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Hostel Review: Beats Hostel, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’m going to be honest: I had originally contacted the owner of 3dogs Hostel in Sao Paulo asking about accommodation options.

He asked me if I’d rather stay in a chill, laid-back hostel (i.e. 3dogs) or their party venue, Beats Hostel, in Sao Paulo near Paulista (as well as a long strip of bars).

I’m a sucker for a party, so I opted for the latter. Plus, I figured staying at a space spot would help me make friends while traveling alone in Brazil.

No Regrets

I definitely did not regret my decision. The party streets of Augusta and 13 de Maio are within walking distance, which also made me feel safer as I did not have to walk home from the bars very far. It’s also really accessible to the metro, maybe a 10 minute walk, so you will feel very connected to the rest of the city. For those looking to save money and stay healthy by cooking, there is a kitchen in the hostel, which is perfect because the supermarket is less than a five minute walk away.

Free Perks

Lots of free perks when staying at Beats Hostel! Wi-Fi,  linens, maps, lockers, and a buffet breakfast that included coffee, breads, meat, cheese, spreads, and fruit. And, for the party goers, there are free shots every night in between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm, and free drinks when you purchase a certain amount.

No Hanging Feet!

Do you ever find that at many hostels the beds seem a lot shorter than usual? While I’ve often found my feet hanging off the bed at other properties, Beats Hostel has extra long beds so your whole body actually stays on the bed. Major plus!

Rooms Offered

First of all, since the hostel is still new they are offering very low prices. Prices range from $16 for an 8-person mixed dorm during the week ($17 on the weekend), to $49-$50 for a private single. There is also a 6-person mixed and a 6-person female dorm, as well as a private twin, private double, and private double bed.

Portugal, Chile, Mexico, and USA having drinks and good conversation.

Overall Impression

I really loved the family atmosphere of the hostel. Many of the people staying there are actually living and working in Sao Paulo but are from other cities and countries, so you get to learn a lot about Brazil and other culture. Moreover, everyone was really friendly and it was easy to make friends and have fun nights drinking and socializing in the hostel.

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