Video: Remembering My First Dose Of Culture Shock (And What I Learned From It)

Have you experienced culture shock?

My first dose of culture shock isn’t something that I look back on with disdain. In fact, I’m thankful for these moments of discomfort and learning, which often lead to a transformative travel experience.

Think about it. Often our most memorable moments — and the ones we experience the most growth from — were times that were tough yet eye-opening. They enlighten. They make us see things differently. They educate us about others and what we’re capable of.

Learn more about my experiences and views on culture shock in the video above.

Featured image courtesy of the_steve_cox

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  1. I love it when you said that when you are in charge of yourself, you can conquer many things. Indeed, true that! Thank you for sharing your learning experience. 🙂

  2. I perfectly know what you mean with culture shock… if you haven’t moved much from your hometown you can become very ethnocentrical, and then when you travel the culture shock can be an explosion!

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