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5 Amazing Experiential Stays In Jordan

Sometimes an average hotel just won’t cut it. Your accommodation is one of the most influential parts of your vacation, with the potential to enhance your experience in a profound way. For those traveling to Jordan in the Middle East, there is an array of experiential hotels that allow visitors a glimpse into local culture…Read more...

Guide For Experiencing Bedouin Culture In Jordan

While Jordan was once full of desert-roaming Bedouins, today it isn’t as easy to experience this facet of the culture. That being said, it isn’t impossible. For those looking to immerse themselves in Indigenous heritage, here are three ways to experience Bedouin culture when traveling in Jordan, a top destination for Middle East tourism. Feynan…Read more...

Unexpected Highlights From My Journey Through Jordan

Before visiting Jordan I had never traveled to the Middle East and had no idea what to expect from my trip. While I had a few thoughts of what the destination might be like the trip completely shattered many stereotypes of the Middle East I had in my mind. To show you what I mean,…Read more...


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