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Travel Photography: Mastering Your SLR Camera’s Manual Mode

“Photography is a balance between technical understanding and creative control” – Kathleen Rugh For those looking to take their travel photography to the next level, it can be worth it to invest in an SLR camera – and learn how to use it. I was lucky enough to be invited by CourseHorse to take their…Read more...

Quirky Dining: Meat-Infused Desserts At NYC’s Baconery

While there are plenty of bakeries serving up delicious pastries and myriad restaurants frying bacon to perfection, what about when you mix the two together? Now you can have your bacon-infused cake and eat it, too, when you visit New York City’s Baconery. “Life is just better with bacon” is the motto of this sweet…Read more...
Officina della Bistecca

A Carnivore’s Heaven In Tuscany, Italy

“Abandon hope all ye who enter, for you are now in the hands of a butcher.” This is the quote listed on the head of the menu at Officina Della Bistecca, located in Panzano in Tuscany’s Chianti region that should be talked about in every Italy visitor’s guide. A meat-themed restaurant located above the Antica…Read more...
Ms Noordam

Opening Up To The Idea Of Cruising

By Jessie Festa. My Ancient Mysteries cruise was sponsored by Holland America. I was not required to write this post nor was I compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. As someone who’s travel style of choice is backpacking, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of cruises. I pictured masses of people stuck…Read more...


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