1. Hi Jessie,
    Great competition, lucky you getting to travel to all those fab places. I travel for work but would be great to have a holiday with the family, I been on the travel trolley site, not heard of them before. I would love to go to Dubai, have friends there always wanted to go. But realistically, Croatia would probably be more in my price range or I would love a trip to Barcelona, so many fab places to choose from its hard to choose just one. xx

    1. @Tracey: I went to Croatia last year and combined it with Slovenia for a 2.5-week trip. So easy to get around these countries and so much to do. Slovenia was especially great because it’s still so undiscovered. This year I’m hoping to do a similar trip but with Serbia and Romania 🙂

  2. I’d really love to visit Dubai now, after reading that lovely post of all the wonderful places there! Think the Atlantis sounds awesome too!

  3. Awesome coverage of Dubai’s attractions. An excellent to-do list for anyone on a short visit as well.

  4. I would love to go to Italy to visit my Italian cousins who I haven’t seen for over twenty years.

  5. I would love a stay in London and show my children the sights there is so much to do in our own capital city would love to show them just a little of it

  6. It would have to be Brazil &Venezuela for me. South America has so much amazing history and gorgeous beaches. I love history and visiting some place like this would be an adventure everyday

  7. I would love to go to Aruba as almost 12 years ago me my husband and daughter booked to go there when it was quite un heard of ( and a lot cheaper than what it cost to go today ), however after about 4 months of us booking we found out I was pregnant with our now son, so we had to cancel due to the flight hours and I would’ve been around 6 months pregnant at the time of going.
    Just as well we cancelled as we had our son Bradley 14 weeks premature and he weighed 2lb-2 ounces!
    So even though it was a god send that we cancelled the holiday I have always dreamed of having that once dreamed holiday to Aruba.

  8. Would love to be able to go to Italy again, have been several times but I love discovering regions and cities in that wonderful country. What is more, as my girlfriend is from Italy, it’s even more of a treat of the both of us 🙂

  9. I would love to visit the most colorful country, India… I love their cultures, food,music…next year I am planning to travel there with my Hubby 🙂

  10. Been there for one day of work only , so never got to see all the sights, would love to go back on Holiday

  11. i would love to go to italy as i have never been and would love to experience the culture with my fiance and daughter

  12. Id love to fly to Bali. Ive always wanted to visit there, it looks beautiful and unspoilt, plus I love the Culture of the Far East. A £150 voucher could pay for a fair bit of the flight, so thanks for the chance!

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