Want Good Luck In Bolivia? Buy A Llama Fetus

Flickr photo via Micah & Erin

Yes, you read that right, a llama fetus. Wandering around the Witches’ Market in La Paz, Bolivia, you’ll find many indigenous and magical cures to all your problems. Aphrodisiacs, herbal remedies, and religious paraphernalia line the tables, and you can even visit one of the witch doctors in the area to help yourself and learn about your future.

While perusing the market, the most unusual item you will find – to most Westerners anyway – is a mummified llama fetus. These are actually traditional offerings from Andean culture. What you’re supposed to do is bury the fetus under the foundation of a new home for good luck. While this may seem odd to foreigners, it’s very important to Bolivian culture.

What cultural rituals have you learned on your travels?

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