Day Trip From Buenos Aires: The Tigre Delta

When most travelers visit Buenos AiresArgentina, they explore the main hubs on San Telmo, Palermo, Recoleta and Centro. However, there is another area 45 minutes from Retiro Station that is like an entirely different world: The Tigre Delta.

I learned about Tigre from an expat who had been living in my hostel for the past year. When I asked him if there were any good day trips I should consider, he immediately replied, “You have to see the Tigre Delta. It’s like a cross between the canals in Bangkok and the Jersey Shore.” As I had no idea what this might look like, I decided I had to go.

Tigre gets its name from some very virtuous jaguar farmers that had lived in the area long ago. Arriving in Tigre Station, I immediately walked up to the nearest tourism operator and booked a boat trip down the Tigre Delta with Sturla. For 70 pesos (about $20) you’ll get a guided tour of the river and one of the Delta Islands, coffee, an Alfajor de Maizena treat and a pass for the Tigre Touristic Bus…

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  1. Great tips coming from expats. They sure know the best destinations after staying in the place for so long. If you have a local friend then they also know the best places and travel cheap.

    The Delta looks so murky, is the water coming from the mountains? They should reforest them to avoid too much erosion.

    I’m not really a good swimmer and afraid of the water. Is the boat sea worthy or do I need a life jacket?


    1. Hey Lisa! Yea, the water is really murky. It’s because of sediments in the water. Surprisingly, it’s extremely clean! And no need to worry about swimming the boat it big and enclosed ūüôā

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