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Beyond The Big Five: Notes From A South African Safari

Going on safari in South Africa is much more than just viewing wildlife, but also immersing yourself in the bush and learning about conservation issues.

Photo Essay: A Glimpse Into Johannesburg's Vibrant Street Art Culture

Photo Essay: A Glimpse Into Johannesburg’s Vibrant Street Art Culture

Johannesburg is haunted by stereotypes, one of which is that Cape Town is South Africa‘s creative hub while Johannesburg is all business. That truth is, Joburg has a vibrant arts and culture scene, one facet of which is street art. […]

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My Favorite Culinary Experiences From Around The World

Food is powerful. It has the ability to bring people together, to nourish, to immerse you in other cultures, to teach you about foreign lands. It also has the power to seriously enhance your travel experience, such as with the […]


Essential South African Experiences For The Adventurous Traveler

South Africa has much to offer travelers: quality wine, exotic wildlife, farm-to-fork food, natural beauty, a rich culture and, possibly the number one reason to visit, diverse adventure. Whether you’re interested in interacting with predators, hang-gliding over mountains, jumping from […]


That Time I Was Diagnosed With Potentially Fatal African Sleeping Disease

“Sorry to call so late. We’ve looked at some of your blood work from the lab and need you to come down right away.” After spending 12 hours in the emergency room, this is a call you never want to […]