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10 Reasons Why Germany Should Be Your Next Trip

Trying to decide where to go on your next trip? Let me decide for you: Germany. There are few places in the world with such a rich, often tormented history, that has been able to do a 360 and turning most of the country into an amazingly livable and visitable place. As I toured post-World…Read more...
berlin wall

Exploring Germany’s Berlin Wall History, 25 Years After The Fall

On May 23, 1962, a 14-year-old boy named Winfried Tews ran for dear life. Scrambling over the walls and jumping into a canal, desperation propelled him forward. Despite the dangerous situation, despite the people he was leaving behind, despite the guard who was killed in the crossfire, despite the East German border guards shooting at…Read more...

Leipzig: A Must-Have Day Trip From Berlin, Germany

Munich, Berlin, Hamburg. These are the common cities I hear tourists discuss when planning a trip to Germany. After a recent trip to Leipzig, I can’t believe this city isn’t on the list. Not only is it a short and straight trip from Berlin — not to mention cheaper than the capital — but it’s…Read more...
germany rail

17 Essential Germany Transportation Tips For Travelers

For those traveling through Germany, it’s also guaranteed you’ll be using the public transport system — especially the trains — at some point during your travels. If you’re unfamiliar with how this works or if you don’t speak German, this can be quite confusing (I had quite a few mishaps myself as I got familiar…Read more...


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