Preserving the Peace: Hiking Edgewood Preserve!

Today, along with my fellow Long Island Trail Enthusiasts, I woke up bright and early and headed over to Edgewood Preserve on Commack Road in Deer Park. What really amazed me was that you could be driving down a busy highway like Commack Road and never realize that this beautiful maze of trees and trails even exists.What’s really great about hiking Edgewood Preserve is that there are many different trails to choose from. When you first begin you can choose between the biking trail, which is narrow, or the walking trail if you would like a wider path. Then, off of these main trails branches off other possible pathways. It kind of reminded me of being younger and reading the Goosebumps books with the alternative scenarios and endings in that there are always so many options.

Like Avalon which I wrote about in an earlier post, Edgewood is quiet peaceful. At almost 500 acres, Edgewood represents one of the last remains of Long Island’s former oak-brush plains. Our group started out on the walking trail then decided to veer back on to the biking trail. Much of the ground is blanketed in needle-like flora, giving it a softer feeling than rock or gravel-like terrain would. The slender trees enhance this atmosphere with their dainty trunks and limbs, at times dipping over to shield hikers from the sun. While the trails are mostly flat, there are sand hills at times which add a bit of diversity to the hike.

Cemented into the center of the preserve is also a paved road, which leads to Pilgrim Psychiatric Hospital which is supposedly home to some beautiful architecture. Unfortunately, I did not see this first-hand, although I did hear this from many people.

At the end of the hike, my Cardio Trainer informed me that I had traveled 4.71 Miles in 1 hour and 41 minutes (we stopped to take some photos), walked 7,581 steps, and burned 496 calories. I would recommend this hike for beginners to intermediate, as it is mostly level ground and very peaceful and relaxing.

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