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food travel

My Favorite DIY Culinary Experiences From Around The World

Food is powerful. It has the ability to bring people together, to nourish, to immerse you in other cultures, to teach you about foreign lands. It also has the power to seriously enhance your travel experience, such as with the following food travel experiences: 1. A Cooking Class In A Local Home In The Bo-Kaap…Read more...
the chocolate room

Discover New York: Cocoa & Caffeine At The Chocolate Room

I’ve decided that I spend too much time in the same New York City neighborhoods — Bushwick, Williamsburg and the Lower East Side — and that 2-3 times per month I am going to venture to uncharted territories (aka neighborhoods I don’t know well) and just get lost. This past weekend I explored Carroll Gardens/Cobble…Read more...
nyc chocolate

Sweet In The City: The Best NYC Chocolate Shops [Video]

As my regular readers know, I’m OBSESSED with chocolate (no joke, I’m eating it as I write this post). I also got a green screen for Christmas. So, for my first green screen-enabled video I’m choosing to tell you about my absolute favorite spots to savor cupcakes, dessert pizzas, raw truffles and other unique treats.…Read more...
brooklyn chocolate

Discover New York: Tracing Chocolate History In Brooklyn

I love chocolate. I’m not the type who feels guilty after eating chocolate, but instead eats it every day (and believes it should be its own food group at the top of the pyramid!). As a chocolate-lover I’m very fortunate to live I’m Brooklyn, where we have numerous cocoa experiences that go beyond buying bars…Read more...

Discover New York: When Chocolate Meets Spirits In Brooklyn

Chocolate and liquor are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of healthy food and drink. Additionally, they’re not typically two items you imagine pairing together; however, at Brooklyn’s Cacao Prieto, single origin Dominican cacao and antioxidant-rich spirits are served side-by-side and sometimes intermixed. “Cacao Prieto is a crucial meeting place…Read more...


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