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Want to be a guest on The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast?

This podcast aims to teach bloggers strategies that help them grow their traffic, community, and income, as well as create a sustainable, healthy business that they can run with MORE joy and less stress.

If you'd like to apply to be a guest on the podcast, please fill out the application form below. 


  • Familiarize yourself with The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast so you understand the show style and also don't pitch an episode topic that has already been covered.
  • Please pitch specific strategies with clear takeaways. What will the listener get out of tuning in?
  • Audio quality is important, so please only pitch if you have headphones, a microphone (or at least wired headphones with a microphone), a solid internet connection, and can be in a quiet space when we record.

Note: Because of the large number of inquiries I receive I will not be able to respond to everyone who applies. That being said, I do promise to read every application and keep it on file. If you haven't heard from me within two weeks feel free to re-pitch another idea. 

I can't wait to hear your ideas!

-Jessie "Jessie on a Journey" Festa

Podcast Guest Application

Apply to be a guest on The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast and share your strategies.

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