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Great Ideas For A Memorable Trip To Sydney, Australia
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Great Ideas For A Memorable Trip To Sydney, Australia

Beautiful Sydney is Australia’s most populous city and the capital of New South Wales. Whether you have journeyed there yourself or not, everybody knows the famous silhouette of Sydney’s opera house and city skyline. But there is much that lies beneath the surface for the more adventurous traveler. If you […]

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red wine
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Mad Wine Scientist: Making My Own Blend In South Australia’s Barossa Valley

When traveling, I enjoy immersive experiences where you learn by doing rather than looking. While Penfold’s tasting bar in South Australia’s Barossa Valley allows you to sample wines firsthand, the Make Your Own Blend Experience allows you to experience the same process winemakers do when creating a blended wine. Travel tip: Once […]

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Diver with a Humphead Wrasse at the Great Barrier Reef.  Photo courtesy of brewbooks.
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Solo Traveler’s Guide To Australia

Australia is known for many things – laid-back beach bums, Vegemite, baby wombats, Russell Crowe and so much more. Mostly people come to see the stunning natural beauty of Uluru, the outback, pristine white sand beaches and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. They experience these sights while backpacking, camping, […]

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Hiking the Great Ocean Walk with Bothfeet
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Moving Experiences: Hiking Safaris In Australia

“Did I miss the turn?” Rainer pulls out the map, confused. We’ve been driving passed meadows of sheep, cows and hills rolling like gentle ribbons of green. Driving the Great Ocean Road, we’ve taken a detour into the country, eager to spend some time in enjoying the beauty of the […]

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The Edge. Photo courtesy of Eureka Skydeck 88.
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5 Ways To Get High In Melbourne, Australia

One fun fact about me is I absolutely love heights. That’s not to say they don’t make me nervous, however, I truly love the dizzying feeling combined with the aerial views. For those visiting Melbourne, there are many ways to see the city from above, or get high, such as: […]

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