Azores Exploration: An Epic São Miguel Road Trip

sao miguel

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright emerald green, lush flora coating mountains and plains, flowers adding a colorful contrast. What makes the scene extra striking is the steam that rises seemingly without reason from the ground, as if […]

From Soba To Shabushabu: 8 Reasons Japan’s Kansai Region Should Be Your Next Trip

Kyotanabe city

I recently took a trip to Japan, exploring the Kansai Region’s many food and cultural offerings. Aside for Kyoto, I had never really heard of the other places I went to, adding an element of excitement to the visit. After […]

Getting Fancy At High Tea In Albuquerque, New Mexico

On a recent trip to Albuquerque I got to know the city’s more refined side at the St. James Tea Room. The decor of the venue, from the furniture to the fabrics to the music, is Victorian, and you’ll be […]

Inspiration In China: Tea Moments And Proper Tasting Guide

During a recent trip to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, I was fortunate enough to meet many passionate local business owners with creative ideas. Chocolatiers and sorbet makers who source locally and organically, cereal artisans who created a product […]

Lady Mendl’s: The Speakeasy of Tea Salon’s in New York

At 56 Irving Place in New York, there sits an unassuming white townhouse that looks like nothing out of the ordinary. A walk up the concrete steps and a glance at the brass engraved plate at the door, however, will […]