Hostel Review: The Point Mancora Beach, Mancora, Peru



Mancora is a sleepy beach town in northern Peru that makes for a perfect stopover in between Lima and Ecuador. Since there’s not too much to do in town, you’re going to want to choose a beachy hostel where you won’t mind spending a lot of time. That hostel is The Point Mancora Beach.


While you’ll hear many people raving about the party scene at Loki Hostel, it’s not on the beach like The Point Mancora Beach. This is imperative in Mancora, as the city’s main draw is the beach. The hostel is also a three minute walk to the town center, and a 2 S/. (about 50 cents) ride to anywhere in town.


Think laid-back beach resort. Chill music plays all day, as lounge chairs surrounded by palm trees and an above-ground pool become your permanent home for your stay. And when you’re feeling active, volleyball, frisbee, kite surfing and other beach sports are always being played. While a great place to relax, the best part about this hostel is how it really feels like home. Within an hour of being there, I already felt like family, joking with the owner and getting thrown in the pool by bar staff. It’s not surprising that many travelers end up staying here for longer than they planned, sometimes months.


The staff here are more like travelers than staff (actually, many of them are). They’re hospitable and professional, while also fun-loving and friendly, cracking jokes and drinking beers with you. Out of all the hostels I’ve stayed in during my trip through South America, this is the staff I will miss the most.


The Point Mancora Beach attracts a certain type of backpacker. Mostly, you’ll find carefree vagabonds, none of whom are shy, making it easy to meet people. If you lay by the pool you’re guaranteed to make friends instantly, and at night the venue turns into a fun party for guests with Beer Pong and other drinking games. I was lucky enough to be there during a Saturday night toga party, where we danced until 4:00 am and had a blast.

Free Perks

At The Point Mancora Beach, free perks include lockers, linens, use of the pool, luggage room, 24/7 hot water, WiFi, internet, and a breakfast of eggs , rolls, jam, butter, and hot beverages.

Overall Impression

I could easily have stayed at The Point Mancora Beach for weeks, losing myself in the homey and friendly atmosphere. You’ll feel more like you’re at a friendly resort than a hostel, and you really can’t beat the private beach location.

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