Hostel Review: Hostel Prisamata, Salta, Argentina

Salta is a popular destination on the backpacking circuit when making your way through Argentina. And for those looking for a social and clean hostel on a shoestring budget, Hostel Prisamata is a a great option.


Hostel Prisamata is a spacious colonial house with a very laid-back vibe. The hostel is extremely comfortable and spacious, with hipster music always playing in the background and swinging hammocks in the common room to lounge on. Furthermore, there is a very spacious kitchen, as well as numerous bean-bag chairs around the hostel where travelers all hangout, making it easy to socialize.


Many times, the staff are what make or break the hostel. Luckily, Hostel Prisamata has very friendly, helpful people working for them. Every staff member I met seemed intent on getting to know me and making sure my stay went smoothly, which I really appreciated.


Located one block from the main nightlife area of Balcarce, two blocks from Tren De Las Nubes, and walking distance from the many squares and parks of the city. Additionally, the area the hostel is in is very safe, even at night.


With so many pleasant meeting spaces, Hostel Prisamata makes it easy to meet other travelers. First of all, there are two patios and a BBQ area outside. A self-catering kitchen also allows travelers to save money by cooking meals with others while making new friends. Moreover, a game room, lounge, and bar allow for a more lively kind of interaction.

Free Perks

Who doesn’t love free perks? At Hostel Prisamata, backpackers will get free linens, a map, internet, wifi, lockers,  and breakfast each morning with fresh breads, spreads and hot beverages.

Overall Impression

What I loved most about this hostel was the vibe. It was extremely social without being rowdy. Likewise, it had a very chill feeling that made it possible to spend time just relaxing in the hostel.

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