m often asked how I go about planning and saving for such an adventure. While I’m the type of traveler who typically enjoys planning a trip without planning, there are some facets of the trip that should always be planned out. Decide Where You Want To Go…Read more...


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