24 Hours in Paraty, Brazil

Paraty has a lot to offer travelers backpacking through Brazil. This colonial beach town has a unique location with a rich history, adventurious options, beautiful beaches, and a lively shopping area. For those with just one day to spend here, this is my suggested itinerary:

Getting There: The best way to get there is by taking the Green Toad Bus. They arranged a transfer from Ilha Grande, where I had been, to the mainland, as well as a comfortable van to pick me up at the dock and bring me right to the door of my hostel. It really took the anxiety out of trying to figure out the local buses and timetables.

Hostel: I stayed at Geko Hostel during my trip to Paraty, and really loved the staff, beachfront location, onsite bar, and free breakfast right on the water each morning.

8:00 am: Enjoy a delicious, free breakfast on the beach at the hostel. You´ll need a lot of energy for your long day!

8:30 am: Walk over to the bus station to catch the 9 am bus to Trindade. It´s about a 30 minute ride and will cost 3 Reais. Once you see the beach and sign, get off the bus. You’ll be greeted with one of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, with unique rock formations, stunning island views, bright blue waters, and Atlantic rainforest. You can hike the four beaches of the area, while getting to explore rainforest and a natural pool, Caixa d’Aco, which is great for snorkeling.

2:15 pm: Catch the bus back to Paraty. The bus leaves Paraty every hour on the hour, so it will probably get you around 2:30.

ALTERNATIVE MORNING ACTIVITY: If you book with Green Toad Bus, you get a free schooner boat trip from Paraty Tours. You can choose to leave at 10:00 am, 11:00 am, or noon, and the tour lasts five hours. Even if you need to pay, the tour is worthwhile as you can explore many of Paraty’s 65 unique islands and beaches, swim, and snorkel.

4:00 pm: Grab a quick, delicious, and cheap bite to eat at Boutique do Acai on Av. Roberto Silveira. The area is kind of difficult to find affordable dinner food in — aside for cakes and pastries — but this place is great.  You can sit outside and enjoy a cheeseburger with a bowl of acai, honey, and banana for 7 Reales (about $4).

5:00 pm: Go over to Paraty Tours, which is on the same street heading in the direction of the hostel. They offer a great walking tour of the historical part of the city in English, which is difficult to find. The tour is only 20 Reales (about $11) and lasts about one and half to two hours.

7:00 pm: Walk down Rua do Comercio and the surrounding streets. The area is lively at night, with a charming ambience with cobblestone streets, tiny lights, and jazz music. Browse clothing shops, art galleries, wine and food stores, markets, and much more. There are also many vendors selling pastries and cakes, which you may want to try.

8:00 pm: Head back to the hostel to enjoy their beach bar and homemade dinner while meeting other travelers and locals.

This post was possible thanks to Green Toad Bus

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