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How To Improve Your Mindset For Success In 3 Steps [Podcast Ep. 14]

Wondering how to improve your mindset for success?

Then you’re in the right place, as in this episode of The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast we’ll be diving into this very topic. 

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset
  • Facts about growth mindset and why it’s essential for growing a business
  • A powerful three-step growth mindset strategy 
  • Techniques for clearing limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your blogging goals and becoming profitable
  • Growth mindset activities for adults and entrepreneurs that can make the process much easier 
  • And more!

How To Improve Your Mindset For Success & Clear Limiting Beliefs – Podcast Episode Audio

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how to improve your mindset for success

How To Develop A Positive Mindset – Episode 14 Transcript

Understanding how to build a positive mindset.

This is something I think a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs and just people in general skip over when trying to build a business or reach a goal. They just want to jump right into workflows like growing a blog fast, building an email list, and creating products — all the outer stuff — before taking time to work on the inner.


But here is something I truly believe:

If you don’t think can do something, you won’t do it.

It’s like that famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Mindset and attitude are everything.

More specifically, it’s vital to have a growth mindset so that you believe in your own growth abilities.

Now before we get into developing a growth mindset, I want to direct your attention to the show notes where I’ve shared a link to my free Travel Blogger Resource Library.

Inside you’ll snag access to 30+ resources from cheat sheets to workbooks to video tutorials that can help truly turn your blog into a profitable business. Honestly, if you’re wondering how to map out your blogging goals — and crush them — this resource library will be a big help.

I’m all about implementation and I really want to make sure you don’t just listen to the episode and forget about it, but that you actually use what I share to make your blogging life easier. Feel free to even pause this episode to go grab those resources.

You back?

Okay, let’s dive in!


I’ve said this in past episodes but I’ll say it again:

It’s not about if you can do it, it’s about how you’ll do it and when.

But for this to be true, you need to believe that you can develop the skills necessary to implement the “how”.

This is the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, which are concepts that were identified by a Stanford researcher named Carol Dweck. 

A few facts about growth mindset:

With a growth mindset, you believe in your ability to learn and develop new skills.

On the other hand, with a fixed mindset, you tend to believe your skills, intelligence, and talents are fixed and cannot be developed.

Keep in mind, you can have a growth mindset in certain areas and a fixed mindset in others; but for the point of this episode, we want to get you to a place where you truly believe you can create the blogging business of your dreams — even if it means you need to develop some skills and gain some knowledge.

Now, you want to realize that that fixed mindset persona putting these limiting beliefs in your head is not you.

Instead, the awareness of this voice is you, and you have power over how you perceive and react to this voice.

It may even help to think of the fixed mindset persona as another person entirely, maybe even giving it a name.

So if you’re someone who struggles with believing you can truly build a profitable blog or monetize your blog from the beginning. Or if you’re someone that tells yourself things like “I’m not tech savvy so I’ll never be able to become a full-time blogger”. Or if you’re someone who avoids challenges because you’re terrified of making mistakes, this episode can help.


Let’s start with…

Step #1: Pinpoint your own limiting beliefs, as well as what situations bring them on.

For example, maybe when something is challenging, you tell yourself you’re just not good at social media or tech.

Or maybe when you quote-unquote fail at something you tell yourself it’s too late to make it as a blogger because there are too many bloggers already. By the way, I said quote-unquote because you don’t really fail until you give up completely.

Another scenario could be when you’re considering trying something new, but then you tell yourself that there is no point because there is already another blogger who is more successful than you already doing it, and you could never do it better, so what’s the point.

Anyway, the goal here is to pinpoint your fixed mindset triggers and the beliefs associated with them.

If this is tricky to just sit down with, keep a notebook or a blank notes page in your planner nearby and just be mindful. When these things pop up write them down so you can become more aware.

Also, there are a ton of free quizzes online where you can assess yourself and get a better understanding of your mindset and your triggers.


Step #2: Re-write your limiting beliefs.

Once you realize what these limiting beliefs are, you want to re-write them in a more positive and realistic way.

For instance, let’s say that you want to launch a course, but the fixed mindset persona says “I’m terrible at marketing to my audience.”

You might re-write this to say “Marketing is challenging for me so I’ll need to put in more effort, but once I succeed it will have been worth the work.” This would be more in-line with a positive growth mindset.


Step #3: Take action to make these new positive thoughts a reality.

If you really want to understand how to improve your mindset, you need to realize that action will be your best teacher.

For instance, if the new thought is that you need to put more effort into learning how to market to your audience, how will you do this?

Maybe that is taking a course on marketing or joining the email lists of great marketers so you can see how they do it.

Let me give you an example of these steps in my own blogging business. We’ll focus the example of creating profitable Facebook Ads:

For a long time I was really interested in running Facebook Ads, but I ran a few, and they were duds and I lost money and I basically just told myself that I was terrible at Facebook Ads.

But it was something I really wanted to get good at.

So I re-wrote that thought to say, “I’m not great at Facebook Ads right now, but once I learn how to do them properly they are going to help me grow my income faster.”

Then I took action.

I attended a webinar on Facebook Ads, loved the teacher, purchased her Facebook Ads course — which, by the way, was $500, but so worth the investment!

I applied myself to the course, inhaled the content because I was so obsessed with getting this strategy down, and pretty soon I was running profitable ads and getting better at ads over time as I tested and tweaked my strategy and utilized the support in the course community.


Understanding mindfulness

Now, when talking about how to develop a positive mindset I think it’s important to also talk about mindfulness — which is essentially becoming aware of the voice in our heads and realizing that we are not that voice.

We are the awareness of the voice.

So again, keep a notebook or a page in your planner to take note of the thoughts that come up for you, and dig deeper into them when necessary. You may not even realize some of the things you’re telling yourself because it’s subconscious.

And if you haven’t tried meditation yet, I do recommend it, as it can really help you exercise your mindfulness muscle.

Personally, I love the free InsightTimer app for free guided meditations. I also sometimes use YouTube videos for help. Additionally, there might be a yoga or wellness studio near you that hosts guided meditations.

Quick aside:

Meditation has many benefits, but one that I think is fascinating is that it can balance and harmonize the brain hemispheres.

Most of us are more dominant on one side. That right side is more about creativity, imagination, and intuition, while the left side is more analytical and logical.

I’m actually taking a course right now on creating guided meditations with a woman named Dr. Karen E. Wells, and she notes that studies have proven that some of the greatest thinkers and artists and inventors of the world will use both brain hemispheres in unison.

This is a bonus on top of the practice helping you to uncover how to change your mindset for the better. 


How to identify your negative beliefs and reframe them

Finally, I also wanted to touch on reframing negative beliefs we hold deeply about ourselves.

It’s not always easy to just re-write those, right? Some negative beliefs are a bit more challenging to change because maybe they’re deeply rooted in our minds.

What I recommend is trying to identify an opposite but believable re-written belief, and then almost become like a lawyer and make a case to yourself to prove the new thought is correct.

In terms of how to change beliefs and move toward the right mindset for success:

  • Try to uncover your own unique talents and skills. Need help? Take my blogger personality quiz to discover your blogging superpower and how to best use it to grow your business!
  • Using someone who is relatable who has already reached your goal as proof that you can do it.
  • Helping others can have a profound effect on your self-esteem, so consider taking part in these easy ways to volunteer from home.
  • You can also keep a journal where you write down your accomplishments. Or you can do what I do and keep a Google Drive folder of accomplishments, praise, testimonials, positive emails from students and brand partners. I’ll also put in there if, for example, Lonely Planet re-Tweets me or if someone DMs me on Instagram and says they used my feed to plan their honeymoon.
  • You might consider small easy wins that you can accomplish right away to boost your confidence. For instance, making a profit on a Facebook Ad may feel tough, but maybe you can use ads to drive some traffic to a blog post. Or maybe selling 10 seats in a $299 course seems impossible, so you start smaller with a less expensive e-book to prove to yourself you can make sales. You might also think about a past win where you saw success with a new marketing strategy.
  • Finally, consider how reaching the goal will make you feel, and do something that will give you that feeling and set that point of attraction. So let’s say you want to grow your email list to over 1,000 subscribers because that will make you feel like you’re a valuable part of a community. What can you do that’s in your control right now to get that same feeling? Maybe it’s being active in a Facebook group, or using your skills through a volunteer project.

The above are some of my favorite growth mindset activities for adults and entrepreneurs!


Alright, now I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you feel inspired and empowered to go and work on developing a growth mindset and getting past the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from building your dream business.

Don’t forget to grab access to my free Travel Blogger Resource Library. The tools inside will really help you grow your blog’s traffic, community, and income much faster and easier.

Also, make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you get notified when future episodes publish.

Happy blogging!

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My Mindful Morning Routine [Bonus Video]

While we’re on the topic of mindset…

Check out my Mindful Morning Routine video above!

Creating a morning routine that includes healthy rituals that I enjoy allows me to move into my day feeling creative, grounded, and good instead of stressed and overwhelmed. 

I recommend creating a morning routine for yourself so you can set your point of attraction from a place of joy and abundance.

In other words, when you create and do from a place of positivity, that energy gets transferred to what you’re putting into the world. And your community will absolutely notice. 


Do you have tips for improving your mindset for success?

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