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A Short Guide To Backpacking Around Oahu

Backpacking is like a rite of passage for travelers, regardless of age or budgetary concerns. Although many backpackers enjoy taking themselves off to the wilds of Asia, there’s something to say for the balmy, soothing peace of Oahu, with its laid back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous greenery. Maybe you’re a novice or perhaps you’re…Read more...

14 Essential Tips For Backpacking South America

Backpacking South America is a worthwhile adventure that I believe everyone should experience. Before I arrived on the continent, I was unsure of what to expect. To help you prepare, here are some things I wish I had known before I left for my trip. South America Travel Tips [Video] But first…   Check out my…Read more...
birthday cake

Tips For Solo Travelers Celebrating A Birthday On The Road

I often look back on my 25th birthday as one of my best. Not because I got the best gifts or because I stayed out until 6am getting wasted and dancing on tables, but because I was a taught a lesson in travel that I will never forget: The kindness of strangers. I was in…Read more...


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