Essential South African Experiences For The Adventurous Traveler

South Africa has much to offer travelers: quality wine, exotic wildlife, farm-to-fork food, natural beauty, a rich culture and, possibly the number one reason to visit, diverse adventure. Whether you’re interested in interacting with predators, hang-gliding over mountains, jumping from […]


That Time I Was Diagnosed With Potentially Fatal African Sleeping Disease

“Sorry to call so late. We’ve looked at some of your blood work from the lab and need you to come down right away.” After spending 12 hours in the emergency room, this is a call you never want to […]

How To Survive The Trotro In Ghana

How To Survive The Trotro In Ghana

Arriving into Africa from my home region of New York, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sites and sounds of Africa. Experiencing standstill traffic and air saturated with diesel fuel while hawkers (men carrying goods and women selling merchandise from […]

ghana wedding

African Culture: Notes On Ghanaian Marriage Traditions

Fried chicken shops and overpriced pizza joints interspersed between fine dining restaurants and smoothie stores. A group of teenagers laughs loudly, pointing at something in the crowd. At one table, a young beggar asks for some food, as the family […]


Inside Look: What A South African Safari Is Really Like

For those interested in going on a South African safari, it can be difficult to picture exactly what the experience is like. Sure, you know there will be exotic animals, but how close are you getting? Are there any activities […]

lions playing

Beyond The Big Five: Notes From A South African Safari

Instinctively, I throw my hands over my mouth, stifling a gag. The stench of rotting flesh is overwhelming, as the carcass has been out in the sun now for two days. Vultures sit patiently on twisting bushwillow branches, hovering closely […]