Sweet Dreams: Edible Cake Hotel Opens In London

cake hotel

London’s Cake Hotel. Image via Tate & Lyle Sugars.

Last week, London debuted an eight-bedroom hotel made completely out of cake. Aptly named the “Cake Hotel,” the property opened for night only — which is a good thing since guests were able to eat window sills made of fudge, book shelves made of sugar, a carpet crafted from 1,081 hand-stitched meringues, walls adorned with 2,000 macaroons and a bathtub filled with caramel popcorn.

Tate and Lyle Sugars’ — the UK PR firm responsible for the sweet creation — spokesman James Whiteley told the UK Mirror, “We think the cake hotel perfectly captures the excitement, inspiration and expertise behind the creation of our new range of golden and brown cane sugars…We hope that through the cake hotel we can showcase the versatility of golden and brown cane sugars and inspire people to get creative in the kitchen.”

Check out the video below to see how the Cake Hotel was baked and assembled.

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