Discover New York: Simit + Smith Delivers A Healthy Dose Of Turkish Culture

      Bagels. Pizza. Sandwiches. There’s no denying New Yorkers love their bread; however, it can be difficult to find a satisfying food for those craving carbs who want something different (and to watch their waistline). That’s where Simit […]

Opening Up To The Idea Of Cruising

Ms Noordam

As someone who’s travel style of choice is backpacking, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of cruises. I pictured masses of people stuck on a boat being herded from port to port like cattle; however, as I also enjoy trying […]

Okey And Turkish Tea In A “Men-Only” Hangout In Istanbul

“Tonight I’m going to take you away from the touristy restaurants and show you what and where the locals eat.” I’m currently on an Istanbul by Night: Turkish Food Tour with my local guide, Yuke Celik. She’s a pretty 26-year-old […]

Holistic Healing Practices From Around the World

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a pill or shot to cure every illness. But do we really know how safe these unnatural remedies are? Throughout my travels and by talking with locals from other cultures, I’ve learned there are many […]

Photo Essay: Exploring Arab, Turkish and Iranian Art, Culture, and Design

This month (November, 2011), the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has added a permanent collection called New Galleries for the Art of Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia. If you are planning to visit […]