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Paris Budget Tips That Help You Have A Blast (And Not Break The Bank)

paris budget tips
Paris Budget Tips That Help You Have A Blast (And Not Break The Bank)

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No France travel guide would be complete without mentioning Paris, a city that has a reputation for being one of the most expensive in the world, yet it still draws in millions of visitors each year.

It’s a beautiful destination full of history and culture, offering limitless experiences to be had.

The food is legendary, the Louvre is unparalleled, and the Notre Dame Cathedral is unlike any other; but, how is a budget-conscious traveler going to see Paris when it’s so expensive?

Not to worry — whether you’re in a group or traveling solo in France and trying to save some cash, the following Paris budget tips allow you to see the city without breaking the bank (or missing the sites).

Save Money On The Hotel

This seems like the most obvious thing to do, but many travelers decide they absolutely must be in a certain quarter of Paris. There are a few ways around this. You can compromise and book a Paris hotel right outside the city, or even go during the off-season. It’s also never a bad idea to contact the hotel directly and ask if any specials available during your stay.

Tip: Get a Paris Passlib’ Card to save even more money on sightseeing in Paris!

Seek Reduced Ticket Prices

Traveling Europe on a budget isn’t always easy, though here is one of the great facts about Paris:

All of the popular museums, including the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre, offer reduced ticket hours and free days.

These can be especially helpful for families looking for things to do in Paris with teenagers or kids, who don’t want to spend a fortune on group activities.

The drawback to these events is that they’re not a secret, and the museums get crowded during these times. It’s a trade-off, but if crowds don’t bother you it’s a great way to stick to the budget.

budget paris tips
The Louvre via Alex Holyoake/Unsplash

Museums offer discounted tickets at the end of the day for those who wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to see the exhibits because they are working during normal business hours. It restricts the amount of time one has to see the museum, and it can be a drawback for those who want to see as much as possible. Again, though, it’s a tradeoff if you’re looking for Paris budget tips.

A number of museums offer free days during the off-season, as well as on the first Sunday of each month year-round. Those who travel to Paris during these times get to enjoy the museums from open to close — no need to worry about staff shooing everyone out after a short walk through the galleries.

Tip: A skip-the-line ticket at Musée d’Orsay is only $15.87!

Spend Less On Local Transportation

Paris has an excellent metro and bicycle rental system. Save money on metro tickets by purchasing them before leaving the United States. Sometimes discounts are offered that won’t be available once in Paris. The bicycle system lets users check bikes out of racks and ride them for a certain amount of time, then park them in a destination rack and leave them there for someone else to use. It’s an easy way to get to famous locations such as the Champs-Élysées and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Tip: If you love biking, a Paris By Bike Tour is a fun excursion that won’t burn a hole in your wallet at $38.74!

Paris doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep an eye open for deals, discounts and special packages to stretch your budget as far as possible.

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Do you have any Paris budget tips to add? 

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  1. Frederic on at 3:25 pm

    Hotels in Paris can be very expensive, but it depends on the district “arrondissement” in which the’yre located. There are relatively cheap ones in non central districts.
    Cheap price usually comes with a few compromises but it’s worth it if the budget is tight!

  2. jasonvick on at 5:03 pm

    Awesome post! Definitely some great tips and advice on saving money on paris budget. It’s also great to start a savings money for emergencies or long term goals. thanks foe sharing this helpful article.

  3. Robert Fraser on at 3:35 am

    Everyone says Paris is a expensive city. How much should i really need for one week Paris trip?

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