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Visiting Potrerillos: An Adventurous Day Trip From Mendoza, Argentina

When traveling Argentina, most people visit the popular cities like Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and El Calafate. However, located about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of Mendoza is a breathtaking, nature-immersed city that not many people know about but should: Potrerillos. I was lucky enough to experience this off the beaten path destination through a kayaking trip with Potrerillos Explorer. I informed them when my bus would be arriving in town and was given a timely pickup. The owner, Mario, is excellent, taking a very personalized approach with adventure-enthusiasts. During the excursion, I felt as though I was kayaking with a good friend instead of being on a guided tour, which really allowed us to talk about the surrounding area and share stories about life in Argentina vs life in the United States. Furthermore, the company believes in allowing the participants to create their own experience and see the areas they want to see. And, unlike with many tour companies in Argentina I’ve experienced, the guides at Potrerillos Explorer speak excellent English. The kayaking trip takes you on the serene, turquoise-colored water of Potrerillos Lake. Here you’ll be overcome with a feeling of peace and wonder as you’re surrounded be colorful forest, untamed landscape, and the high peaks of The Andes and surrounding mountains. A variety of settings and seasons seem to exist at once, as the vibrant foliage and white sand hills sit in front of snow-capped mountains. I’m honestly shocked the area has managed to stay off the tourist-radar, especially as it’s less than 90 minutes from Mendoza. But luckily, it has. After the tour, I continued to learn about the area and Argentine culture as Mario and I went for some Mate, a typical Argentina herb-infused drink, and slow-cooked ribs. By the end of the day, not only had I gotten off the beaten path in a beautiful and natural setting, I’d also made a new friend. While Potrerillos Explorer is mainly a rafting operator, also offering a range of adventure and outdoor activities, like kayaking, fly fishing, and trekking, they can set you up with other reliable companies for quadding, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, sky diving, and much more. I highly recommend not only visiting Potrerillos, but booking an outdoor experience tour through this company. You can like Potrerillos Explorer on Facebook or check out their website. This post was possible thanks to Potrerillos Explorer

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