How To Stay Fit & Focused With Yoga On The Go

How To Stay Fit & Focused With Yoga On The Go

Staying fit and healthy on the road can be a challenge, especially when staying in destinations where the food is oh so good but oh so fattening (I’m looking at you and your delicious tacos and tequila, Mexico). While a daily walk — or run — is a great way to explore a new city and pack in some cardio, yoga is awesome for a total body workout, no matter what your surroundings are. Yoga on the go may not sound like the most realistic workout but, in fact, it’s one of the most versatile.

Yoga is arguably one of the best forms of exercise, with some benefits including improved core strength, flexibility and a better ability to focus. It gets your blood flowing — great for those early wake up calls — and is an effective way to stretch stiff muscles after a long day of travel or relax your body after running around from attraction to attraction.

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Local Classes

As yoga has become a bit of international trend, one way to practice yoga on the go is to search for local classes in your destination. From the islands of Thailand to the colonial cities of Nicaragua, there is almost always at least one yoga class available. And in more health-centric destinations, there will be myriad style choices. Some of my favorite destinations for yoga include Costa Rica, New York City, Bali, India and, for those on a budget, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

For a more culturally enriching experience, seek out a class aimed at locals as opposed to expats and tourists.

yoga on the go

Balance and backbends around the world. Main image: Israel; from top to bottom: Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, New York City and Nashville.

Yoga On The Go Online

If you’re in a destination without available yoga classes or just prefer to workout in the privacy of your own room, is a great option. I personally love it as it saves me the time of having to get ready and find a gym or studio. It’s also how I avoided expanding my waistline during a 10-day trip to Bhutan where pasta, fried potatoes and rice were included in every meal.  The website offers over 900 yoga videos led by a variety of talented instructors, with a monthly membership starting at $10. For travelers on a budget looking to continue a regular workout routine, is ideal for yoga on the go.

Another major benefit of this service: the variety of options and filters for searching. From personal experience, I know it can be overwhelming to step into a classroom with a bunch of experienced yogis and being unsure of what level “beginner” actually is. With this, you can try what they call beginner, in private, and see where you stand. You can also choose a goal, like weight loss, abs, back pain and detox — great for those party destinations —  or a style like Ashtanga, Hatha and Pranayama.

For added variety, there’s barre, pilates and meditation classes.

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Yoga Sans Class

Of course, a class or video is not required to practice yoga on the go. The best part about yoga is its versatility. If you already know a few poses or a sequence that suits you, all that you need is a few feet of floor space to practice. For me, a round of sun salutations, a series of poses done toward the sun that can both relax and awaken the body and mind, is the perfect transition into mental clarity.

As I tend to get a sore back from blogging on the road, some other poses I enjoy include Downward Facing Dog, Pigeon’s Pose and Triangle Pose. For achy feet after a day of exploring, yoga helps to bring awareness to every single area of the body, especially your base. Hero Pose is a favorite for stretching the foot, especially the arch.

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yoga on the go

My go-to tea brand for natural-feeling energy

Yoga On The Go Equipment

You can do yoga in your hotel room without any equipment; however, packing a yoga mat is smart for avoiding slipping all over the floor or having to wear sneakers. The feeling of your feet grounding into your yoga mat is an important part of the awareness experiences that’s so vital in your practice.

There are plenty of travel-friendly yoga mat options available, like my personal favorite, the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat, which won’t take up too much luggage space. If my practice is at night I follow it with some ASMR videos on YouTube and an eye pillow or…okay, let’s be real, a glass of wine. If my practice is in the morning, I’ll end with a steaming cup of RUNA Clean Energy Tea (I bring my own when I travel) and a hot Pandora music playlist-infused shower. Though note, if you plan on only taking classes at gyms and studios a mat will typically be provided.

Do you practice yoga on the go when you travel? What advice and accessories would you add? Please share in the comments below!


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  1. Excellent post! After a long day of hiking or sometimes worse, walking the streets for hours exploring, yoga can help your back, hips, and mind unwind from the day. And yes, a glass of red wine helps 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these resources. I really like yoga and find practicing it so beneficial for my mind, body, soul, but I find it hard to keep up with when travelling. I will definitely be checking a few of these out!

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