8 Terrible Hostel Experiences

Don’t get me wrong. I love hostels. Even if someone offered me the choice between a free luxurious hotel room or a basic hostel dorm, I would choose the hostel simply based on the social factor. That being said, it’s not always easy sharing a room with 10 other people. Here are some of the most annoying experiences I’ve encountered in hostels.

Sex in the Dorms

Now, I completely understand that months on the road with no action can be difficult, but really, you can be more creative than that. First of all, the shower is a perfectly acceptable place to have sex – and your hostel roommates will thank you for it. Or, why not add a little romance to the special night and splurge on a budget motel room? You could also take this opportunity to cross some things off your bucket list: having sex under the Eiffel Tower, having sex on the London Bridge, or having sex on the Italian Riviera. Basically, you could be having sex anywhere but in the hostel dorm. While I’ve had a few encounters with these offenders, the worst was in Interlaken, when the girl on the top bunk came home inebriated with a random guy from the bar. Not only did she wake me up with all the shaking and moaning, but also her bra somehow got tossed onto my head during the exchange. Let’s just say it was very awkward the next morning…

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