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10 Sexy Sites From Around the World

By Jessie Festa. This guide to sexy attractions around the world contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Forget castles, churches, fine art galleries, and history museums; the tourist sites on this list celebrate the thing almost everyone has in common, sex. From penis parks to fertility shrines to bondage demonstrations, these sexy sites from around the world will make your trip a bit quirkier while educating you on the local culture in regard to sex.

Haesindang Park is one of the top sexy sites in the world
Haesindang Park. Photo via Amanderson / Wikimedia Commons.

1. Haesindang Park

Samcheok, South Korea

Also known as Penis Park, Haesindang Park is full of totem-pole-like penis carvings, which make for interesting hiking scenery, to say the least.

The story behind the park is that there was once a virginal young woman who was engaged to be married. One day, she had her fiance drop her off on Aebawi Rock in the sea to harvest seaweed while he did work on the beach.

Sadly, a change in weather brought the woman to an untimely, tragic, and penis-less death.

For years following the incident the villagers were unable to catch fish and, thinking it was because of the dead woman, created a park in her honor where they created these carvings and held religious ceremonies.

While many tourists may find this site quirky, it truly is a celebration of sex and penis worship.

2. Love Land

Jeju, South Korea

There is nothing subtle about Love Land, as the statues and public art found at this park ooze eroticism.

Self-described as “a place where love-oriented art and eroticism meet,” visitors can stroll through 140 sculptures poised in sexual positions, as well as enjoy rotating exhibitions – including interactive exhibits – and educational films.

One of the main goals of the park is to promote the natural beauty of sexuality and break past common taboos related to sex.

Molokai Phallic Rock in Hawaii
Molokai Phallic Rock. Photo via Rick Hoffman / Wikimedia Commons.

3. Molokai Phallic Rock

Molokai, Hawaii

This 6-foot stone penis replica sits at the base of Nananhoa Hill in Palaau State Park.

According to the legend attached to the site, Nanahoa the male fertility god, lived nearby with his wife. One day, the wife caught her husband checking out a young girl and, outraged, yanked her hair.

Nananhoa retaliated, attacking his wife who then rolled down the hill and turned into stone. Moments later, he also turned into stone, except in the form of a penis.

To this day, the site is still a sacred place of sex and fertility where women come to pray and make offerings, as can be seen by the surrounding coins, flowers, and shells.

4. Lingam Fertility Shrine

Bangkok, Thailand

While it’s not unusual to find a garden full of flowers, how about a garden full of penises?

The Lingam Fertility Shrine, located behind the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel, was created to worship the female deity who is thought to reside on the property, Chao Mae Tuptim.

Around the shrine is a garden containing crops of wooden and stone penises beautifully wrapped in ribbon and adorned with flowers.

While the experience may feel like some kind of erotic surrealism, the legend behind the site is that women who wanted to bare children would bring offerings of flowers and incense.

That is until one woman became pregnant after leaving a more phallic offering. From one look at the park, you can see that the trend caught on.

sex toys at the Sex Machines Museum in Prague
Sex Machines Museum. Photo via Zoq-Fot-Pik / Wikimedia Commons.

5. Sex Machines Museum

Prague, Czech Republic

While there are many museums around the world dedicated to eroticism through photography, art, and film, the Sex Machines Museum gives the idea a twist by focusing on sexual devices and pleasurable appliances.

In fact, according to the museum website, it is the world’s only sex museum dedicated solely to sex machines.

The museum encompasses three floors and 200 gadgets from the 16th century to present times, with life-like dolls demonstrating how to use the machines properly in times of passion – and times of abstinence if you’re looking at the scarily sharp chastity belts and electroshock penis rings, meant to keep boys from masturbating.

6. Beate Uhse Erotic Musuem

Berlin, Germany

The Beate Uhse Erotic Museum is one of the largest erotic museums in the world.

Moreover, Beate Uhse, the woman whom the venue is named after, opened the first sex shop (“marital hygiene” shop) in 1962.

What makes this erotic museum particularly unique is that it doesn’t just emphasize pornography, but sexuality, history, and love as well.

Travelers will also love that the artifacts, dolls, masks, and art are from all over the world, from 18th Century silk paintings from China to Balinese penis carvings.

exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum
Erotic Heritage Museum. Photo via Panegyrics of Granovetter / Wikimedia Commons.

7. Erotic Heritage Museum

Las Vegas, Nevada

As the name states, the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas is sex positive space dedicated to the history and culture of erotic heritage from ancient times to the present day.

Visitors can explore a wide array of artifacts, artworks, exhibits, and live performances that are all designed to embrace, educate, and entertain in the field of human sexuality.

In fact, you can see everything from ancient Roman erotic artifacts to exhibits diving into the history of peep shows to an impressive collection of vintage adult film memorabilia.

It’s also one of the world’s largest sex museums, covering more than 24,000 square feet.

8. Museum of Sex

New York City

Also known as MoSex, this New York City institution is dedicated to the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality.

Through an array of permanent and rotating exhibits blending art, history, and contemporary culture, the Museum of Sex seeks to educate the public while prompting thoughtful discussions on a range of sexual topics.

A few past exhibits have included “The Sex Lives of Animals”, “Punk Lust: Raw Provocation 1971-1985”, “NSFW: Female Gaze”, and “Stag: The Illicit Origins of Pornography” – the latter of which looked at how porn has changed through the decades. These are on top of over 20,000 artifacts!

The Museum of Sex also showcases a number of interactive elements – from a sensual 3D movie to Super Funland, a 4-floor carnival featuring an immersive journey through the erotic, from an erotic fortune-telling machine to a Tunnel of Love boat ride and beyond.

After perusing erotic art, sexual artifacts, and pornographic materials, make sure to spend time in their gift shops, as it’s one of the best places to get souvenirs in NYC!

Kharkhorin Rock in Mongolia is one of the world's sexiest sites
Kharkhorin Rock. Photo via Einalem / Wikimedia Commons.

9. Kharkhorin Rock

Kharkhorin, Mongolia

Also known as the Phallic Rock, Kharkhorin Rock is one of the top places to visit in Mongolia due to its unique appearance.

Located near the ancient Mongolian capital city of Kharkhorin (Karakorum), it’s an approximately 6-foot-tall granite stone that resembles a phallus, and it stands on the top of a hill overlooking the valley.

Kharkhorin Rock also holds a special cultural significance, as it is believed to have been installed by a 17th-century Buddhist monk to symbolize his vow of celibacy and discourage local people from a tradition of orgiastic rites practiced at the time. It stands as a symbol of restraint and has since been a place of local reverence.

Interestingly, there is a similarly-sized rock shaped like female genitalia nearby, which is called the “Mother Rock.” Together, the two rocks symbolize fertility and are often visited by couples seeking blessings to have children.

Definitely make sure to add this sexy site to your Mongolia itinerary if visiting!

10. Antique Vibrator Museum

San Francisco, California

If you’re looking for unique sexy sites to visit on your next trip, be sure to make a stop at San Francisco’s Antique Vibrator Museum – an institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of vibrators, from the Victorian era to the 1970s.

Along with showcasing a vast vibrator collection, the museum sheds light on the history of female sexuality and the medical context in which vibrators were first used.

Moreover, the Antique Vibrator Museum offers a fascinating look into how perceptions of sexuality and the use of vibrators have changed over time.

Bonus: they also offer free docent-led tours!

What sexy sites around the world would you add to this list?

*This article was adapted from a previously-published article on Gadling

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