Pelican ProGear Elite Laptop Backpack: Keeping Your Tech Gear Safe And Organized

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For those who travel with electronics like laptops, netbooks and e-readers, it can be tedious trying to find the perfect piece of luggage to protect your gear. While backpacks often leave gear loose and vulnerable, cases and shoulder bags can be uncomfortable. That’s where the Pelican ProGear Urban Elite Laptop Backpack comes in, with it’s indestructible polymer shell and comfortable back padding. After testing the pack out for myself, here is what I found.

Their Claims

• Built-in watertight & crush-proof case
• Fits 15″ laptops and up to 17″ Apple
• TSA fast- top-loader laptop access
• IP67 Tested – 3 ft underwater/30 minutes
• Easy open push button latch
• Pressure EQ valve prevents vacuum lock
• Impact protected iPad®/Tablet front compartment
• Bottom expanding sling storage
• Load compression straps
• 16 Liter durable ballistic nylon pack
• Concealed water bottle pocket
• Ergonomic S-curve comfort back

Our Findings

When I first looked at the backpack, it was immediately apparent the bag was sturdy and solid. A look at the back also showed it was padded and featured extra cushioning for the lower back. In many ways, it reminded me of my trusted Gelert Wilderness 55, the backpack I’ve used for extended backpacking trips for the last four years. While the large center pocket protects your laptop, a deep pocket in the front and back allows for extra storage of personal necessities. Moreover, smaller pockets along the face of the bag allow for compartmentalized storage of toiletries, a cell phone, pens, cards and smaller items.

Wearing the bag you almost feel like you’re wearing nothing, as it fits snugly and the compression straps take the weight off your back. What I really loved about the pack was how it not only protected my electronics in a comfortable case, but also made going through airport security a breeze as the easy-to-open push latch made my gear accessible within moments. Instead of fumbling through my backpack pulling out separate cases from different pockets, the Pelican ProGear Urban Elite Laptop Backpack made the process hassle-free and helped me to be more organized — a very difficult task, I’ll admit.

The Verdict

The Pelican ProGear Urban Elite Laptop Backpack is perfect for any flashpacker who travels with lots of gear and tech devices and wants to ensure they are kept safe and organized. While not as spacious as a traditional backpacking pack for extended trips, the many extra pockets allow for this to be the only piece of luggage you bring on a short-term to moderate-length vacation.

The Pelican ProGear’s Urban Elite Laptop Backpack sells for $299.95. Click here to purchase. They also sell a variety of backpacks, hardback cases, micro cases, lighting products and coolers.

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