Unusual Discoveries In A Taiwanese Fish Market

Seafood Market in Fuhji Harbor Neighborhood

Seafood Market in Fuji Harbor Neighborhood

The Fuji Fishing Habor Village is located less than an hour away from Taipei’s city center, making it popular day trip from Taipei, Taiwan. It is here that people enjoy having a meal at a local seafood restaurant, watching the fishing boats come into the harbor, play in the Children’s Area, and, the true highlight for me, browsing fresh food selections at the local fish market. Here you’ll find tons of marine creatures you’ve never seen before, let alone knew were edible. Best of all, stall workers will let you hold the many bizarre-looking aquatic animals, which can turn into a fun game of “I dare you to hold…” if you’re with a group. If you see anything that excites your palate the local restaurants will cook your market purchases for you so you can enjoy them while eating on Fuji Harbor.

Fuhji Harbor

Fuji Harbor

Getting There

Address: 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of Fujili Highway No. 2, Shimen District, New Taipei City

Train: Visitors can take the MRT Tamsui Line to Tamsui Station and transfer to any bus going in the direction of Shimen. Get off at “Dentaikou” (Lighthouse).

Driving: Visitors can take the National Highway No. 1 and exit Taipei exchange. You’ll head straight on Chongqing North Road until you get to Minzu West Road where you’ll turn left. Once you hit Chengde Road, turn left again and continue north. Continue north along Highway No. 2 until you come to your destination. Note it’s across from a restaurant called Chiu Fresh Seafood Restaurant.

Visual Exploration

Whether you peruse the fresh seafood offerings of the market on a day trip to taipei at Fuji Habor or a different one, exploring a Taiwan fish market is a not-to-be-missed experience. Just check out some of the interesting things I discovered when exploring one:

Rainbow lobster

Rainbow lobster, a local specialty of Taiwan


Hungry? Check out this Taiwanese-take on party mix I found at the seafood market — peanuts and dried fish!

fish penis

Is that a…? Yepp! It’s a mulletfish penis!

elephant clam

Aptly named the elephant clam, these clams have trunk-like protrusions

fish intestine

Can you guess what this Taiwanese delicacy is? If you said fish intestines, you’re correct!

fish skin

And to go with the fish intestines, how about some tasty fish skin?

papaya snail

This papaya snail is definitely the largest snail I’ve ever seen

flower crab

The flower crab is not only tasty, it’s beautiful

hermit crab

Yum. Hermit crab. Is it just me or is everything bigger in Taiwan?

sea cucumber

This sea cucumber doesn’t look anything like the cucumbers in my garden

sea snails

Aquatic escargot, sea snails look just like the snails you find in your yard but live in the water

sea urchin

Sea urchin, a Taiwanese culinary staple

tank lobster

I would absolutely freak if I saw this tank lobster swimming with me in the water


Taiwanese people don’t eat starfish, but they keep them in the seafood market for aesthetics

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