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Quiz: Where To Go On Your Next Trip

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Where Should You Go On Your Next Trip?

Wondering where to go on your next trip? Take this fun and free travel quiz to find out!
  1. Which of these must you do at least once on your trip?

  2. Read a book in the sand
    Take a sunset helicopter flight
    A free walking tour
    A cooking class
    Summit a mountain
    Spend time with a local
    Learn about a local conservation project
    Photograph street art

  3. What’s your ideal accommodation?

  4. A hostel
    A homestay
    An ecolodge
    A 5-star resort
    A cooking school
    A beach hammock
    An urban boutique hotel
    Suspended cliff camping

  5. What’s your ideal travel adventure?

  6. Paddleboading
    Hiking, although I hate paying for a guide or admission fees
    Skydiving. Naked.
    A luxury safari
    Challenging Adam Richman of “Man vs Food” to an eating competition
    Cycling around NYC
    Canoeing through mangroves
    Do a fishing excursion with a local fisherman

  7. What skill would you like to master?

  8. The art of French bread baking
    The art of Champagne sabering
    The art typing the perfect climbing knot
    The art of dancing tango
    The art of subway busking
    The art of making coconut bracelets
    The art of travel hacking
    The art of bird watching

  9. What’s your must-have piece of travel gear?

  10. Water purification tablets. I never buy water!
    My GoPro for capturing epic adventure videos
    Pepto Bismol. There’s nothing I won’t eat and sometimes I pay the price.
    Photos to exchange with your homestay family
    A swimsuit and flip flops
    Google Maps & Yelp to help direct me around the city
    Binoculars for wildlife watching
    Designer luggage. I love looking fabulous!

  11. Who would be your ideal travel partner?

  12. Anthony Bourdain
    “Bear” Grylls
    A champion surfer
    Donald Trump
    A local
    An accountant
    Jane Goodall
    Someone great at navigating cities

  13. Which of these places do you dream of visiting?

  14. French Polynesia
    New York City
    Costa Rica
    New Zealand

  15. What’s your drink of choice?

  16. Pina Colada
    The national drink of wherever I am
    Gatorade. I need those electrolytes!
    Water. Tap. Sometimes beer, but only during happy hour.
    All natural mountain spring water or fresh squeezed fruit juice.
    I’d love to take a local mixologist and drink my creation
    caviar martini
    Mobile juice trucks are my favorite

  17. What’s your ideal meal?

  18. Whatever the locals are having.
    Pasta. Bread. Rice. I need those carbs!
    Street food, although often I just eat bread I stole from the hostel.
    Filet mignon
    A fish sandwich from a beach shack.
    Everything and anything!
    Something I foraged myself.
    Whatever Yelp recommends.

  19. What’s your favorite app?

  20. Local Eats
    Trail Seeker
    Local Picks by TripAdvisor:
    Trail Wallet Expense Tracker
    Beach Yoga & Wellness

Once you see your score, click “Give Me More” to find out more about what it means. And if you found this quiz fun, please share with your friends. Happy trails!

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