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Ghana Travel Guide

Looking to plan the perfect trip to Ghana?

Then you’re in the right place!

Ghana is a country in West Africa known for its diverse landscapes, from lush rainforests to scenic beaches.

The country is located close to the equator, giving it a hot climate year-round.

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For many tourists, Ghana is still off the beaten path, making it one of the best international travel destinations for adventurous travelers.

Keep reading for an epic Ghana travel guide that will help you plan an incredible trip!

Note: This guide to Ghana travel contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Ghana Map

Use this Ghana travel map to begin planning your trip!

Ghana map

Click here for an interactive version of the above map.

Ghana Travel Guides

Learn about the best places to visit in Ghana, Africa.

Ghana Travel Advice

Planning a trip to Ghana, Africa? These tips can help!

Food In Ghana, Africa

Enjoy the best local food with you visit Ghana, a country known for its culinary culture.

Top Ghana Tours

When visiting Ghana, consider booking one of these top-rated tours:

Click here for a full list of tours in Ghana.

Ghana Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or with a group on a Ghana tour. When visiting Ghana — or anywhere else in the world — make sure to get travel insurance.

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Ghana Hotels

Click here to browse hotels in Ghana!

Prefer self-contained stays? 

Click here to check out unique local rentals!

You can also use this map to search for local stays:

Renting A Car In Ghana

Need a rental car for your Ghana trip?

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Ghana Travel FAQ

Below, find answers to frequently asked questions about traveling Ghana, Africa.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Ghana? If so, how do I get a Ghana, visa?

A visa is required for travelers from many countries (including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia) in order to visit Ghana.

It’s recommended to view your country’s Ghana International Travel Information page for the most up-to-date information on entry and exit requirements — including visa information — for foreign citizens. You can also contact the Embassy of Ghana.

Q: What is the best travel destination in Ghana?

Some of the most popular destinations in Ghana are:

  1. Kakum National Park
  2. Wli Waterfalls
  3. The beaches of the Cape Coast
  4. Mole National Park
  5. The capital city of Accra

Q: Is Ghana expensive to travel?

Ghana is a moderately-priced destination. A budget traveler can expect to spend around $40 a day, while a mid-range traveler can spend around $100 a day.

One of the most expensive parts of traveling in Ghana is transportation if you choose to rent a car or take taxis. (Public transportation is much cheaper.)

Q: Is it safe to travel to Ghana?

Ghana is an overall safe country to visit. Non-violent crimes such as theft and tourist scams are somewhat common, especially in areas popular with tourists such as Accra and the beaches.

Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana and violence against the LGBTQ+ community does occur, so LGBTQ+ travelers should be cautious when traveling in Ghana.

Q: When is the best time to travel to Ghana?

The best time of year to visit Ghana is October through March, during the dry season. Temperatures in Ghana are hot year-round due to the country’s proximity to the equator.

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